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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 21 Recap

Wei Xiaobao hurried over to comfort Qian Laoben, Xu Tianchuan and the others, repeatedly stating that the official uniforms are all fixed quotas, and ordinary people are not qualified to wear them. They are not forgiving. Shuang’er feels very sorry for Wei Xiaobao. Give him a better idea. Wei Xiaobao is cold. Qian Laoben and the others were taught by his face severely before they were willing to give up.

Wei Xiaobao was dizzy by the noise, took the opportunity to say a few difficult words, complained of her lack of trim, and asked Ak to help her comb her hair. Fat Tou Tuo also felt that his clothes were inappropriate, and he was quarreling with the guards. Wei Xiaobao also reprimanded him and threatened him not to give him the antidote. Then Fat Tou Tuo calmed down.

The guards wanted to get on the road as soon as possible, but Wei Xiaobao was so angry that he punched and kicked them. Wei Xiaobao followed Shuang’er’s reminder and sent a circle of prestige, only to feel relieved. Princess Jianning ordered Jiu Nan and Ake to prepare footwashing water for her. They both continued to sit and meditate on the spot. Princess Jianning became angry and kicked them a few times, but they remained motionless.

Princess Jianning felt that the Nine Difficulties were very familiar, humiliated her in every possible way, and verbally attacked her. The Nine Difficulties raised her hand and punched her. Princess Jianning continued to verbally attacked her but was punched again. Princess Jianning came to Wei Xiaobao to complain. She was kind to her and took her to see the Nine Dilemmas. Wei Xiaobao had both sides and coaxed her to let Princess Jianning follow the nine dilemmas and learn the rules, and then ran away.

Princess Jianning was arrogant towards the Nine Difficulties and was beaten again. She could only bite the bullet and follow the nine difficulties and Ake’s female workers and manners. Princess Jianning was never able to lead the female workers. Not overlapping. Princess Jianning was angry and stopped learning. She went back to her tent overnight and saw that Fattouduo was convenient in the grass from a distance. She ordered him to kill the nine difficulties, and promised to reward him after the incident. Stomping, Princess Jianning was very annoyed, so she punched and kicked him, and Fat Tuo waved Princess Jianning into the pyre.

Wei Xiaobao came to find Princess Jianning at the place of nine difficulties, only to find out that she had been beaten away. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly took Ake out to find her, but found nothing. Finally found her in the pyre, and Princess Jianning spread all her anger. Wei Xiaobao was tied to a chair and wanted to elope with him in every possible way. Wei Xiaobao refused to do it. Princess Jianning took out a dagger to turn Wei Xiaobao into a true eunuch. Don’t want anyone she can’t get. Wei Xiaobao was too scared to beg for mercy.

Princess Jianning punished Wei Xiaobao to expose himself in the sun. She hid in a carriage and drank mung bean soup. She kept talking coldly. Thanks to the guards to relieve the siege, Wei Xiaobao learned that the Zhengzhou government officials were waiting in front, and immediately ordered the army to move out. Wei Xiaobao and his entourage stayed in the Zhengzhou government office. Princess Jianning sent someone to call Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao specially called for Qian Laoben and Xu Tianchuan to accompany him. Princess Jianning excused that the weather was too hot and only traveled 40 miles a day. Wei Xiaobao was worried about delaying the trip. , Wu Sangui would not spare him, but Princess Jianning was determined.

The prefect of Zhengzhou sent someone to send the sour plum soup to Princess Jianning. Princess Jianning rewarded Wei Xiaobao for a bowl. Wei Xiaobao waited for Qian Laoben and Xu Tianchuan to drink it. Soon, the three of them were fans of Mongolian sweat medicine in the soup. gosh. Princess Jianning sent someone to hang Wei Xiaobao naked by her bed, carrying a feather blanket and beating Wei Xiaobao, forcing him to confess the identity of the assassin who broke into the palace. Wei Xiaobao refused to confess.

Qian Laoben and Xu Tianchuan woke up in a daze, only to realize that Mongolian sweat medicine was in the sour plum soup, and they hurried to find Wei Xiaobao. Nine Difficulties and A Ke heard Wei Xiaobao’s screams, ignoring the obstruction of the maid, and went straight to the door of Princess Jianning’s room. They saw that Wei Xiaobao was humiliated, and Nine Difficulties pushed Ake into the room to save people, and Ake took Princess Jianning. He fainted and rescued Wei Xiaobao blindfolded. When Wei Xiaobao was about to escape, Princess Jianning suddenly woke up and hugged his leg. Wei Xiaobao yelled in fright.

Wei Xiaobao led the family-sending team to move forward. Princess Jianning ridiculed him along the way, and Wei Xiaobao could only swallow his breath. On this day, the family sent to the border of Yunnan and saw a sedan chair at the gate of the city from a distance. Wei Xiaobao went down to check and saw a monkey and a tortoise tied inside. Wei Xiaobao was puzzled.

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