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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 11 Recap

Lin Jie faced Xu Xiulan’s picky and unbearable, and questioned Xu Xiulan in person that she didn’t want her to associate with Xu Qingfeng. Instead, Xu Xiulan accused Lin Jie of having changed and didn’t know how to respect her at all. He wanted to kick her away from Xu Qingfeng’s life, Xu Xiulan. The more she talked, she became more angry and forced Lin Jie to put down the house key. Lin Jie bluntly pointed out that Xu Xiulan could not see her and Xu Qingfeng’s relationship is good. This was naked jealousy, and it was a kind of illness. Xu Xiulan was irritated and spoke harshly to Lin Jie. , Forcibly drove her away, Lin Jie put the house key on the table and left in anger.

Lin Jie saw Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng coming back together. Guan Yuqing hurriedly explained that Gao Jianling took Xu Qingfeng to see her father. Lin Jie called Xu Qingfeng aside and told him in detail what Xu Xiulan had done, Xu Qingfeng Not surprised at all, he had expected such a result a long time ago, so he didn’t agree with the relationship between the two of them. Lin Jie became more and more sad as she talked, she couldn’t help but burst into tears. Xu Qingfeng went home to ask Xu Xiulan for the reason. Xu Xiulan said a lot of bad things about Lin Jie and forced Xu Qingfeng and Lin Jie to sever the relationship. Xu Qing was so speechless that he went back to the house without eating.

At night, Xu Xiulan pulled out the photos of Xu Qingfeng’s childhood from childhood on her phone, and couldn’t help but talk to herself. Xu Qingfeng saw this scene, sad for herself and pitiful for her mother. Xu Qingfeng clearly remembers that every time her mother was Feng Fenghuohuo gave him a blind date, but whenever he and the girl get closer, his mother will find all kinds of reasons to force them to break up. Xu Qingfeng will be angry that he will never have a blind date again. He will stay with her for the rest of his life, Xu Qingfeng said more and more The more sad, she finally slammed the door and left. Looking at the back of her son’s determination, Xu Xiulan cried out sadly.

Guan Yuqing went to the morning exercise, and Sun Xiaobai came downstairs to wait for her early. He thoughtfully brought her fruit juice and invited her to have breakfast. Guan Yuqing saw Xu Qingfeng lost her soul and walked back from a distance, thinking that he was off the night shift and Xu Qingfeng was looking for him. As an excuse to conceal that he had not returned all night, Guan Yuqing found that there was still withered grass on him. Guessing that he had not eaten breakfast, she invited him and Sun Xiaobai to eat together. Guan Yuqing simply toasted the bread and heated the milk. Sun Xiaobai and Xu Qingfeng were not used to eating.

They both cooked and cooked by themselves. Xu Qingfeng cooked Chinese breakfast, and Sun Xiaobai made exquisite western food. They both preached to each other about their own cooking. The breakfast was nutritious and gave a lot of opinions to the other party’s food. Guan Yuqing didn’t know how to choose for a while, so she had to eat the bread she baked.

Sun Xiaobai wanted to live in Guan Yuqing’s house temporarily as a spoiler. Before Guan Yuqing could answer, Xu Qingfeng protested strongly and gave Sun Xiaobai the opportunity to massage his injured finger. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo chose a four-bedroom wedding house and wanted to sell all the houses of both families. Guan Zhenlei had no right to sell his parents’ house, and the house was bought by Guan Yuqing. The real estate certificate indicated Yuqing’s name, Zhao Mei decided to find a good buyer to sign the contract and let Guan Zhenlei find a way to persuade them that if Guan Yuqing disagrees, he will have to pay a high penalty. Li Bei disagrees with what his parents did, but he can’t help them. Guan Yongnian always feels that he has been faintly disturbed recently. He never expected that his family would be worried about his house.

Zhang Ran discovered that Lin Jie and Xu Qingfeng were not eating together, so he asked Lin Jie curiously, but Lin Jie had to admit that they had broken up. Xu Qingfeng took a child named Yuanyuan, who suffered from congenital heart disease, and her father cruelly abandoned their mother and daughter. Xu Qingfeng felt the same way and asked for the operation to be performed publicly. Friends from the media were invited to report on the spot. Gao Jianling accompanied the media. The reporters watched the live surgery together.

Guan Yuqing and Guan Yuqing came to the suburban rental house to see their parents. They saw Guan Yongnian playing with drones alone in the garden. They were very distressed. Guan Yuqing wanted to take their parents to live with her. Guan Yuqing worried that Chen Zhijun would not agree. Guan Yuyun felt that Chen Zhijun would not object. When Liu Shuqi came back from shopping, she warmly greeted her two daughters to go home for dinner. Guan Yun took the opportunity to ask her parents to live in her house. The old couple naturally couldn’t ask for it, and immediately went home to pack their luggage.

Guan Yuyun sent a message to inform Chen Zhijun that he would buy something to go home after get off work and welcome his parents to move in. Chen Zhijun shuddered when he remembered living in his natal family when he was just married. At that time, Guan Yongnian made things difficult for him and chose him three choices.

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