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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 36 Recap

Not long after Gu Yaodong left the Ministry of National Defense, a car suddenly stopped beside him. It was Xia Jicheng who was driving, and Qiu Mi was sitting in the back row. Due to Xia Jicheng’s strong insistence, Gu Yaodong entered Wangjiang Hotel without being blocked by the guards. The banquet hall was brightly lit and surrounded by elegant music. The waiter was carrying a bowl of wine and shuttled between the officer and his wife and young lady. Xia Jicheng and Secretary Qiu were busy socializing, while Gu Yaodong took the opportunity to find He Zuxing, whose whereabouts are unknown.

The curtains were drawn in a guest room, and the light was dark. Zhao Zhiyong took out the pistol from the kraft paper bag, loaded the bullet, and put it on his waist. He drank the whole bottle of wine before the action and walked along the quiet corridor to the door of He Zuxing. He Zuxing’s puzzled voice came from the door, and Zhao Zhiyong forced his composure, pretending to be a logistics maintenance worker, and broke into the room on the grounds that the ceiling was leaking.

Seeing that He Zuxing was in danger, Gu Yaodong immediately slammed open the door. Unexpectedly, there were only traces of fighting in the room and no one was seen. When Gu Yaodong came to the bathroom, he did not expect that Zhao Zhiyong would raise his pistol at Gu Yaodong’s head, questioned in grief and madness, and even promised that he would be a good man after completing this mission.

When the warship arrived at the port, all the guests at the banquet gathered around the window to watch, but Xia Jicheng sat in a chair leisurely and guessed the situation of the guest room. Zhao Zhicheng begged the other party to let him go, but Gu Yaodong didn’t want to see him continue to do wrong, so he directly rushed to fight with him.

In the end, Gu Yaodong succeeded in taking the pistol. Zhao Zhiyong hurriedly opened the toilet and vomited. After the discomfort of his appetite gradually disappeared, he condemned himself in frustration; condemned the times; condemned the ridiculous and ruthless principle. As the two were in a stalemate, He Zuxing struggled for a long time, and finally spit out the towel in his mouth. He was terrified and urged Gu Yaodong to shoot quickly, but Gu Yaodong shouted Zhao Zhiyong to leave and even pushed him out the door.

Now that the matter is settled, Gu Yaodong is about to return to Shanghai. He wants to bid farewell to Xia Jicheng, but standing at the front of the national defense department, he dare not move forward. The Nanjing platform was bustling. When Gu Yaodong was about to get on the train with his luggage, he didn’t expect Xia Jicheng to appear suddenly, beside him was Secretary Qiu who looked like a human tracker.

Xia Jicheng handed Gu Yaodong an envelope, begged him to pass it to Qi Shengping, and then softly reminded Gu Yaodong to take this life-saving charm with him. Even though Secretary Qiu couldn’t help moving forward, he didn’t hear anything. Gu Yaodong looked at Xia Jicheng’s back with comprehension, telling a lot of things like a running account, including the current situation of all the police officers of the Second Penalty Division, and He repaired the windows of Chunfu restaurant, fed the fat cat, and Shen Qinghe.

In the office of the Shanghai Police Bureau, Zhao Zhiyong stood there in fear, nervously looking at the three heads in front of him, Qi Shengping, Wang Keda, and Zhong Baiming, like three jackals who cannibalize people without spitting out bones, interrogating one by one. His course of action in Nanjing.

Zhao Zhiyong lied that he had solved He Zuxing with his own hands. Even though Wang Keda had learned from Zhong Baiming that Gu Yaodong had gone to Nanjing, he still didn’t doubt Zhao Zhiyong because he was only a non-committal character and would never dare to lie. Qi Shengping was worried that there would be many dreams in the night, so he planned to execute the shooting ahead of schedule. Zhao Zhiyong watched in horror as the three police officials decided innocent life and death during the chat and laugh, which was more terrifying than the devil.

That night, Wang Keda led a police officer to transport the “kidnappers” to the outskirts. Five gunshots were fired and all five people died. At the same time, according to the clues provided by He Zuxing, Gu Yaodong searched out the flawed photos of the real “kidnapping” from the trash can overnight.

However, the prisoner had been shot and the front page was published the next day. Gu Yaodong walked out the door desperately amidst the ridicule of court staff and did not return to Fu’an Nong until dark. The kidnapping case of Shang Rongsheng was settled. It started out ridiculously and ended suddenly. However, all the neighbors who regularly subscribe to newspapers learned about it, but no one took the initiative to mention it, so Yang Fuduo is still kept in the dark.

Just because Yang Fuduo was too well-behaved and sensible, Gu Yaodong’s heart was extremely complicated. He didn’t know how to speak, but he tried his best to endure the tears, his face flushed and his voice trembled. Yang Fuduo stared at Gu Yaodong’s hurried departure, the light in her eyes gradually dimmed. She was about to rise from elementary school to junior high school, but her father would never appear at the entrance banquet.

After learning the news, Shen Qinghe hurried back to Shanghai directly from the field. In the dimly lit alley, she quietly listened to Gu Yaodong’s remorse and regret. Now that Shanghai’s economy is completely out of control, Shen Qinghe truthfully tells everything that happened before. Whether it is the National Government or the national officials, their actions have completely turned the world upside down. Fortunately, there are still a group of people who have not given up yet and are secretly working in every corner. And Shen Qinghe came to invite Gu Yaodong to join them.

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