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Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 3 Recap

Qi Nian told Ji Yanxin that his complicated reason was that he fell in love with him at first sight and wanted to chase him. The simple reason was that he really needed to be by his side for some reasons. Of course, Ji Yanxin didn’t care about such a careless confession. He made up his mind not to have anything to do with this ill-intentioned girl, and Qi Nian rushed into Ji Yanxin’s arms, and the old man saw this scene when he opened the door.

His grandson actually had a teacher-student relationship, and Qi Nian quickly took out his ID card to prove that he was 24 years old. The old man looked at the Taurus’s Qi Nian and Capricorn’s grandson very well in time. He told Ji Yanxin that only a girlfriend could not go to the blind date that he arranged. In order to avoid the blind date, Ji Yanxin had to point to Qi Nian and say it was his girlfriend. How can the old man be so deceitful, he asked Ji Yanxin to say her name. Ji Yanxin not only said the name of Qi Nian, but also said that he was a closely related Qi, every year. This made Qi Nianle bloom. She vowed to tell grandpa that she would definitely catch Ji Yanxin and would not let go.

Qi Nian asked Liu Xia, Li Yue, and the editor in charge of Xinxin’s love skills. As a result, Liu Xia’s romantic techniques were not practical. Xin Xin only simulated love in game software. Li Yue, the only one who had some construction opinions, worked in Ji Yanxin’s office. The most critical point was also interrupted by the design draft thrown by Ji Yanxin.

The male protagonist based on Ji Yanxin as the prototype in the Qi Nian comics has never seen a face picture. Xin Xin asked Qi Nian to have more contact with Ji Yanxin, but then a beautiful iceberg man would be thankful for not being frozen to death by his side. Xinxin helped Qi Nian contact several young girls, Man Daniu, to learn from them. One of them named Key Jiang was especially respected by the authors in the industry, saying that there is nothing he doesn’t know about the young girls. Yes, it’s “him”.

This key sauce is a cute-looking boy with a full sense of youth. And he, wearing a housekeeper’s uniform, is working in this coffee shop. Qi Nian humbly asked him where the most attractive part of the girl manga was. Key Jiang asked her why she didn’t like to draw a girl manga, and even thought that people like Qi Nian who didn’t love girls should not set foot in this world. . Key sauce’s words are also against his ears, which makes Qi Nian begin to reflect on his true thoughts.

The hungry Qi Nian came to the supermarket to buy stinky tofu-flavored instant noodles. Not only did he encounter the key sauce but also competed for the last package of instant noodles. Key sauce knows that what he said that day was too heavy to apologize to Qi Nian, and he said that his apology was no more expensive than instant noodles. The two were noisy all the way, and when they got home they found that they were renting the same dormitory. Looking at the men’s socks basking outside the window, Key Chan completely thought his roommate was an IT guy.

The two roommates just met for the first time and ate a bowl of noodles together. Qi Nian asked Key Jiang to comment on his comics. Key Jiang saw that the details of the screen were very detailed, which was more like a record type asking Qi Nian whether there was a realistic prototype. Qi Nian quickly denied it at a loss, and Key Chan suggested to her that she could use the immersive experience method to find the feeling of a girlish comic.

Qi Nian put on a beautiful skirt according to what the key sauce said, and in front of Ji Yanxin, she was spinning and flopping. As a result, Ji Yanxin not only failed to support her, but also gave her a lot of work. Qi Nian took out his assassin, stood in front of Ji Yanxin and said frankly that he liked it. Ji Yanxin told her to close her eyes and say what she liked most. The foodie Qi Nian actually said it was fried chicken, and he was still entangled in the question of whether to accompany Ji Yanxin to the library or buy fried chicken. In the library, Qi Nian recalled the romantic technique of physical contact mentioned by Key Jiang, but she always self-defeated. When she left, Ji Yanxin handed the meal card to Qi Nian and asked her to go to the cafeteria to buy fried chicken after she was done.

Qi Nian was walking on the road with fried chicken, but was stopped by Ji Yanxin’s former teaching assistants. They were very upset seeing that Qi Nian had been a teaching assistant for so long and had not been expelled. Qi Nian thought that they had to clean up themselves and move their muscles and bones when they picked up a stick on the ground. This formation shocked the girls on the opposite side. They just wanted to warn Qi Nian, but they didn’t think about doing it.

I heard some students say that Qi Nian was blocked on the road by the former teaching assistant, and they came to check the situation with concern. But Qi Nian has already gotten acquainted with the girls from the Ji Yanxin support club, and even shared the comic version of Ji Yanxin he drew. The girls who discussed about going out were interrupted by Ji Yanxin.

He asked Qi Nian if the fried chicken was finished, but Qi Nian replied that she had powdered the fried chicken herself. Ji Yanxin said to himself that the children’s likes were really unreliable. But he didn’t know that Qi Nian felt that the fried chicken on his mouth was dull when he heard that he was obsessed with his former beautiful girlfriend. The cousin came and stood on the steps, pointed at Qi Nian and told Ji Yanxin that Qi Nian was a liar and she was not a student of Ming University at all.

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