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Hikaru No Go 棋魂 Episode 31 Recap

Chu Ying defeated Yu Xiaoyang online, and time worried that Yu Xiaoyang would really retire and hurried to the hospital. He persuaded Yu Xiaoyang not to retire just because he lost a game of chess. Yu Xiaoyang couldn’t help but suspect that he was Chu Ying when he saw Time. Shi hurriedly explained how he could be Chu Ying. He couldn’t play that kind of chess.

Yu Xiaoyang doesn’t care who Chu Ying is, he just wants to play another game with Chu Ying. Time is still persuading Yu Xiaoyang not to retire. Chu Ying was in a low mood, because Geze’s day was coming, and he probably didn’t have so much time. The stagnant time in his body had already begun to slide like quicksand.

After returning, Hong He excitedly told Shi Shi about the chess game that Chu Ying and Yu Xiaoyang played against. Shi Shi told him that he saw the game that turned things around. Hong He embraced him in surprise and kissed him fiercely and said that he was a chess. God possesses. From time to time, Chu Ying was unhappy, thinking that he was because he didn’t find a hand from God, so he said two days later to help him make an appointment with Yu Xiaoyang, but Chu Ying said no. Time felt that Chu Ying was not right, but Chu Ying only said that he was tired and became invisible.

After that, Chu Ying seized the time to explain chess theory to time and resume the game. Time was dissatisfied and said that they had so much time to teach them slowly, but Chu Ying said that if one day he leaves, time does not believe that there will be such a day.

In the final of the celebrity battle, Fang Xu played against Yu Xiaoyang, and his brother Xu Hou won the opportunity of the scorer for time. On the day of the competition, Yu Xiaoyang hung a bottle and coughed from time to time. Fang Xu looked at the teacher worriedly, but he still dropped each one seriously, because this was the greatest respect for the teacher. From the time of the chess game, it is impossible to tell who wins and who loses, but Chu Ying sees that Fang Xu is close to victory, and indeed Fang Xu wins in the end.

At the press conference after the game, when a reporter asked Yu Xiaoyang why the layout had changed, Yu Xiaoyang said that this was his last professional game and he hoped that it would be different. Hearing Yu Xiaoyang’s announcement of his official retirement from today, Yu Liang, Fang Xu and everyone else present were very surprised.

Shi Shi was also surprised when he learned that Yu Xiaoyang had retired. He thought that his persuasion in the hospital that day made Yu Xiaoyang change his mind. Chu Ying was not surprised. In the game with Yu Xiaoyang, he already felt the other side’s heart. In the evening, Chu Ying asked Time a lot of strange questions, such as who he and Hong He would save first when he fell into the water, and asked him if he left Time, would he still like Go? Time didn’t know why Chu Ying was like this. When he asked, Chu Ying deliberately Avoided.

Shiguang performed well in recent games, Xu Hou promised to let him play three sets of Wei Jia, Chu Ying asked Shi Shi to discuss with Xu Hou whether he could be the leader, Shi Shi felt that this was impossible. Chu Ying was depressed and worried that he would not see time as the master. On the weekend Yu Xiaoyang and his family went fishing in the suburbs, and he called Fang Xu.

Yu Xiaoyang knew that Fang Xu wanted to know why he retired. He told Fang Xu that he had thought of retiring very early. He made this determination after the match with Chu Ying. Chu Ying won him and he relaxed in his heart. He now wants to understand that he was always troubled by winning or losing in chess before and was not happy. From now on he will try to pursue the joy of playing chess, not the joy of winning. After retiring, he will still play chess, but it will depend on Fang Xu in the future.

Shi Shi lost the game against Mu Qingchun. Mu Qing said that Shi Shi’s chess was not his at all, but copied from others. Perhaps Bai Ziqiu knew how to play this chess, but Shi Shi would never know. Chu Ying was angry on the side. Said he was nonsense.

Then Chu Ying persuaded Shi Shi not to change his chess path, but Shi Shi wanted to have his own style, and they argued over it. Time tells Chu Ying, don’t leave to scare him that he doesn’t eat this set. Suddenly he received a call from his mother. He hurried back when he heard that his grandfather had an accident. But Chu Ying found himself standing on the edge of the cliff. He was on the road again when he was at a loss. This change in time and space gave him a bad feeling.

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