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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 5 Recap

After Zhan Yu’s performance, Ji Xiaoou rigorously asked Ji Xiaoou to eat skewers. He didn’t expect that Ji Xiaoou could drink it. The two of them finally made progress to become drinking buddies. Ji Xiaoou asked rigorous conditions such as not to have a model star and her girl all day. What are the rascals doing together? Strictly tell Ji Xiaoou that he just likes hooligans like Ji Xiaoou.

After Ji Xiaoou was drunk, he said that Zhan Yu’s performance was great. He will definitely be able to stand on a larger stage in the future. Ji Xiaoou called strict not to bully Zhan Yu. He is now Ji Xiaoou’s younger brother, but strictly said that he has never I have bullied Zhan Yu, and Zhan Yu is not as vulnerable as Ji Xiaoou looks, saying that Ji Xiaoou treats him better than Zhan Yu his mother.

Ji Xiaoou recalled that he was very happy with Rigor that day, and her rigorous humor attracted her. The next day Ji Xiaoou woke up and found that he was sleeping in a strict house, and strict had already prepared breakfast for her. Ji Xiaoou thought that strict had already taken him down, but strict said that he did not take advantage of others, but the strict mouth was already there. Ji Xiaoou broke his skin when he was drunk, so Ji Xiaoou pushed the strictness away and called for the little baby to come home from get off work at night to prepare dinner. Ji Xiaoou really regretted that he shouldn’t be drunk.

Ji Xiaoou kept thinking about her and Yan Jing’s past in the store. At this time, Zhan Yu asked her if she had spent the night with Yan Jing? Ji Xiaoou hurriedly explained that she was taken home by Rigor because she drank too much, but Rigor slept in the living room and she slept in the bedroom. Zhan Yu told Ji Xiaoou that rigor is not a good person and it is better to stay away from rigor.

Rigorous went to Ji Xiaoou’s shop and saw that Zhan Yu was not at work. Ji Xiaoou said that he had gone to practice piano, so Rigorous went upstairs to pack Ji Xiaoou’s things and take her out for a trip. Ji Xiaoou would definitely not want to go out with him, but In front of this overbearing president, she couldn’t help but make the final decision. When she left with Ji Xiaoou, the customers in the store were shocked. Ji Xiaoou looked at the road signs and drove strictly to Lichuan, and Ji Xiaoou had already arranged everything about the coffee shop. Ji Xiaoou had to travel along with it.

The police asked Ji Xiaoou that he would live with Yan Jing if Zhan Yu knew that he would be unhappy. Ji Xiaoou said that she was just borrowing and there was no relationship, but she hadn’t thought about how Zhan Yu thought about it.

Ji Xiaoou recalled rigorously carrying Ji Xiaoou back to her residence. Ji Xiaoou sang all the way home on her back, and then found that the house key was missing, so she had to live in a rigorous house. Ji Xiaoou was drunk and said she would drink it. She had to take off her clothes in front of her, and she had no choice but to get her pajamas.

At this time, Ji Xiaoou hugged her and took a bite in her mouth. He also said that the boss’s meat was not cooked, so he actually regarded the strict mouth as a barbecue and gave her strict Putting his arms in his arms as a pillow to prevent him from leaving, there is no other way but to wait for Ji Xiaoou to fall asleep and walk away silently to the living room to rest.

Rigorous discussed with her beautiful sister Liu Wei about the direction that logistics should go. At this time, Mei sister mentioned that the logistics company of rigorous father is a good direction, and rigorously agreed to her proposal, but Liu Wei had some doubts before rigorous did not want to talk to him. Dad cooperated, and now he changed his mind. Yan Jing and Liu Wei explained that because they had not joined their company before, and now they are partners, their positions are different. Mei Jie agreed with the strict point of view.

Rigor returned to the store and saw that Zhan Yu was still very cautious with his mobile phone. So Rigor could only create an opportunity. He leaked the water pipe. At this time, Zhan Yu used to help and the clothes got wet. Ji Xiaoou asked him to go. After taking a bath and changing clothes, he secretly installed an invisible software on Zhan Yu’s mobile phone.

Strictly returned home and listened to Zhan Yu’s mobile phone recording. It turned out that Zhan Yu’s mother also knew about Zhan Yu’s drug use.

Strictly ask for a meeting with Lao Cheng. Lao Cheng brings him news. The nickname is Liu Wei’s Ma Tsai. He strictly says Liu Wei will go out to stop him whenever he wants to persuade Mei Sister, so he must let Zhan. Yu became his own. Old Cheng checked that Zhan Yu’s bank account had more than 100,000 deposits. It seemed that this kid was darker than they thought, but rigorously said that his understanding of Zhan Yu found that his essence was not bad. To become a musician, just give him a straw to make him look back.

Zhan Yu was caught by the police when he went to trade again. Zhan Yu quibbleed that it was the drugs put on him by the person who hit him. The police told him there was only one way to survive, which was to help the police crack the drug trafficking case of the Little Beauty Group. The police told Zhan Yu and Liu Zi to keep in touch and report his information to the police at any time. Strictly monitored the call between Zhan Yu and Liuzi to go to Lichuan, but the police did not receive any report from Zhan Yu, so Strict took Ji Xiaoou to travel to Lichuan, looking for clues about Zhan Yu and Liuzi.

When the matter returned to the interrogation room, the policeman Zhao Tinghui asked Yan Jing who killed Zhan Yu? Since rigorously knows that Zhan Yu also likes Ji Xiaoou, is there any motivation? At this time, rigorously asked Zhao Tinghui, who is also Ji Xiaoou’s ex-boyfriend, how does Zhan Yu like Ji Xiaoou? Zhao Tinghui asked Yan Jing to answer his questions first.

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