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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 22 Recap

Wei Xiaobao felt that Wu Sangui wanted to disarm him and gritted his teeth with anger. At this moment, the city gate opened wide, and Wu Sangui personally brought someone to greet Princess Jianning. Wei Xiaobao hurried to call her, but no one answered in the carriage. Wei Xiaobao got on the carriage and saw Princess Jianning still screaming and sleeping. , He had to go to see Wu Sangui, wanting to pick him up.

Wu Sangui was full of praise for Wei Xiaobao’s great achievements and tried his best to get close to him. As soon as Wu Sangui raised his hand, several red silks were thrown off the city gate, and Wu Sangui took Wei Xiaobao’s hand into the city. Immediately afterwards, Wu Sangui took Wei Xiaobao to watch the training of the soldiers of the volunteer camp. He was stunned and read the emperor’s imperial decree on the spot. Wu Sangui and the civil and military officials hurriedly knelt down to accept the decree. Wei Xiaobao could not read, so he let Wu Sangui read it by himself.

Wu Sangui invited Wei Xiaobao to a banquet at the Pingxi Palace. Wei Xiaobao arrived on time. Wu Yingxiong took him to visit the Palace. Wei Xiaobao was amazed and felt more luxurious than the palace. When Wei Xiaobao saw Xia Guoxiang, he couldn’t help but think of the scene of him crying poor in Beijing. Mouthful. Wu Sangui sent someone to Yunnan’s most precious matsutake. Wei Xiaobao bluntly pointed out that Wu Sangui wanted to rebel and become emperor, but Wu Sangui denied it.

Wei Xiaobao was half-truth and half-fake joking with Wu Sangui. He ate and lived extremely luxuriously, and he would enjoy it more than the emperor. Wu Sangui claimed to be a princess to welcome the princess. He is usually very frugal. He wanted to set the wedding date of Jianning and Wu Yingxiong at the beginning Ten, Wei Xiaobao agreed to go back and ask Princess Jianning for instructions.

Wei Xiaobao looked at Wu Sangui, Wu Yingxiong and Xia Guoxiang were both murderous and hurriedly made excuses to leave. As soon as Wei Xiaobao returned to his residence, Yang Yizhi paid a visit and revealed to him Wu Sangui’s rebellion. Wei Xiaobao couldn’t wait to know the details. Yang Yizhi found out that the eyeliner of King Pingxi was covered here, and even the sweeping servant was suspicious. Yang Yizhi asked Wei Xiaobao to tomorrow Go to Yishan Tea House to meet and discuss in detail.

Wei Xiaobao came to the teahouse for the appointment on time, but Yang Yizhi was too late to arrive. He drank seven pots of tea in one breath. Seeing it was getting late, Wei Xiaobao had to go back to his residence first. Wei Xiaobao took out a large sum of money and sent two guards to bribe Wu Sangui’s men, trying to find out the whereabouts of Yang Yizhi. At this moment, Princess Jianning came to Wei Xiaobaoxing to inquire about the crime and ordered him to kill Wu Yingxiong before getting married, otherwise she would kill Wu Yingxiong on the day of her wedding. Wei Xiaobao was too disturbed and hurriedly found a chance to escape.

The guards came back drunk, and they found out that Yang Yizhi was locked up by Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao called Wu Yingxiong to discuss the marriage early in the morning. He also specially invited a theater troupe to join in the fun. He sang “Zhong Kui Marries Sister”. Wu Yingxiong was not interested in the play and leaned on a chair and fell asleep. Wei Xiaobao lied to be convenient , He hurried to the backyard and found that Yang Yizhi was rescued, but Wu Sangui had already ordered him to be put in a wine jar to become a man. Wei Xiaobao was sad and desperate to live, feeling that he had harmed Yang Yizhi.

Wei Xiaobao returned to the stage. Wu Yingxiong was awakened. Wei Xiaobao lied to see Princess Jianning. Princess Jianning was very concerned about Wu Yingxiong’s preferences. Wu Yingxiong was very happy and wanted to send gifts to please Princess Jianning.

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