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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 23 Recap

Wei Xiaobao brought Shuang’er to the teahouse to listen to a book. He learned that not only did Wu Sangui not forbid the teahouse to talk about “The Legend of the Heroes of the Ming Dynasty” recently, he himself often came to listen. Wei Xiaobao was puzzled. He came directly to Pingxi Palace and asked about listening to books in the teahouse. Wu Sangui denied it.

Wu Sangui brought Wei Xiaobao to the back garden. Wei Xiaobao saw that the place was full of guards and armed with weapons. Wei Xiaobao followed Wu Sangui to the chamber and found that the top chair was covered with white tiger skin. Wei Xiaobao opened his eyes and Wu Sangui also Wei Xiaobao showed off his collection of weapons one by one. There was a “Forty-Two Chapters” on it. Wei Xiaobao kept his eyes on the book.

Wu Sangui sent someone to send a large plate of birthday peaches and big tonic wine, whispering to the person who betrayed him, Wei Xiaobao shuddered, and deliberately dropped the glass of wine on the ground. Wu Sangui was half-truth and threatened Wei Xiaobao. After a while, I have to drink with Wei Xiaobao in the end.

Lu Gaoxuan pretended to be a servant to serve them food, and secretly gave Wei Xiaobao an antidote. After drinking, Wei Xiaobao came to Lu Gaoxuan to settle the account, complaining that he was too late to send the antidote. Lu Gaoxuan kept sending the scriptures back to Shenlong Island. Only then did Lord Hong give the antidote to them. Lu Gaoxuan pretended to be a servant and rushed to Pingxi Palace to give it to Wei Xiaobao. Lu Gaoxuan was very aggrieved to blame the antidote for being too salty.

Wei Xiaobao took the scripture back and asked Shuang’er to sew a piece of blue silk between the yellow silk that contained the scriptures. Early the next morning, Wei Xiaobao came to Pingxi Palace to preach the emperor’s secret decree. Wei Xiaobao claimed that Shang Kexi and Geng Jinzhong were going to rebel. The emperor sent Wu Sangui to counter the rebellion. Wu Sangui fully agreed. Wei Xiaobao liked a foreign gun, and Wu Sangui hurried to get him one.

With a pistol, Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to swap Shuang’er’s forged scriptures with Wu Sangui’s. Wei Xiaobao picked up the pistol and pulled the trigger. Wu Sangui was so scared that he blocked his ears. Wei Xiaobao was so scared that he hid under the table. Wu Sangui gave the pistol to Wei Xiaobao and gave it to Wei Xiaobao. The scriptures were given to him together, and Wei Xiaobao pretended to refuse and only took the pistol.

Wei Xiaobao finally collected eight “forty-two chapters”, and he asked Shuang’er to put together the treasure map. Princess Jianning sent someone to find Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao rushed over and gave the pistol to Princess Jianning. Princess Jianning was not interested. At this moment, the guards hurriedly came to report, and they found a few sneaky people in the small wood next to their residence, with igniting Glauber’s salt and other combustibles on their bodies.

The woods caught fire soon, and the guards hurried to put out the fire. Wu Yingxiong and Xia Guoxiang came to see what was going on. Wei Xiaobao knew at a glance that this was carefully planned by them. Wu Yingxiong repeatedly defended and wanted Princess Jianning to move away as soon as possible. Called Wu Yingxiong, Wu Yingxiong hurried over to check and learned that the house was scorched.

The princess sent someone to invite Wu Yingxiong, and Wu Yingxiong hurried in to see him. Duke Jianning mainly thanked him for his life-saving grace and invited him to sit on the bed. Wu Yingxiong walked in tremblingly.

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