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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 30 Recap

At 4:30 in the morning, Chu Ying woke up the time in his sleep. It was too late to say loudly. Time sleepily said if Chu Ying was teasing him. Chu Ying said that he was going to fight Yu Xiaoyang soon. He didn’t want to waste a moment, time. It was the first time he saw that Chu Ying was so nervous, he gave up his life to accompany the gentleman to take out the chessboard and practice chess with him.

In the ward, Yu Liang helped him complete the information registration after seeing his father log on to On the day of the game, Time didn’t dare to use Hong He’s computer for fear of leaving traces of Chu winning. He came to an internet cafe, and after Chu Ying landed, he waited for Yu Xiaoyang to come online to challenge. Many people were surprised to see Yu Xiaoyang actually playing Go online. The online duel between the two masters immediately attracted many people to watch the game. Bai Xiaoxiao was doing hair in a hairdressing shop, and when he learned about it, he hurriedly borrowed the computer in the shop to watch.

Chu Ying prepared Shi Shi to not eat, because it was a tough battle. Yu Xiaoyang saw that the opponent’s offensive seemed to threaten him, and was immediately aroused. He decided to let the opponent see who is strong and who is weak. Instead, he wanted to see who was hiding behind the screen.

Chu Ying closed his eyes lightly, and he and Yu Xiaoyang had a spiritual dialogue. Yu Xiaoyang sees his chess skill so superb, he is very surprised why he refuses to show his true colors, Chu Ying said lightly that there is no need to let everyone know, Yu Xiaoyang said that if he wins this game, please Chu Ying to tell his true identity, Chu Ying But said he had no choice.

Yu Xiaoyang was a little angry. He even said about losing and retreating, but Chu Ying didn’t want to say who he was. Since Chu Ying disrespect him so much, he didn’t show mercy. Their game was evenly matched. When everyone felt that the outcome was inseparable, Yu Liang saw that his father was already at a disadvantage. Many people quickly calculated on paper who would win. In the end, Chu won.

Yu Xiaoyang has also been looking for the hand of the gods, but this time he did not find it. He felt that the hand of the gods should not exist. Chu Ying has been looking for it for thousands of years, although he didn’t feel sorry for not finding him this time, because he found something more important.

Chu Ying defeated Yu Xiaoyang, and time was very happy. He asked Chu Ying which hand was one of the gods, and Chu Ying shook his head. After playing against Yu Xiaoyang, I couldn’t find a hand of God, and time couldn’t help worrying about where to find it. Chu Ying said that he didn’t need to look for it anymore, Shi Shi thought he was talking angry, so he told him to stop making trouble. One of the gods was Chu Ying’s lifelong goal. Shi Shi wanted to know what it looked like.

Chu Ying disappeared for a year, and this appearance was to fight against his father, which made Yu Liang feel very strange. He seemed to be surprised at who Chu Ying was. After a happy time, he walked out of the Internet cafe. Suddenly he remembered something and hurried home to resume the game just now. He picked up a sunspot and dropped it and said that if Yu Xiaoyang played like this, then Chu won the loser.

He excitedly told Chu Ying that he had seen this move. Chu Ying looked at the move in surprise. Isn’t this the one of the gods he was looking for? He finally understands the unknown game of chess, and he can only see this if he really puts down his mind to win. He got up and bowed respectfully to Time, but Time did not notice the change in Chu Ying’s sentiment. He was still immersed in the joy and excitement that this move brought him. He felt that this chess was played for him, and Chu Ying was full of emotion. Indeed, this chess was played for time. Time suddenly thought of Yu Xiaoyang saying that he would retire after losing, so he asked Chu Ying to go and have a look with him quickly, saying that he hurriedly got up and ran out.

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