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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 6 Recap

Zhao Tinghui asked Ji Xiaoou what kind of person is rigorous in his heart? Ji Xiaoou said that she had never really known rigor. When Ji Xiaoou recalled and rigorously traveled to Lichuan, she lived in a viewing room. The room rigorously arranged for her was facing the sea. The scenery was very beautiful. After half an hour after the appointment, the time for dinner together was rigorous and it was a long time late. , And then Ji Xiaoou was a little unhappy to find Xi Jin to hurry up, or else he would go out for dinner with others, and then Xi Jin opened the door and said that he would be there soon after taking a shower.

Two people went to a restaurant for dinner. They kept looking at their mobile phones. They said that there was something to deal with in the company. Ji Xiaoou also talked about her background. She said that her shop was left to her by her grandfather, but she was always absent-minded. , Ji Xiaoou asked if he was listening to her. Rigor hurriedly answered whether he was looking at the store’s monitoring staff if there were any employees who were lazy. Just when Ji Xiaoou was talking about home, he rigorously said that he was going back to the hotel and sent an email asking Ji Xiaoou to wait for him wherever he was.

Ji Xiaoou waited for strictness in the restaurant alone. After waiting for a long time, Ji Xiaoou did not go back. Ji Xiaoou actually fell asleep, and went to the restaurant to pick up Ji Xiaoou. He said that he would punish him strictly, but he asked him to go back to the hotel to drink. Going back, Strict swears that if he has something to do with Ji Xiaoou, he will not find his wife. Ji Xiaoou looked serious and serious, and went back to the hotel with him.

After the two returned to the hotel, they asked her exactly how her ex-boyfriend broke up and what was her name? Ji Xiaoou said that his ex-boyfriend was a policeman named Zhao Tinghui, because Zhao Tinghui’s family disagreed, saying that Ji Xiaoou was a gangster, they separated them. Strictly looked at Ji Xiaoou and said that he already liked this female gangster.

After pouring Ji Xiaoou a glass of wine, he asked Ji Xiaoou if he also likes Zhan Yu, but Ji Xiaoou said that he just regarded Zhan Yu as his younger brother, and asked if Zhan Yu really would. What should I do if I like Ji Xiaoou? Ji Xiaoou firmly said that there would not be that day, and Jing and Ji Xiaoou said that regardless of whether that day will come, Ji Xiaoou was strict, and he carefully picked up Ji Xiaoou and entered the room.

Early in the morning, Ji Xiaoou was taken out to watch the sunrise before it turned on rigorously. In the car, Ji Xiaoou still fell asleep and snored. He took out his mobile phone to take a video of her, but Ji Xiaoou found out, so Ji Xiaoou hurry up To grab the phone to delete the video, when the sun came out, Ji Xiaoou was still very moved when he saw it. He said that the last time he watched the sunrise was when his grandfather took her with her when she was young. At this time, Ji Xiaoou asked if rigor was serious about her? Strictly tell Ji Xiaoou that he will not love others after meeting Ji Xiaoou, so the two embraced and kissed each other in the car.

Rigorous in Lichuan and Ji Xiaoou finally determined the relationship, inseparable from day to night, but Ji Xiaoou did not expect to lose contact with Rigorous in Lichuan for three days.

Ji Xiaoou recalled that at that time, when he drove Ji Xiaoou to the hotel, the two of them slept in separate rooms. Ji Xiaoou lived upstairs, and he could see Zhanyu and the six sons in his room, and he was listening carefully. When Zhan Yu and the others were talking, Ji Xiaoou went to him at the agreed time, and had to pretend to be in the bath and ask Ji Xiaoou to wait for him for a while.

When two people went to the restaurant for dinner, when Ji Xiaoou told him about Ji Xiaoou’s life experience, Zheng always listened to the content in the earphones. He heard the conversation between Zhan Yu and Liu Zi. At this time, Ji Xiaoou was very angry and asked if there was any seriousness. Listening to her talking, Yan Jing had to pretend to be listening. At this time, the monitoring in Yan Jing’s headphones was cut off, so Jing said that he was going back to the room to send an email and ran away.

After Yan Jing went back and saw that there was no one in the opposite room, he ran to the opposite hotel to check. At this time, he saw a few people taking Zhan Yu to drink, and he secretly took pictures of Zhan Yu, but Zhan Yu seemed to have discovered After chasing the past, Strict quickly avoided Zhan Yu’s tracking.

Strictly returned to the restaurant and saw that Ji Xiaoou was still waiting for her, so he took Ji Xiaoou back to the hotel for a drink, and took Ji Xiaoou to watch the sunrise early in the morning, so the two people confirmed the relationship.

Rigorous found Lao Cheng again. Lao Cheng said that Zhan Yu hadn’t given them any news, so he couldn’t count on Zhan Yu. Now he could only rely on Rigorous himself, and could not have any contact with Ji Xiaoou, so he should focus on the little beauty. , Since the little beauty has a serious desire for rigor, let her succeed, so that she will have a chance to break them.

The little beauty was rigorous and uninvited when she worshipped Duan. Just when she was worshipping Duan, a bullet hit the little beauty. At this time, she was protected by the rigor and shot in her arm. If you go The hospital will cause trouble, and the little beauty takes him to her home to get the bullet out.

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