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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 8 Recap

Zhan Yu wanted to accompany Ji Xiaoou in the store, holding a cushion to sleep downstairs, Ji Xiaoou was afraid of where Zhan Yu was sleeping, so he pulled him to sleep on the sofa upstairs. At night, Zhan Yu asked Ji Xiaoou about her and Qin Li What happened to Chuan? Did the rigor hurt Ji Xiaoou? Why does rigor never appear? If strictness dares to hurt Ji Xiaoou Zhan Yu will not let go of strictness, Ji Xiaoou wants Zhan Yu not to think too much, but Zhan Yu said that strictness is a playboy, and said to Ji Xiaoou that he will never hurt Ji Xiaoou.

Ji Xiaoou recalled that although they were very happy to be accompanied by Zhan Yu in those days, Ji Xiaoou’s heart was full of rigor. Ji Xiaoou knew that he had fallen in love with rigor hopelessly. Ji Xiaoou was angry that he became the person he hated most. .

In the middle of the night, Ji Xiaoou hurried out to watch the noise. Zhan Yu was fighting with a man, and it was this person who was sabotaging Ji Xiaoou’s shop. Ji Xiaoou told him to let him go. Returning to the room, Ji Xiaoou and Zhan Yu said that she knew who sent this person to make trouble, so they talked about the beautiful sister who saw Zhan Yu when she went to the strict house, and then Zhan Yu took out the photo of her mobile phone to show Ji Xiaoou, Ji Xiaoou I recognized Mei Sister at a glance. Zhan Yu said that he had taken pictures in a musician’s toilet before, but I was afraid that Ji Xiaoou was sad and never showed her. The pictures above were the pictures of Mei Sister and Jing Xi. Zhan Yu and Ji Xiaoou said Don’t think about being rigorous, forget about him.

Fang Niya and Ji Xiaoou said that she had found someone to check the details of Little Beauty. She was the boss of a company and should have business dealings with Rigor. Ji Xiaoou couldn’t just let it go so easily. She had to find rigor to discuss an explanation. But Zhan Yu didn’t want Ji Xiaoou and the others to go, but Fang Niya couldn’t swallow this breath and insisted that Ji Xiaoou go to the little beauty to settle the account.

Fang Niya asked Lao Feng to drive them to Rigorous’s house. She happened to see Little Beauty and Rigorous playing ball, so Ji Xiaoou directly asked the little beauty who made trouble in her store if it was sent by Little Beauty? Fang Niya was also asking the little beauty how shameless she was robbing someone else’s boyfriend, and she told Ji Xiaoou how he would like a woman like Ji Xiaoou. Ji Xiaoou had always been rigorous and hoped that Ji Xiaoou would not pester him. Ji Xiaoou was extremely calm on the way back, as if he had erased the rigor.

When Ji Xiaoou’s shop was about to close, a group of people rushed in and smashed the shop, telling Ji Xiaoou not to be rigorous, otherwise she would be rude to her. Zhan Yu watched someone threaten Ji Xiaoou and started to protect Ji Xiaoou, but he was not so much. Human opponents, at this time Lao Feng rushed to beat them away.

Ji Xiaoou looked at the scene in front of him and ran to Little Beauty’s company. He happened to see that Xi was there, so he picked up the cue and smashed it, and told Ji Xiaoou rigorously that the coffee shop was broken. He gave the money, but Ji Xiaoou called rigorous control Don’t bother her with your own woman. If you want to kill her next time, Liu Wei went in and asked Ji Xiaoou to give an explanation. The little beauty asked Liu Wei to let Ji Xiaoou go back.

Ji Xiaoou went back and looked at the unbearable shop, thinking that all his five years of hard work was ruined. Sitting alone in the shop, thinking of her grandmother as a child, and remembering all these years of experience, Fangya entered, and Ji Xiaoou watched her finally There was someone who could hug and depend on and cried.

Zhao Tinghui asked Ji Xiaoou why Zhan Yu took photos of Little Beauty in such a high-end clubhouse? It is impossible for him to enter there as Zhan Yu, and Zhan Yu saw that Ji Xiaoou went to find the little beauty and refused to let him go, and according to his personality, he should go with Ji Xiaoou. Old Feng went. Why didn’t Zhan Yu go? This is what Zhan Yu knows what the little beauty is and he dare not go, which makes Ji Xiaoou feel a little strange.

Rigorous went to find the little beauty. Liu Wei was there at this time. He saw that Rigorous had gone and walked away. Rigorous quickly explained to Mei Sister that he and Ji Xiaoou had nothing to do. The little beauty asked him if his injury was all right, and held a thank-you banquet. When many people confirmed their relationship with Little Beauty, Little Beauty did not refuse. Afterwards, she pretended to be drunk and went to the toilet to monitor their conversation. At this time, she saw Zhan Yu appear in the hotel, and she pulled Zhan Yu aside and told him not to Tell me what happened tonight, but Zhan Yu told me that he would not listen to me. The picture Zhan Yu showed Ji Xiaoou was taken at that time.

When Strict was monitoring Little Beauty, she knew she was still attacking Ji Xiaoou, so Strict wanted to see Ji Xiaoou. Unexpectedly, the Little Beauty sent someone to follow him. Strict can only stay away from Ji Xiaoou.

After Lao Cheng and Yan Jing met, Jing said that it was because of him that Little Beauty had been looking for Ji Xiaoou’s troubles. This was also the test of Little Beauty’s rigorousness. It would be fine if she could get through this barrier.

During the monitoring, Yanji heard that the little beauty sent someone to smash Ji Xiaoou’s shop. When Yanji wanted to drive there, the little beauty called Yanji and told him to go to the office. When Yanji went in, she saw the little beauty playing that she sent someone to smash the Ji Xiaoou shop. The little beauty said that she was afraid that Ji Xiaoou would find serious trouble again, so she would find someone to smash it. Back to the interrogation room, Yan Jing told Zhao Tinghui that he never wanted to go back to the past more than then

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