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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 3 Recap

Ji Xiaoou received the first rigorous bouquet of flowers, but he did not write the name of the sender. Every time he sent roses, this made Ji Xiaoou feel a little baffled. After a period of time, there was a business card in the flower. A rigorous name, this let Ji Xiaoou know that it was him, so he asked Zhan Yu to deal with it.

Yan Jing went to Ji Xiaoou’s shop and asked for a cup of coffee, but Ji Xiaoou gave him the money that was not so strict, and told him not to give her flowers, and the coffee would not be sold to Yan Jing. At this time, a person named Lao Feng went there. In the shop, Ji Xiaoou wondered how they knew each other. Strictly said that he was at the same time as Lao Feng when he was an anti-narcotics police officer. Zhan Yu was a little surprised to hear that they were anti-narcotics police, but Ji Xiaoou felt that being an anti-narcotics police was a little disdainful.

Afterwards, Ji Xiaoou and Lao Feng chatted together and learned that when the rigorous anti-drug police was the best performer, Ji Xiaoou still believes that rigorousness depends on his father’s backstage to achieve today’s results. Rigorous went to Ji Xiaoou’s shop to help with work every day, even though Ji Xiaoou still didn’t wait for Rigorous, and always chased him away.

When Zhan Yu was playing the violin for a customer in the store, Ji Xiaoou wanted to shoot him a video, and stood in front of him to make trouble. Just then Fangnia entered, Fangnia asked Xiaoou that she had just left for a few days. So many suitors? Fangnia saw that the suitor was rigorous, but she knew how good the rigorous family situation was, and asked Ji Xiaoou to seize the opportunity, but Ji Xiaoou was not interested in rigor. Fangnia said that Xiaoou shouldn’t be rigorous. You’re welcome, so she introduced herself to Yan Jing enthusiastically, but Jing didn’t have any thoughts about her, which made Fangnia feel that she was looking for herself and boring.

Ji Xiaoou asked dad how much does it cost to replace femoral head necrosis? Dad said it was about seventy to eighty thousand. Ji Xiaoou felt that Liu Meiqi should replace her femur so that she could stand up. His mother also asked Ji Xiaoou to send the TV at home to Zhan Yu’s family. His family was so pitiful.

Ji Xiaoou was riding his bicycle on the road and suddenly the chain fell off. At this time, Yan Jing happened to drive over to help him repair the car, so Ji Xiaoou asked him to help him with the TV set at Zhan Yu’s house. He thought that this was a good opportunity. I brought gifts to Ji Xiaoou’s parents as soon as I got gifts. I didn’t expect that Ji Xiaoou’s parents would love Xi when they saw Xi, and they wanted him to play at home often, but Ji Xiaoou told his parents that Xi was just a mover.

Strictly holding the TV to Zhan Yu’s house, after entering it, it is indeed difficult to see Zhan Yu’s house strictly. After installing the TV for her, Strictly listen to Liu Meiqin’s request to find another hospital for injections, because Ji Xiaoou’s father is in the hospital. The fee was too expensive, she couldn’t afford it, so she asked rigorously what medicine Liu Meiqin took? After Liu Meiqin gave Yan Jing to take it, he said he would get an injection, but he didn’t expect Yan Jing to actually get an injection.

On the way back, Ji Xiaoou expressed his gratitude to Rigor for her help. Rigor told her to call him whenever she needed help. Ji Xiaoou asked Rigor if they had so many anti-drug police officers. Is there anything wrong? Strictly thinking about it for the time being, he really wouldn’t be without him.

Strictly found Lu San and asked him to vomit Mei Sister’s money, but Lu San said that he had eaten everything, why can’t he vomit? Unless Yan Jing sells one third to him, he tells Lu Lao San that his son has abolished the man in a foreign country, and he is still looking for his son. Lu Lao San knows that he understands this matter strictly, although he is afraid, he still does not let go. When Shi Yan looked at Lu Lao San, he didn’t need to be horrified. So he took out a piece of carbon from the barbecue stove and gave Lu San a cigarette. This frightened Lu San, and quickly told him to let him go. He agreed with him and knew exactly what Lu San had to do. If you admit it, let him do it for himself.

On the way back, Mei Jie asked him to go to the hospital to see the injury, but was rejected by Rigor. Liu Wei also said that Rigor had already been trained in the army and would not care about this small injury.

Sister and Jing said that they should not continue to mix with a female gangster who remembered them. Ji Xiaoou would not be able to enter the door of Yan’s house. She would go out to mix with society after graduating from university. What kind of virtues can she have, but she said that he likes it. This kind of girl with a story, his sister has no choice but to tell him to be self-contained.

Strictly found the connector, Lao Cheng said that no matter how he behaved, the people at Little Beauty Company did not regard him as his own, and could only take his father’s logistics company out of drug trafficking.

Rigorous still goes to work in Ji Xiaoou’s shop every day. He is observing Zhan Yu making and making calls every day. He should be in contact with his online, but rigorously found that every time Zhan Yu looks at Ji Xiaoou’s eyes, there is a little love.

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