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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 18 Recap

The queen mother threw the hairpin and attacked the teacher too, and the teacher too cleverly avoided, and the two people fought, the queen mother used the bone-changing palm to attack the teacher, and the teacher was overpowered on the spot. The teacher too suspected that she was a member of the Shenlong sect. The queen mother lied that she was Hai Dafu taught her, Wei Xiaobao and Tao Hongying stay aside, keeping an eye on the development of the situation.

Princess Jianning hurried to send the “Forty-two Chapters” to the Queen Mother, begging her to deal with an unknown teacher. Princess Jianning recognized Yu Yi and tried to attack her with a dagger, but was knocked out on the spot. Wanting to kill their mother and daughter so much, the queen mother asked her teacher to forgive Princess Jianning too much, and admitted that she was not the real queen mother, Wei Xiaobao was stunned.

The queen mother told the story in detail. Her name is Mao Dongzhu. Her father is Mao Wenlong who guards Phi Island. Qing soldiers killed her parents when they entered the customs. She was taken into the palace to serve the queen, and she became malicious and imprisoned the queen. Instead, the queen mother opened the secret path on the bed and took the teacher to the secret room to see the true queen, and Wei Xiaobao quietly followed over and overheard. The real queen was haggard and curled up in the corner. When she saw the queen mother, she shivered with fright and promised not to reveal any secrets.

The teacher was too hard to ask what the secret was, and the queen mother had to admit that there was the dragon vein of Daoai Xinjueluo on the Changbai Mountain in eastern Liaoning. If this dragon vein is excavated, the Han Dynasty can be recovered, and the Ming Dynasty can be recovered again. Only the true queen knows the position of the dragon vein.

The queen mother threatened the true queen not to tell this secret, otherwise she would kill the emperor. The teacher asked the Queen Mother for three scriptures, and she had to admit that they had been stolen. The teacher asked Tao Hongying to stay in the palace to find out the Queen Mother’s accomplices, and the teacher took Xiaobao to leave the palace from the secret road.

Wei Xiaobao took out the scripture that the old emperor gave to the emperor. The teacher saw that the first page was “Never add a gift”. She asked Wei Xiaobao to use a dagger to open the interlayer of the scripture cover, which contained fragments of the treasure map. As long as you gather together the eight scriptures, you can find the treasure. Shi Tai took Wei Xiaobao to worship the tomb of Emperor Ming Emperor. Akko rushed out to meet Shi Tai. Wei Xiaobao recognized her and danced happily. Akko gave a severe lesson. Wei Xiaobao and Akko bowed in front of the grave and said About to marry A Ke, A Ke gritted his teeth with anger.

Wei Xiaobao wanted to get close to A Ke, and he went to apprentice Tai as a teacher on the spot. Only then did he know that his teacher’s method was Jiu Nan. A Ke had already seen Wei Xiaobao’s sinister intentions. Wei Xiaobao promised to make sure that he really wanted to be a teacher. , She had no choice but to give up. The Nine Difficulties took A Ke and Wei Xiaobao on their way. They rested at the tea stall on the side of the road. Zheng Keshuang, who was stationed in Taiwan, followed to take A Ke to the tortoise-killing meeting in Hejian. Wei Xiaobao guessed that they were going to kill Wu Sangui. Nine difficulties also want to see the excitement.

The tortoise-killing conference officially began, and all the big sects of the rivers and lakes were invited to participate. Gu Yanwu took the stage and called on everyone to work together to kill Wu Sangui. All the people present were excited and unanimously elected Zheng Keshuang as the general leader and military division. Wei Xiaobao was not interested and stood still. Snooze. Jiu Nan didn’t want to get involved with this matter, and left with A Ke and Wei Xiaobao.

On the way, Wei Xiaobao went to the inn on the roadside to find water. Zheng Keshuang followed them. Wei Xiaobao was angry when he saw him. Unexpectedly, Xu Tianchuan, Qian Laoben and others would come afterwards. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t wait to know how they escaped. , Xu Tianchuan briefly reported to him.

Zheng Keshuang reported on the grand occasion of the incident last night to Jiu Nan and A Ke. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t bear it and deliberately sat between Zheng Keshuang and A Ke. Xu Tianchuan and Lao Qian also came to the inn for dinner, and accidentally touched Zheng Keshuang, but he refused to follow him. No mercy, but also swearing at Boss Qian. Old Qian was furious and taught Zheng Keshuang severely. Xu Tianchuan forced Zheng Keshuang to leave. Ake desperately blocked him. He also asked Jiu Nan to come out to save Zheng Keshuang. Jiu Nan did not want to control, Wei Xiaobao took the initiative. Please save Zheng Keshuang.

Wei Xiaobao violently beat Zheng Keshuang when he went out, and went back to befriend A Ke, falsely claiming that Zheng Keshuang was taken away, and the Nine Difficulties took A Ke and Wei Xiaobao to continue on their way. Along the way, Wei Xiaobao pleased Akko in every possible way, Akko ignored him, Akko saw Zheng Keshuang from a distance, and got out of the car without saying a word. The two embraced each other deeply. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t stand it, and hurriedly jumped out of the carriage. When Wei Xiaobao learned that Feng Xifan had rescued Zheng Keshuang, he greeted him. Feng Xifan was very arrogant.

Ake wants to take Zheng Keshuang to the capital, and Wei Xiaobao is helpless. Nine Difficulties gave Wei Xiaobao to save the scriptures, and asked him to continue searching for the remaining seven books to find the treasure and recover Daming.

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