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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 38 Recap

The second criminal officer returned from duty. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a bottle of chrysanthemum on Gu Yaodong’s desk. Everyone was stunned. Before turning around, he immediately saw Xiao Derong rushing to smash the vase to pieces. At lunch, everyone was sitting around the table, the atmosphere was still depressed, even fighting for Gu Yaodong. Zhong Baiming came over with the lunch box and told them to keep their mouths in order to avoid causing trouble to the upper body.

After Qi Shengping got to know the situation in the torture room, Wang Keda and Zhong Baiming called to the office at the same time, and told the Secretary Fang that no one was allowed in. Wang Keda noticed that things had changed, especially when he heard that Qi Shengping planned to release Gu Yaodong, he raised objections on the spot and became emotional. However, he was crushed to death by a senior official, and Zhong Baiming was unbiased. Even though Wang Keda had said everything, he still obeyed the order in the end.

After Zhong Baiming returned to the Second Penalty, he immediately called Deputy Director Tian, ​​but he was still disappointed. There is no flaw in the recording of Gu Yaodong’s conversation with Xia Jicheng or the recording of the two of them during the period. As for the Wangjiang Hotel, the Navy Command sent an invitation to Xia Jicheng a few days ago, so it was not for Gu Yaodong to attend the banquet.

Deputy Director Tian knows that Zhong Baiming has never lessened his suspicion of Xia Jicheng, but the stakes need to be counted. This time Secretary Qiu can be sent to his side to monitor, it is nothing more than the opportunity of routine screening. If there is no conclusive evidence, it will be easy to offend the other party. , After all, Xia Jicheng has a very deep background. Not only is he good at the Ministry of National Defense, he is also a protégé of General Lu Chi.

The lights at the entrance of Fu’an Alley were dim. During this period, neighbors occasionally passed by, and you could see Shen Qinghe standing in front of the house. As Shen Qinghe was gradually anxious, he didn’t expect Gu Yaodong to come from a distance. Although his uniform was neatly dressed, he could see blood stains and his terrible face.

Gu Yaodong supported the wall, but finally couldn’t hold it, and collapsed to the ground. Shen Qinghe hurriedly took him back to the pavilion room, acting swiftly and cautiously. After all the curtains were tightened and the door locked, he lit a small lamp and turned on the first aid supplies from the cabinet. As Gu Yaodong’s clothes were gradually stripped off, and the upper body was already bloody, Shen Qinghe couldn’t bear the tears, and still tried to stay calm and skillfully clean his wounds.

After Shen Qinghe’s careful attention, Gu Yaodong’s health improved. He took the initiative to visit Qi Shengping and sat on the sofa in his study like a student, seeming to express his sincere gratitude. Qi Shengping smiled and waved his hand, only instructing Gu Yaodong to be cautious in his words and deeds in the future, and then took out two gold bars and handed them to him, which was self-evident.

In the first class with Shen Qinghe, Gu Yaodong learned how to be smooth, so he did not hesitate to accept the gold bullion, pretending to be pleased that he would work for Qi Shengping, and could even help him take care of his business in Shanghai. Considering the relationship between Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe’s lover, Qi Shengping is very satisfied. He can’t help feeling that even a person with principles, as long as he becomes a vested interest, always learns to accept the darkness. In the end, the original intention is false, and the human nature is thin and cold, only gold bars. It’s the real deal.

Returning to the Fu’an alley, Gu’s family was busy buying food. Gu’s mother put an extra pair of bowls on the dinner table and publicly announced that she would accept Yang Fuduo as Gu’s youngest daughter. Gu Bang is not good at words, but he treats each other sincerely. Luo Li’s words can be summed up in one sentence, which is to ensure that she will do her best to raise Yang Fuduo to grow up, so that she will be healthy and happy.

After dinner, Shen Qinghe and Gu Yaodong stood chatting on the balcony. Originally, Gu Yaodong wanted to hand in the gold bars to the organization, but Shen Qinghe conveyed the organization’s intention and decided to use the gold bars on Yang Fuduo. After all, he failed to save Yang Yixue. A little guilty.

The sad emotions are like scars on Gu Yaodong’s face. As time goes by, Shen Qinghe and Yang Fuduo now come with sadness and feel the sunshine in this simple small building. The two people on the balcony have not noticed the strangeness of the stairwell. They are still discussing buying clothes for Yang Fuduo, saving money for college, and even future marriage and childbirth, while the old couple and eldest sister of the Gu family hide on the stairs to peep, snickering and guessing that something good is about to come. .

In Ward No. 216 of Tongde Hospital, four plainclothes policemen and members of the inspection department were guarded at the door. The kidnappers in the ward were in a coma for several days and finally appeared to be awakened this morning. At the same time, Gu Yaodong returned to the police station to report that he had only been assigned to the first sentence, so he and the second police officer exchanged a few words of excitement and hurried back to work in the first sentence.

When Wang Keda received a call from the hospital, he immediately led Police Officer Liu and the others to hurriedly. Gu Yaodong sat at his desk worriedly. Although he heard a few words intermittently, he could vaguely judge that if the kidnappers in the lane wake up. It means that Shen Qinghe will be exposed.

Wang Keda was dissatisfied because the inspection office had called a doctor to check the condition in advance. Thinking about the crowds in the hospital, and fearing that the Communist Party might be in it, Wang Keda quickly transferred the seriously injured kidnappers. When the police commissar arrived, they had already left the room.

Gu Yaodong was still doing the work of serving tea and water in Xingyi, but he could use his position to observe Wang Keda’s movements, so he thought that by investigating the source of the phone, he could find the kidnapper. Gu Yaodong came to the telephone wiring room alone, taking advantage of lunch, secretly walked the key in the female operator’s pocket.

Zhao Zhiyong watched Gu Yaodong leave the canteen in a hurry, always feeling a lot stranger to him, and hurriedly chased him out, only to find that Gu Yaodong turned and disappeared at the end of the corridor. At this time, Gu Yaodong successfully entered the wiring room and successfully found the wiring record book of Xingyi. Just as he took out his pen to copy the number, he did not expect the female operator to return after dinner.

Fortunately, at a critical moment, another policewoman asked her to go out to play cards. Gu Yaodong managed to avoid a catastrophe, and hurriedly copied the number, made sure that the things were placed correctly, and then walked out of the wiring room and closed the door. Unexpectedly, when he was about to lift his foot to leave, the corner of his clothes was caught in the doorman. Before Gu Yaodong could get the key to open the door, Zhao Zhiyong suddenly ran over and wanted to talk to him.

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