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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 29 Recap

The shopkeeper used the little white dragon to bluff, and Time played against him to teach him a lesson. Under Chu Ying’s guidance, Shi Shi quickly defeated the owner who claimed to be a professional chess player. When the onlookers saw that the shopkeeper couldn’t even sell children, they questioned him for selling fake goods, and the shopkeeper had to close the door dingy.

Time happily walked outside the store, and suddenly found a fat man staring at him behind him, and he ran away feeling bad. The fat man caught up with him panting, and when he took a closer look, it turned out that it was brother Xu Hou. Xu Hou invited Shi Shi to dinner and invited him to his team. Shi Shi heard that the team was in arrears of wages. Xu Hou said that it was the old calendar.

He promised to give time to two thousand five thousand a month, the game bonus will have a commission, if he signs a contract, he will immediately give time to one month’s salary. Chu Ying reminded time that the liar said the same last time. Xu Hou asked the owner of the snack bar to turn on the TV, which was broadcasting the master-disciple battle between Yu Xiaoyang and Fang Xu in the celebrity battle finals. Xu Hou looked and commented, and finally sighed that Yu Xiaoyang still had to beat this peak.

When time returned to his residence, Hong He happily told him that Lin Li had agreed to sign him after seeing his new preliminary game. Shi Guang said that he had gone to Xu Hou’s Fangyuan Construction Investment Team. Hong He was surprised to say that their team was so poor that they were not paid. Shi Shi laughed and said that they had invested again. After signing the contract, Shi Shi asked Xu Hou when there was a formal game for him to participate. Xu Hou said that there was a rookie tournament recently, which was the 24 new early stages of this year’s new stage, which was against the players who were determined last year In the competition, he let time play well to get a good place.

In the first game of the celebrity game, Fang Xu lost to his teacher, and he won the second game. Yu Xiaoyang said that he had made a lot of progress in chess. He won the game beautifully and was praised by the teacher. Fang Xu’s mood immediately improved a lot. Shi Shi and Hong He came to the bank and saw that the money in their passbook was much less than Hong He, Shi Shi felt that he was trapped. Hong He comforted time. Perhaps he was the first to gain the main force in the new beginning. Hearing Hong He said that, Time feels much more comfortable.

The rookie game time lottery happened to draw Yu Liang. When he told Yu Liang that they would meet in the game, Yu Liang kept walking straight. Seeing this scene, Hong He couldn’t help saying that Yu Liang was crazy enough, and time was ruthless. He must beat Yu Liang fiercely. After that, he rushed to practice chess, and Chu Ying persuaded him to take a break. He said that Yu Liang would not give him time to rest.

At this time Yu Liang was also seriously preparing for the battle. Mu Qingchun felt that Yu Liang didn’t need to be so serious. Yu Liang told him not to underestimate time, he had already caught up. Mu Qingchun wondered who Yu Liang and Time would win, and Yu Liang said no, how could he know. On the day of the game, Shi Shi thought that he was about to play against Yu Liang and couldn’t help being nervous and excited, but when the game started, Yu Liang hadn’t come yet, and the staff told him that Yu Liang had abandoned the game. Shi Jing and Chu Ying were surprised. . Chu Ying comforted time Yu Liang must have been delayed, but Time was very angry, thinking that Yu Liang deliberately let him dove to look down on him.

After they went back, they learned from TV that Yu Xiaoyang suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. Time then knew that he was wrong to blame Yu Liang. From time to time, Chu Ying was very worried about what Yu Xiaoyang kept saying was destined, so he asked him what was going on. Chu Ying told Time that he went to find a master to play against Yi. After all the hard work, the master was seriously ill and couldn’t play against Yi. The fan in his hand was given to him by the master, so he worried that Yu Xiaoyang would also get sick. Sorry.

Then Shi Guang took Chu Ying to the hospital to visit Yu Xiaoyang. He asked Yu Xiaoyang if he could play chess, and Yu Xiaoyang said yes. Time told him that there was a very powerful chess player named Chu Ying who wanted to play chess with him on Yu Xiaoyang said that he knew Chu Ying and Fang Xu played the game between Chu Ying and Xiao Liang. Yu Xiaoyang asked Chu Ying to come to him. Shi Xiaoyang laughed and said that he could only play chess online. Yu Xiaoyang asked him why he couldn’t show his true colors. Shi didn’t know how to answer. Yu Xiaoyang said he was not a professional chess player, Shi Shi said Chu Ying was his. Good friend, Yu Xiaoyang didn’t like this behavior of hiding his head and showing his tail, so he refused to play chess with Chu Ying.

In order to persuade Yu Xiaoyang, Time stayed at the door of the ward building and did not leave. In the evening, Yu Xiaoyang went downstairs for a walk. Time went by and begged Yu Xiaoyang and Chu Ying to play chess. He said that Chu Ying was his teacher. Yu Xiaoyang agreed and said that if he loses to Chu Ying, he will retire.

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