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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 4 Recap

In the shop, Zhan Yu made a cup of cherry blossom tea for Ji Xiaoou. After tasting it, Ji Xiaoou felt it was very good, so let’s sell it in the store later. Moreover, Ji Xiaoou gave Zhan Yu a lot of salary as a reward for his hard work in the store. Said that no one had treated him so well, Ji Xiaoou asked him to treat him as a relative in the future.

Lao Feng’s son likes to learn piano with Zhan Yu, so Zhan Yu wanted to teach him, and Ji Xiaoou also taught Ji Xiaoou to learn from Zhan Yu. This made Strict look at the jealousy and destroy them, but was scolded by Ji Xiaoou.

The next day, Rigorous brought a symphony orchestra to Ji Xiaoou to play this song. I was willing to sing and sing. The rigorous song not only did not impress Ji Xiaoou but was a little funny, which made Rigor feel a little self-confident.

In the middle of the night, Ji Xiaoou received a call from Liu Meiqin for help. Ji Xiaoou called the police. The door of the house was locked and the police could not enter. So Ji Xiaoou called Strict. He opened the door soon after he arrived, and Liu Meiqin was taken to the hospital. Later, the police questioned why the strict unlocking was so powerful? Strictly said that he was training in the army and showed the police his discharge certificate.

Zhan Yu ran to the hospital and the doctor said that there was nothing major, so he should stay in the hospital for observation for a period of time. The next day after Liu Meiqin was discharged from the hospital, she had to thank Rigorous for her life-saving grace, so she left them at home for dinner. Zhan Yu cooked them food, but Zhan Yu was always hostile to Rigor, neither cold nor warm.

Ji Xiaoou received a rigorous ticket for the concert, but she asked Zhan Yu to deal with it. Unexpectedly, Zhan Yu was the violinist of the concert, so Ji Xiaoou was going to watch the show in order to support Zhan Yu.

At the scene, Ji Xiaoou and Yan Jing had to sit separately. At this time, Fang Niya gave up her seat to Yan Jing in order to match the two of them. She went away under the pretext that something went wrong. Now Jing saw that the opportunity to sit with Ji Xiaoou came and went around. A circle finally sat beside Ji Xiaoou.

Zhan Yu’s violin finally came on stage. The rhythm on the stage was extremely emotional, which made Ji Xiaoou very touched. After the performance, Ji Xiaoou congratulated Zhan Yu on his superb skills and asked Rigor to take pictures of them. Rigor would certainly not be willing to do anything. Making things difficult, but Ji Xiaoou was a little upset and had to take another photo. There was no way to be rigorous and had to bite the bullet and give them a photo.

Strict went to the store and saw that Ji Xiaoou and Zhan Yu were not there, so he checked the surveillance in the store and found that Zhan Yu used a small account to contact drug buyers and online buyers, so Strict found Zhan Yu and him Why do you still go to Ji Xiaoou to work when you are so busy? Zhan Yu asked that rigor had nothing to do with him, and rigorously told Zhan Yu that his illusion could not deceive rigor’s eyes, and asked him to pay attention later.

The rigorous running in the gym is practicing singing, because I like Ji Xiaoou, but many people are still laughing at him, and there is no way to sneak out and continue practicing.

Strictly talked to Lao Feng and said that he used so many tricks, this Ji Xiaoou was not tempted at all, he had never seen such a woman, Lao Feng told him to give up, because they were not suitable. Rigorous In order to pursue Ji Xiaoou, he often accompanied him to watch Zhan Yu’s performance. Every time Ji Xiaoou was moved by Zhan Yu’s performance in a mess.

When the matter returned to the interrogation room, the police and Yan Jing said that Zhan Yu was dead. At this time, Yan couldn’t believe it. The police asked Yan if he didn’t know that Zhan Yu was dead. The police performed DNA on the deceased and found that the agreement reached 90%.

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