Chinese Plot

Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 7 Recap

Shao Zui received a call from Ji Qiu and drove to the designated location to rescue Qibao and Ji Qiu who were trapped in the construction cement floor. Shao Zui deliberately pulled Qibao away and asked Ji Qiu to call his brother to beg himself. Ji Qiu’s arrogant personality When stepping on the mud, she was looking for Shao Zui to settle accounts, but the cement churned her shoes, and Shao Zui fell under her to catch her. As a result, both of them got dirty. Shao Zui walked back tragically with Ji Qiu and Qibao on his back. Ji Qiu heard Ji Yanxin habitually call Qi Nian’s name that night, but only referred to his sister as Yangcheng Lake. Shao Zui felt that perhaps Qi Nian was the one who could change Ji Yanxin.

Gu Qingwu’s cartoons have always maintained the top ranking by absorbing talented newcomers and hitting the charts. Gu Qingwu hopes to cultivate and promote newcomers, but editor Xiao accepts newcomers only to suppress their limelight, not to cultivate they. Pei Siqi sent the application draft to Rongpin Company, and his solid style is very eye-catching. He accidentally got two tickets to Gu Qingwu’s meeting and hurriedly called to make an appointment. As a result, Qi Nian not only stayed at Ji Yanxin’s house, but also refused the invitation by calling Ji Yanxin. Hearing that Pei Siqi said he was the black-hearted boss who squeezed employees, Ji Yanxin didn’t know where the anger came from, and forced Qi Nian to stay at home to accompany him to attend the event tomorrow. Pei Siqi always felt that the boss’s voice was familiar.

Ji Yanxin came to cut the ribbon for the opening of the bookstore, but Qi Nian wore Peppa Pig’s doll costume as the background board. Ji Yanxin accidentally swallowed medicine in the morning and his head became groggy. Qi Nian put Peppa’s headgear on him and pulled him away secretly. Ji Yanxin was not dizzy at all but sleepy. Qi Nian accidentally smashed the medicine bottle on the ground to confuse the antipyretic and short-acting sleeping pills. Ji Yanxin, who had only taken the medicine half an hour ago, has now reached the onset of efficacy. Ji Yanxin asked Qi Nian to chat with himself and stimulated him. Of course, Ji Yanxin didn’t believe the falsehoods like cheating. Qi Nian began to introduce his own affairs and family background, and Ji Yanxin fell asleep just like that.

Pei Siqi came to the comic exhibition meeting alone but was mistaken by Gu Qingwu as a fan of various ambiguities. In the question session, she asked about her debut work “The Other Shore of Clouds” under the pseudonym Qiyue Qingwu. Gu Qingwu explained that this work is just The company has studied what the judges like to create, but it does not really represent its true creative style. Pei Siqi watched her reply like this, and burst the balloon angrily in protest. He stood up and questioned whether “The Other Side of Cloud” was her work, and none of her subsequent works had a higher rating than “The Other Side of Cloud”. The style of painting has also begun to change. She is basically a liar who relies on gunmen to paint and deceive the world.

Qi Nian babblingly looked at Ji Yanxin who was asleep, and said that he was actually a cartoonist, now under the pen name “Qi Zai”, but the pen name used to be “Qingyue Qingwu”. Pei Siqi was chased by bodyguards all the way to hide into the opposite building. He asked Qi Nian for help to save himself. Ji Yanxin, who got up from the ground soberly, turned and looked at the boy opposite the window and called out the name “Siqi”.

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