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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 17 Recap

Wei Xiaobao knocked on the door for the emperor and wanted to go in to see Xingzhi. He refused to meet. The emperor burst into tears, but he didn’t dare to cry. Wei Xiaobao cried loudly, claiming that he had no father or mother, and was lonely. Moved by the cry, sent Xingdian to call the emperor in.

When the emperor saw his father, his excitement was overwhelming. He hurried to kneel to greet him. The father deliberately ignored him, and the emperor approached his father, confided in his thoughts to him, and begged him to return to the palace together, wanting to be filial in front of him. The emperor father didn’t want to go back. The emperor knew that he was satisfied to go back because of the queen dowager. He counted all the crimes of the queen dowager one by one. The emperor told him to treat the queen dowager kindly, and the emperor fully agreed with her many years of nurturing.

Wei Xiaobao chatted with Xing Dian at the door, and learned that he had never seen his father. The more Xing Dian thought about it, the more sad he got. He just wanted to let go of his grief and stop him quickly, worrying that he would disturb the emperor and his son. The father described in detail the harm caused by the Qing soldiers to the Han people. This is also the reason why he became a monk. The emperor promised to exempt the taxes in several places in Yangzhou, and the father told the emperor to never add gifts. This is the greatest tribute to him, and Explaining that their father and son will never see each other, the emperor bid farewell to his father in tears.

The emperor let out a long sigh of relief. He and Wei Xiaobao sat on the steps to talk. The emperor thanked Wei Xiaobao for letting Zhang Kangnian pass on the secret protection, so that he could get rid of those fake lamas in time and escort his father. Wei Xiaobao was confused. Zhang Kangnian reported to the emperor that the emperor had already found out that Geldan and Ma Bao were pretending to be lamas and attempted to kidnap the emperor. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t help being surprised.

The emperor and Wei Xiaobao agreed that they would join hands to do a big business. The emperor publicly entrusted Wei Xiaobao as the orthodox capital of the Xiaoqiying Camp Zhenghuangqi, and the deputy capital of the imperial guard. Wei Xiaobao was overjoyed and thanked the emperor Longen. He prayed for the eighteen arhats of Shaolin Temple and thanked them for their life-saving grace. At this moment, a teacher wearing a white robe jumped out from behind the Buddha statue to assassinate the emperor, Wei Xiaobao rushed to protect him, and Master Tai hijacked Wei Xiaobao and came to the cliff.

When the teacher learned that Wei Xiaobao had killed Obai, she couldn’t help but look at him with admiration. He was just curious about why he gave up his life to save the emperor. Wei Xiaobao claimed to be friends with the emperor, because the emperor promised never to give gifts and cherish the people. If the teacher kills the emperor, the queen mother. It will dominate the world, and the people will be overwhelmed. The teacher decided to send Wei Xiaobao back to Yangzhou and give him some money as a tie. When Wei Xiaobao learned that Master was going to the capital, she offered to accompany her all the way and take care of her. Master fully agreed.

Wei Xiaobao and her teacher came to the capital soon, and the teacher took Wei Xiaobao to Baiyi’an first, and asked him to open a cabinet with a key and open a door in the cabinet, which was the secret road leading to the palace. The teacher took Wei Xiaobao from the secret road to the palace. They put on the clothes of the eunuch. Master wanted to go to Kunning Palace, and Wei Xiaobao wanted Tao Hongying to help lead the way. Master urged him to go quickly and promised to wait for him where he is.

Wei Xiaobao escaped the guard’s patrol and came to Tao Hongying quietly. Princess Jianning was sitting by the pond in a daze. When she suddenly heard Wei Xiaobao’s voice, she hurriedly looked around.

Princess Jianning saw a person wearing eunuch clothes from a distance, and hurried over. She did not expect that she was the one-armed nun who had captured Wei Xiaobao. Princess Jianning forced her to tell the whereabouts of Wei Xiaobao. The teacher lied and said that she had dropped Wei Xiaobao. The cliff of Mount Wutai was over, Princess Jianning didn’t believe it at all. She raised her hand to beat Master Tai, who raised her hand to knock Princess Jianning stunned.

Tao Hongying came to see Wei Xiaobao as scheduled. As soon as she saw the teacher’s wife, she knelt down and called the princess. The teacher’s wife agreed to help her assassinate the queen mother. Wei Xiaobao and Tao Hongying brought Master Tai to Cining Palace one after another. Wei Xiaobao deliberately made a fuss because the Queen Mother appeared, and Master Tai took the opportunity to hold the Queen Mother.

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