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749 Bureau (2020)

749 Bureau (2020) – The movie “749 innings” is the latest masterpiece written and directed by director Lu Chuan. It tells a bloody story of a teenager growing up. The film was inspired by the director ’s work experience in the 749 inning after graduating from Luchuan Military Academy. It has suspicious and intense adventure stories, bloody action scenes, the core of the story of teenage growth, and romantic plot elements. The young actor is a film that pays equal attention to commercial type and emotional elements. It is also a youthful work that pays tribute to his teenager and his generation.

749 Bureau (2020)
Also known as: 
Genre(s): Fantasy, Action
Country: China
Release: 2020
Starring: Karry Wang, Vivi Miao, Ryan Zheng, Li Chen, Janine Chang

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