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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 8 Recap

Despite Liu Shuqi’s every possible persuasion, Guan Yongnian was still not in the mood to celebrate his birthday, and went back to the room to sleep without even eating the cake. Xu Xiulan packed up and wanted to move to Xu Qingfeng’s house. She called Xu Qingfeng and sent a WeChat message, but his cell phone was turned off. Xu Xiulan had to call Zhang Ran. Zhang Ran was drinking with Xu Qingfeng and Xu Qingfeng was not allowed to answer the phone. Xu Xiulan finally called Lin Jie. Lin Jie was on duty at the hospital and promised to go to her immediately.

Xu Qingfeng and Zhang Ran drank their sorrows by drinking. Zhang Ran accused his father of losing all his wages in stocks. Xu Qingfeng had no freedom at all by his mother. The two had the same illness and pityed each other. They drank a lot of alcohol at once, and finally got drunk. They both helped each other home. Xu Qingfeng wanted to open the door and go home, but came to the opposite door in a daze, and finally fell drunk at the door of Guan Yuqing’s house.

Guan Yuqing went home from work and saw Xu Qingfeng drunk unconsciously, so she took him home. Xu Qingfeng kept complaining. He didn’t want to transfer to the hospital, but he had no choice but to rush to the bathroom to pour himself with cold water. Guan Yuqing was worried that he would fall ill and wanted to persuade him to go back. Xu Qingfeng didn’t listen. Guan Yuqing told him aloud that it was time for surgery. Xu Qingfeng obediently followed him back to the bedroom. Guan Yuqing asked him to change into surgical gowns. Qingfeng obediently took off his wet clothes, and Guan Yuqing was amused by his professionalism.

Xu Xiulan asked Lin Jie to call Xu Qingfeng. He still turned off the phone. Lin Jie sent a WeChat message to Xu Qingfeng, but he never answered. After Lin Jie handed over the shift, she accompanied Xu Xiulan to the expert apartment to find Xu Qingfeng. There was no one in Xu Qingfeng’s house. Lin Jie called the property staff to check the monitoring and found that Xu Qingfeng had gone to the right door. Xu Xiulan knocked on and opened Yuqing’s door. When Xu Qingfeng slept on Guan Yuqing’s bed, she was speechless with anger. Xu Xiulan sprained her waist too hard. Lin Jie wanted to send her to the hospital. Xu Xiulan was worried that Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng were alone together, so Guan Yuqing accompanied them to the hospital.

Lin Jie went to go through the hospitalization procedures. Xu Xiulan suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom, but she was embarrassed to ask Guan Yuqing to help. Guan Yuqing saw that she wanted convenience and took the initiative to help her to the bathroom. Xu Xiulan gave Guan Yuqing three chapters and asked her to move out of the expert apartment as soon as possible. In the future, Xu Xiulan is not allowed to have any contact with Xu Qingfeng, Xu Xiulan believes that Gao Jianling used Guan Yuqing to seduce Xu Qingfeng and thus snatch Xu Qingfeng away.

Guan Yuqing protested strongly and made it clear that she would not move, and tried to clear that there was no conspiracy between her and Gao Jianling. Xu Xiulan didn’t believe it at all. Guan Yuqing turned to leave. Xu Xiulan couldn’t walk because of her backache. Guan Yuqing couldn’t bear to go back and help her back Ward. Xu Qingfeng woke up and found himself sleeping naked on Guan Yuqing’s bed. He remembered his ugly state after being drunk last night. He felt guilty and cleaned up Guan Yuqing’s house before leaving. Guan Yuqing went home from the hospital and saw that the house was spotlessly cleaned. Xu Qingfeng also left a “Thank you” note in the bathroom. Guan Yuqing had a different feeling for Xu Qingfeng.

Guan Yuyi made delicious meals early in the morning. Chen Zhijun was used to eating her meals and she was full of praise. Guan Yuyi wanted him to visit his parents after get off work. Chen Zhijun advised her not to interfere in family affairs, so as not to cause criticism from the family. After all, the three of their siblings were not born to the same mother. Lin Jie came to see Xu Qingfeng. Xu Qingfeng knew that her mother had been hospitalized with back pain last night. She hurried to visit the ward. Xu Xiulan took the opportunity to match Lin Jie and Xu Qingfeng. Lin Jie also expressed her heart to Xu Qingfeng. Xu Qingfeng bluntly explained that they would not There was a good result, Lin Jie didn’t care about the result, just wanted to try with him. Xu Qingfeng couldn’t bear to make her mother worry about it any more, and she reluctantly agreed to fall in love with Lin Jie, Xu Xiulan happily closed her mouth from ear to ear.

At lunch, Lin Jie kept adding vegetables to Xu Qingfeng and handing him paper towels. Zhang Ran couldn’t stand it. Lin Jie admitted that they were in love. Xu Xiulan called Lin Jie to ask if they had lunch. Zhang Ran persuaded Xu Qingfeng to think about it. Before leaving, she said, if Xu Qingfeng dared to hurt Lin Jie, the two of them would not even have to do it. Xu Xiulan happily came to the blind date corner in the park, and couldn’t wait to show off to the parents that Xu Qingfeng had an object. Guan Yongnian said cool words on the side. Xu Xiulan sneered at him. The two people talked about each other, and if they didn’t agree, they quarreled into a quarrel, and finally reached a consensus. Their children will never play.

Chen Zhijun is going to take someone to the party tonight. The employees looked at each other. They didn’t want to drink anymore. Lan Qiaoqiao offered to accompany Chen Zhijun. Chen Zhijun asked her to buy a decent dress. The company reimbursed her. Gao Jianling drove to the airport to ask Guan Yuqing for help and asked her to persuade Xu Qingfeng not to transfer. Gao Jianling regretted that he had not explained the misunderstanding between him and Xu Xiulan in time, which led to the lack of paternal love for Xu Qingfeng for so many years.

Guan Yuqing called Xu Qingfeng to come to the airport and talked about her dream of flying as a child. Guan Yuqing used her experience to persuade Xu Qingfeng not to give up her dream. Xu Qingfeng suddenly guessed that Gao Jianling had sent her. Guan Yuqing talked about Xu Qingfeng. To help the old man abandon his wife and abandon his son, he believed that he still had feelings for Gao Jianling. This time he said Xu Qingfeng’s sore spot, Xu Qingfeng turned around and wanted to leave. Guan Yuqing persuaded him to think about it and start a new one. One day’s flight. Lin Jie came to Xu Qingfeng’s house as soon as she got off work. She also prepared the ingredients for making dumplings in advance. Xu Xiulan couldn’t get her hands in, she just sat bored.

Lin Jie prepared the dumpling fillings. The ingredients Xu Xiulan prepared were useless. She felt very lost. She hurried over to point and point out. She kept saying that Xu Qingfeng was used to her stuffing habits and tastes. Lin Jie insisted on her idea and let her She went to the living room and waited. When Xu Xiulan saw that Lin Jie was about to make a face, she hurried over to give guidance. Lin Jie was stubborn and pointed out the drawbacks of Xu Xiulan’s previous warm water making face. Xu Xiulan had to hide away, feeling very uncomfortable.

Lin Jie quickly wrapped a curtain of dumplings and cleaned up the kitchen waste. Xu Xiulan spent her shopping, secretly mixed the stuffing she prepared, and wrapped a curtain of dumplings, and also put Lin Jie. Dumplings are frozen in the refrigerator. Lin Jie cooked the dumplings she made. Xu Qingfeng was full of praise for her cooking skills. Xu Xiulan couldn’t express herself, feeling unspeakably depressed.

Chen Zhijun brought Lan Qiaoqiao to the banquet. Lan Qiaoqiao deliberately wore a long skirt with a sexy tube top. The bosses shone in front of them, taking turns to respect Chen Zhijun’s wine, and Lan Qiaoqiao took the initiative to block the wine for Chen Zhijun.

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