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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 20 Recap

The queen mother suddenly came out to visit the white dragon envoy Wei Xiaobao and wanted to take Princess Jianning away from the palace. Wei Xiaobao worried that Princess Jianning would not endure the days of displacement. The queen mother asked Wei Xiaobao to take care of Princess Jianning, and then left the palace with tears.

Wei Xiaobao returned to the rudder of the Tiandihui Club and pried the nails on the coffin. He wanted to take out the scriptures inside. Suddenly Feng Xifan brought Zheng Keshuang to him. He hurriedly hid in the coffin. Chen Jinnan wanted to open the coffin. Zheng Keshuang and Feng Xifan jointly held Chen Jinnan and condemned him for betraying King Yanping. Chen Jinnan repeatedly explained that he fought with them. Wei Xiaobao suddenly jumped out of the coffin and fascinated Zheng Keshuang and Feng Xifan with incense ash. Eyes, took the opportunity to rescue Chen Jinnan.

Wei Xiaobao asked Jizhong to help Chen Jinnan wash his eyes. He shut Zheng Keshuang in the coffin and nailed the coffin to death. Zheng Keshuang repeatedly begged for mercy. Wei Xiaobao hurried to visit Chen Jinnan. Chen Jinnan helped Zheng Keshuang wash his eyes. Wei Xiaobao had to take them to the backyard and found that the nails of the coffin had been lifted and opened. Zheng Keshuang inside was long gone, and the second brother Guan was locked inside. He died of Feng Xifan’s red sand palm.

Chen Jinan wanted to go back to Taiwan to explain clearly to King Yanping, and wanted to persuade him and Qian Laoben not to take risks, so as not to be calculated by Zheng Keshuang, Chen Jinnan would not listen at all and wanted to be loyal to King Yanping. When Wei Xiaobao returned to the palace, he saw Pingxi King Wu Sangui sent Xia Guoxiang to intercede with the emperor. He repeatedly claimed that someone had framed Wu Sangui for rebellion and tried to cry poor for Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao learned that Xia Guoxiang was Wu Sangui’s son-in-law and mocked him.

The emperor called Wei Xiaobao aside alone. He had already seen Wu Sangui’s wolf ambitions and tried every means to ask for military pay. The emperor didn’t want to turn his face with him, and decided to marry Princess Jianning to Wu Yingxiong, and also named Prince Wu Yingxiong as Taibao so as to buy Wu Sangui. The emperor sent Wei Xiaobao as an envoy to the marriage and escorted Princess Jianning to Yunnan to get married. Xia Guo expressed gratitude to the emperor.

When Wei Xiaobao returned to the inn, Fat Tou Tuo and Lu Gaoxuan were very dissatisfied with him and urged him to find the scriptures as soon as possible, otherwise they would all be poisoned to death. Wei Xiaobao took out two scriptures, and they both felt a little relieved. Wei Xiaobao resigned with Jiu Nan, Jiu Nan promised to accompany him to Yunnan, Wei Xiaobao begged A Ke to go with him, Jiu Nan promised that A Ke deliberately burned it with hot water, Jiu Nan used a ruler to teach A Ke severely, Wei Xiaobao protects She held her hand and was screamed.

Prince Kang gave Wei Xiaobao a big mansion. Duolong, Prince Kang and Suo Etu took Wei Xiaobao to visit and set a banquet to celebrate him. Wei Xiaobao closed his mouth happily, drank a lot of wine in one breath, and finally became drunk. Unconscious. Wei Xiaobao came to greet the emperor when he woke up in the morning. The emperor guessed that he drank too much last night. Wei Xiaobao was about to go to Yunnan to send his relatives off and ask the emperor for tips.

Princess Jianning came to the emperor to intercede and did not want to marry Wu Yingxiong. Wei Xiaobao praised Wu Yingxiong so much. Princess Jianning didn’t believe it at all and slapped Wei Xiaobao severely. Princess Jianning agreed to marry Wu Yingxiong on the condition that Wei Xiaobao must stay in Yunnan to accompany him. He chatted, but the emperor resolutely disagreed. He lost a scripture and sent Wei Xiaobao to look for it. Princess Jianning admitted that he had given the scripture to the queen mother, and the emperor had no choice but to let Wei Xiaobao go back to make preparations. .

Wei Xiaobao took the family to leave the palace in a mighty morning. Princess Jianning wanted him to ride a carriage with him. Wei Xiaobao insisted on riding with him. On the way, Wei Xiaobao let the army rest on the spot. Xu Tianchuan, Qian Laoben and others thought that the official uniforms were inappropriate, and shouted around the guards. Nine Difficulties were very impatient. They called Wei Xiaobao over and asked him to tidy up.

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