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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 7 Recap

Gao Jianling rushed Xu Xiulan to first aid. Xu Qingfeng rushed to hear the news. Gao Jianling told him the whole story in detail and repeatedly confessed to him. Xu Qingfeng just wanted to wait for his mother to wake up and was not interested in other things, so Gao Jianling had to leave.

Xu Xiulan finally woke up. When she learned that Gao Jianling explained the truth to Xu Qingfeng, she couldn’t wait to ask Xu Qingfeng to resign and leave Yanxi Hospital to completely get rid of Gao Jianling’s entanglement. Xu Qingfeng was reluctant to build the transplant center just now. Xu Xiulan was immediately angry and became angry. So he left, Xu Qingfeng wanted to chase after him, but the patient was about to be operated on, Zhang Ran chased Xu Xiulan for him.

On her way to work, Guan Yuqing overheard the nurses discussing that Gao Jianling was Xu Qingfeng’s biological father, and Xu Xiulan fainted after going to the hospital to make a fuss. Guan Yuqing went home from get off work and kept paying attention to the movement of the opposite door, but Xu Qingfeng never went home. She fidgeted and finally sent a message to greet her. Xu Qingfeng came home very late, and his mother was angry and shut herself in the room to ignore him. Xu Qingfeng’s painstaking persuasion was of no avail, so she had to go to the kitchen to cook for her mother.

Early the next morning, Xu Qingfeng got up and found Xu Xiulan sitting on the sofa all night. He was anxious and angry, but the operation time was about to come. Xu Qingfeng had to go to the hospital first. Xu Xiulan threatened not to allow Gao Jianling to approach Xu Qingfeng for half a step. Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi moved into the rental house, because they were not familiar with their lives and their lives were not used to sleeping all night and all night. Guan Zhenlei called them to greet them early in the morning. Guan Yongnian lied that he slept well and let his son rest assured, Liu Shuqi took it. Call, I want to remind Guan Zhenlei to bring Li Bei to Guan Yongnian for his birthday on the weekend. Before she could speak, Zhao Mei called Guan Zhenlei away.

Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo moved into the Guan family. They made a lot of suggestions on the furnishings of the house. Guan Zhenlei rectified one by one. Li Bei was overwhelmed. Guan Zhenlei didn’t take it seriously. Guan Zhenlei wanted to explain the situation to Guan Yuqing. Worried about her making a big fuss in the future, Guan Zhenlei disagreed.

Xu Xiulan came to Yanxi Hospital and saw the leaflet for recruiting volunteers. She signed up without saying a word. Guan Yun called to inform Chen Zhijun to celebrate his father’s birthday on the weekend. Chen Zhijun was angry when he talked about Guan Yongnian. After so many years of marriage, Guan Yongnian had never seen him straight, and always made a fuss about his new arrival in Beijing. I’ve long been bored, and I’m no longer forced to turn off cloudy.

The company’s new sales assistant Lan Qiaoqiao, she came to report to Chen Zhijun. Chen Zhijun was sulking and asked the assistant to familiarize her with the environment. Just as Xu Qingfeng wanted to go to the pre-operative report meeting, he saw his mother come to the hospital as a volunteer. He couldn’t laugh or cry. Xu Xiulan forced Xu Qingfeng to submit a resignation report immediately, otherwise he would come to the hospital every day to guard him. Xu Qingfeng went to the meeting in a hurry and left in a hurry. Up.

Xu Xiulan fainted due to the rush of fire. Thanks to Lin Jie who rushed to send her to the hospital in time, Xu Qingfeng came to visit her mother after the operation. Seeing that she was still in a coma, she felt unspeakably sad, Xu Qingfeng immediately submitted it to the personnel department. Gao Jianling struggled to keep him in the resignation letter. Xu Qingfeng didn’t want to work with a man who had abandoned his wife and abandoned son. Gao Jianling repeatedly explained that this was a misunderstanding. Xu Qingfeng didn’t listen at all, and left with the excuse of having to round up. Zhang Ran tried to persuade Xu Qingfeng for a long time, but returned without success, Lin Jie decided to advance and retreat together with Xu Qingfeng.

Today is Guan Yongnian’s birthday. He feels lonely like never before. Liu Shuqi suggested going home for his birthday. The whole family would have a reunion dinner. Guan Yongnian naturally couldn’t ask for it. Guan Yuqing carefully prepared a birthday gift and wanted to go home to celebrate Guan Yongnian’s birthday, but she couldn’t save her face. Guan Yuqing called to persuade her not to care about Guan Yongnian. The sisters agreed to go home together.

Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi went home and wanted to check the decoration first. They heard the sound of mahjong at home outside the door. They were puzzled. They only found that Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo were playing mahjong with their neighbors. The family portrait was gone. Even his workbench was removed. Guan Yongnian was very annoyed. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo warmly welcomed them back home with the gesture of masters. They repeatedly claimed that they would not renovate the house temporarily, so they decided to take care of Guan Zhenlei and Li Bei temporarily.

It took Liu Shuqi a long time to announce that today is Guan Yongnian’s birthday. Guan Zhenlei bowed and congratulated Guan Yongnian, Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo hurriedly changed their food. Guan Yongnian became more and more angry when he thought about it. He didn’t expect Guan Zhenlei to play with them and want to move back to live immediately and let Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo go back to his home. Guan Zhenlei couldn’t explain to his parents-in-law, and he was so scared that he begged for mercy.

Guan Yuqing and Guan Yuqing came to celebrate their birthday. Guan Yongnian hurriedly shut up. Guan Yuqing felt that the atmosphere at home was not right. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo warmly welcomed them home. Their parents looked embarrassed and remained silent. Guan Yuqing suddenly found that their parents were wearing outside clothes. The shoes, Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo are like the owners who have lived for a long time. Zhao Mei repeatedly explained the reasons, and Guan Yongnian couldn’t help crying.

Guan Yuqing gave Guan Zhenlei a severe lesson and condemned him for rushing his parents to the suburbs, and closed the door with his parents-in-law to live a small life. Guan Zhenlei confidently argued with her, Zhao Mei stood up to defend Guan Zhenlei and let Guan Yuqing take care After receiving her home from her parents, Guan Yuqing didn’t allow Guan Zhenlei to snatch her parents’ house, and asked Guan Yongnian for his opinion. Guan Yongnian praised the quietness of the suburban house with ignorant conscience and was willing to live there. Liu Shuqi severely pinched his thigh.

Zhao Mei offered to let Guan Yongnian live with Guan Yuqing. Chen Zhijun excuses that he usually socializes too much, and he is worried that his parents’ rest will be affected by coming home too late. Guan Yongnian wants to pack the remaining luggage and return to the rental house in the suburbs. Guan Yuqing asked him again. According to opinions, Guan Yongnian insisted that living in the suburbs was very comfortable, and Guan Yuqing had no choice but to watch her parents take a taxi and leave. That night, Liu Shuqi lit candles, poured wine from Guan Yuqing, and cut off the cakes made by Yuyun. He wanted to celebrate Guan Yongnian’s birthday. Guan Yongnian was not in the mood.

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