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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 35 Recap

The three bodyguards used force to hinder Gu Yaodong’s plea for Ding Fang, and one even smashed Gu Yaodong’s head with a rifle butt. Seeing Gu Yaodong fell to the ground, Ding Fang still desperately and indifferently got into the car and left, because she knew that Gu Yaodong had not changed from beginning to end, and only Jun Dongli had changed.

The night was drooping and the rain was continuous. Gu Yaodong walked into Fu’an Lane with a heavy foot, allowing the blood on his cheeks to flow with the rain. Fu’an was very depressed. If it were normal, you might be able to see Yang Yixue standing outside the door cleaning with a broomstick, and greet people passing by. But now the ground was full of mud and fallen leaves. Only a man dressed as a postman stood outside and looked around, until Gu Yaodong approached the door before passing the envelope in his hand to him.

According to the contents of Shen Qinghe’s letter and the keys, Gu Yaodong hurriedly opened the small wooden box under the bed. However, there were only some cash and passbook inside. The so-called support in the letter was nothing but Shen Qinghe’s all the belongings, which was still not enough to cover the sky.

Zhao’s small noodle stall is crowded with people, and Zhao Zhiyong is here to help when he is free. Gu Yaodong wants to go to Tilanqiao Prison to visit Yang Yixue, but the answer he gets is still an expected refusal. Zhao Zhiyong stared at Gu Yaodong’s walking corpse back, as if thinking of something, he made up his mind and took him to buy a good drink to go to an abandoned air-raid shelter.

The two of them struggled to speak, and finally got the police officer’s permission to visit, so they walked through the muddy and dirty passage with their own minds, and then came to the end, behind an iron gate, five “kidnappings” were being held.

The honest man who liked to be neat and decent at the beginning is now nestled like a mouse in this nasty and dirty corner. Even though Gu Yaodong was mentally prepared, he was still a little shocked when he saw the scene before him. Yang Yixue opened his eyes blankly and got up blankly, but when facing Gu Yaodong, he was no longer blank, but his eyes regained his spirit, staggered to the iron gate, carefully arranged his hair, showed a simple smile, and kept talking. The process of grievances.

Gu Yaodong could not continue to deceive, only to tell the truth truthfully, but he still tremblingly took out the bail pending trial, bail receipt, house deed and passbook from his bag, promising to find a way to prove his innocence. After a long period of silence, Yang Yixue’s expression changed several times, from excitement to joy to awakening, so moved and relieved.

In the end, Yang Yixue trembling lips, trying to keep her voice steady, slowly instructed Gu Yaodong to take care of Fu Duo for herself. She is not as lucky as other daughters and will need to live alone to grow up in the future; he is also not as happy as other fathers, unable to look at the child. grow up. After struggling to the back, the poor honest man gradually collapsed. With a deep cry echoing in the air-raid shelter, Yang Yixue knelt on the ground and hammered the ground. At the same time, he was hammering the injustice of the times and Zhao Zhiyong’s conscience.

After leaving the air-raid shelter, Gu Yaodong took advantage of the dawn and directly pushed open the door of “Girls on the Sea” magazine and asked the editor-in-chief where he was going with bloodshot eyes. At noon that day, Gu Yaodong left without saying goodbye, embarking on the train to Nanjing, the same train carriage, and Zhao Zhiyong who was ordered to leave.

As early as a few minutes ago, Wang Keda had sent Zhao Zhiyong on the train, and when he was leaving, he took out a picture of He Zuxing, which was self-evident. Zhao Zhiyong leaned on the side of the carriage, with the scenery outside the window stupidly, as if he wanted to forget the mission of killing people in this way. Unfortunately, contrary to his wishes, the train quickly arrived at the station and landed in the city he least wanted to face.

Nanjing Zhongshan Wharf is not far from the magnificent Wangjiang Hotel, where it will not take long for the boarding tea party of the navy headquarters to be held here. Since Gu Yaodong did not have an invitation letter, he was intercepted by the guards. He could only sit at the opposite food stall and ask for a bowl of chaos. He kept looking at the hotel situation until a truck came from a distance and stopped at the side door of the hotel.

Several chefs carried the food in the car to the back of the kitchen. Gu Yaodong mixed in, took the opportunity to go to the front hall, and saw He Zuxing standing among the crowd. At the same time, the guards and the driver hurried over. Gu Yaodong was caught and driven out of the hotel by several people. Zhao Zhiyong showed the pass and invitation letter prepared in advance at the lobby front desk, smoothly obtained the key to the room, and went upstairs with his luggage indifferently. .

The owner of the chaotic stall saw Gu Yaodong’s embarrassing thoughts and reminded him that he could ask a government friend for help. Because of these words, Gu Yaodong suddenly remembered Xia Jicheng, so he ran to the Ministry of National Defense excitedly with his luggage. After several twists and turns, he finally saw a familiar figure as he wished.

Now that we meet again after a long absence, Gu Yaodong is overjoyed. An inexplicable surging emerges from the bottom of his heart. He yells for the director, but Xia Jicheng only corrects the title blankly, and then takes the military hat belt from Secretary Qiu, and is shaded by the brim of the hat. The blinded gaze appeared more cold and distant.

Gu Yaodong followed Xia Jicheng to the office, both worried and at a loss. He couldn’t tell whether his heart was down or sad. He never thought that it would take only one year to make the director so strange. Secretary Qiu greeted Gu Yaodong with great enthusiasm, as if he was a host. Xia Jicheng saw that he did not intend to leave, and simply responded to Gu Yaodong’s intentions, saying that the two had worked together in a relationship and had no special affection, so they did not intend to. Help him with the case of Shanghai Police Station.

Xia Jicheng did not directly refuse, but politely said that Secretary Qiu didn’t want to stay in the office, so he turned and left, hurried to the next room, put on headphones, took out his notebook, and monitored Xia Jicheng’s every move. Gu Yaodong hadn’t noticed the strangeness yet, and was about to leave. Unexpectedly, Xia Jicheng would take the initiative to retain him.

While standing up and walking to the gramophone in a chattering posture, Gu Yaodong quietly pressed down the mechanism, revealing the monitor equipment on the base of the record player. Seeing this, Gu Yaodong suddenly realized it, and looked at Xia Jicheng in amazement. As the symphony filled the room, his silent heart was surging again. The director never changed, and so did he.

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