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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 7 Recap

Ji Xiaoou returned to the store and did not wait for strictness. Every day, she was absent-minded. At this time, Fang Niya asked Ji Xiaoou if she had confirmed the relationship with strictness and then disappeared. Zhan Yu heard that Ji Xiaoou and Yan Jinghao had broken the teacup in his heart. Zhan Yu hurried to pick it up and cut his hand. Ji Xiaoou quickly bandaged Zhan Yu. Zhan Yu and Ji Xiaoou said that rigor is a carefree person. Don’t believe in rigor. , Ji Xiaoou hurriedly said that she was rigorous and knew that she herself interrupted Zhan Yu’s words.

Fang Niya asked Ji Xiaoou to call Yan Jing and ask him why he didn’t see anyone, but Yan Jing said that he was on a business trip and hung up the phone when he went back to look for her a few days later. This made Ji Xiaoou feel uncomfortable.

Ji Xiaoou went to the father’s hospital and continued to deliver medicine to Zhanyu’s mother. At this time, his father asked him how his relationship with Strict was? Ji Xiaoou didn’t know how to answer and left silently. Fang Niya called Ji Xiaoou to discuss how to do a surprise check to see if he was really on a business trip, so Ji Xiaoou went to the strict house. At this time, Mei Sister opened the door and saw that it was Ji Xiaoou and called strict over. The thought that Yan Jing told Little Beauty that she was just the owner of the coffee shop wolf, which made Ji Xiaoou somewhat unacceptable and turned and left.

Ji Xiaoou wanted to wait for a rigorous explanation after returning home, but never waited. Suddenly, two customers in the shop said there were nails in the cake when they were eating cakes. Ji Xiaoou was in a bad mood and drove them away.

Since this incident, Ji Xiaoou’s shop has been deserted, and they have given them a lot of negative reviews on the Internet. Zhan Yu said that it was the ghost of the two customers last time? Ji Xiaoou was also locked outside in the shop. Someone called Ji Xiaoou in the middle of the night and said that the pajamas she was wearing were really good-looking, which frightened Ji Xiaoou.

The next day, Ji Xiaoou asked Lao Feng and Zhan Yu to talk about it. Lao Feng asked if they had offended someone? Zhan Yu said that only the two guests from last time wanted to squander the money, and there were no other people. At this time, Zhan Yu said that he might as well protect Ji Xiaoou in the store. Back to the interrogation room, Zhao Tinghui asked Ji Xiaoou if he was very angry when he watched Ji Xiaoou and Zhan Yu get better. It may be Zhan Yu.

The little beauty takes care of her in a rigorous home. The little beauty said that Brother Duan did not offend others, and that it might be caused by the enemy, but now that someone has been asked to investigate, the person who shot the gun will be found. Rigorously took advantage of the little beauty to send a message to Ji Xiaoou. At this time, Liu Wei went to ask that his recovery was good. When the little beauty changed the medicine to Rigorous, Liu Wei said that he suspected that the shooter was not their enemy, but someone.

Carefully arranged, judging from the bullet’s aperture, he is a master sniper, and the first shot was not aimed at Mei Jie and hit the flowers, the second shot was aimed at Mei Jie. At this time, he stood up and showed the scars on his body to Liu Wei. . He was injured in the army. The most serious bullet was only a few centimeters from the heart. He has experienced life and death. Since then, he has left the anti-narcotics police team. He wants to live well. The little beauty told Liu Wei not to Talking nonsense, Yan Jing almost died in order to save her, so Liu Wei hurriedly said that he had to find the person who shot.

Strictly seeing Ji Xiaoou call him, he went to wash his hands and listened indirectly. After a few simple words, he turned off on a business trip. When Little Beauty and Rigorous ate, they said that Liu Wei was so cautious for her sake, but he and Liu Wei can only be the relationship between brother and sister. After all, there is a generation difference between them.

Mei sister said that Brother Duan and she are I met in the bathing center, where Mei Jie was working at the time, every time Brother Duan went there would order her, but she never did anything to her, until one time a person almost stabbed that person to death when he was wronged by him. Strictly ask if she married Brother Duan later? Mei Jie said that Brother Duan is a person who can’t get married. Mei Jie said that she looked rigorous and looked like Brother Duan very much, emphasizing love and righteousness. At this time, she rigorously took Mei Jie’s hand and said that he liked Sister Mei at first sight After going to Mei Jie, the two people were in an ambiguous relationship.

In order to live up to Ji Xiaoou’s strictness, Ji Xiaoou never broke through the physical forbidden area with Mei Jie, but what he worried most still happened. After Ji Xiaoou went to knock on his door that day, after Strictly returned, he could only tell the beautiful sister that Ji Xiaoou was a person who pursued him. After the beautiful sister heard that she was going to return to the company, Strict knew that the beautiful sister had no expression on the surface, but her heart must be turbulent , Strictly regretted getting Ji Xiaoou involved in this battle.

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