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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 39 Recap

Zhao Zhiyong hadn’t noticed Gu Yaodong’s strangeness, but he still chattered in front of him, nothing more than his original intention of being a policeman and the belief between the two. Gu Yaodong talked absently, pulling on the clothes vigorously. Seeing the female liaison officer coming from a distance, pulling hard in a hurry, finally pulled back the clothes, staggered a few steps forward and pounced on Zhao Zhiyong, making him think that Gu Yaodong was there. Take the initiative to embrace yourself, and then respond enthusiastically.

Just when Zhao Zhiyong was full of joy and determined that he and Gu Yaodong had regained their original friendship, Gu Yaodong was never expected to show estrangement again, and a few simple words made their relationship seem familiar and unfamiliar. Familiarity is due to the length of time, and strangeness is due to different beliefs. They are never the same kind of people.

Leaving the police station building, Gu Yaodong eagerly found Shen Qinghe and mentioned the kidnapper who was shot in the lung. After the incident, Shen Qinghe took the phone note copied by Gu Yaodong to find Lao Dong, and learned that the kidnapper had been transferred to the Dashi Clinic during Lao Dong’s investigation. The police committee members pretended to be patients and went to visit, but the inspection department blocked the door and was not allowed to enter unless they showed a pass with Wang Keda’s private seal.

As the off-duty time of the police station arrived, the officers of Xingyi Division left one after another. Gu Yaodong pretended to sort out the documents. Yu Guang glanced at Wang Keda’s office and saw that he put all the documents and seals in his briefcase. Wang Keda was going to a banquet after get off work, so there was still two hours before the end of the meeting. Shen Qinghe didn’t have time to inform the action team and simply went with Gu Yaodong. The two stood in the bookstore and saw Wang Keda drive away, and immediately walked towards his apartment building.

Shen Qinghe was responsible for entering the house to find a seal. Gu Yaodong was watching the wind outside. There was no problem on the street. The building was calm. How did he know that Wang Keda’s clothes were dirty with the child’s ice cream, so he temporarily turned around and changed his clothes. At the moment, Shen Qinghe was still concentrating on opening the safe in the house. Gu Yaodong found Wang Keda’s car was parked downstairs, and hurriedly knocked on the door in the form of a secret signal to inform him. sentence.

After answering the doubts of the male neighbor, Gu Yaodong left in his strange gaze. During this time, he tore off the salted fish on the balcony and took out a few newspapers to wrap it up. When he left, he did not forget to put some money in the crack of the door, and finally ran down. floor. As soon as Wang Keda walked to the entrance of the apartment building, he saw Gu Yaodong, and he seemed a bit stunned.

Hearing that Gu Yaodong came here to make amends for presenting gifts, Wang Keda was a little puzzled and couldn’t help but sneer and ridicule. Unexpectedly, Gu Yaodong was still reluctant and entangled all the way until Wang Keda took the gift impatiently, and opened the layers of newspapers in twos, revealing two very familiar salted fish.

Thinking about the sabotage of a punishment site two years ago because of Gu Yaodong’s two salted fish, Wang Keda was furious, and directly threw the salted fish to the ground, and walked toward the house in anger. Considering that Shen Qinghe had not yet come out, Gu Yaodong moved out the names of Qi Shengping and Zhong Baiming on the spot. Wang Keda was originally dissatisfied with Qi Shengping’s sudden suspension of the investigation of Gu Yaodong. Now these words clearly angered him, so he rushed back and grabbed Gu Yaodong’s clothes. collar.

Just as Wang Keda waved his fist, he did not expect Shen Qinghe to come over from the stairwell. The two turned their heads and looked at them with surprise. Passers-by passed by and looked sideways. Coupled with Shen Qinghe’s kind words of apology, Wang Keda could only let go of Gu Yaodong with his anger, then went in and put on clean clothes, and he locked his briefcase in the safe without worry.

Shen Qinghe took Gu Yaodong away and walked to the corner before discussing the next plan. Because the First Division has gun shooting training every Monday, the police comrades plan to take action during this period. Wang Keda will certainly not let Gu Yaodong participate. Gu Yaodong only needs to stay in the office to answer the phone and respond immediately.

Before the shooting training, Wang Keda went to the clinic to check the kidnapper’s situation. However, the kidnapper was still awake, almost exhausting all Wang Keda’s patience, and he wished to order the doctor to use all strong medicine. After all, the kidnappers were the people of the inspection department. Director Tao had long been unable to understand Wang Keda’s arrogance, so he quarreled with him to no avail.

Two members of the police committee’s action team came to the Dashi Clinic, posing as a police officer of the torture unit with all the procedures, and transferred the kidnappers in time on the grounds of Chief Wang’s secret order. At first, the police officer in charge of guarding the kidnappers had some doubts and wanted to call Wang Keda for instructions. However, there was no one in the office, and the other police officers were not there. Only Gu Yaodong was in front of the phone and asked three questions. Later, the police officers learned that the Communist Party, Youth Gang and Shang Rongsheng had checked the address of the clinic and realized that the situation was serious, so they stopped thinking about it and watched the other party take away the kidnappers.

Zhong Baiming stood outside Xingyi’s door and eavesdropped, but Gu Yaodong just answered the phone normally. Gu Yaodong returned to Fu’an Lane, and Shen Qinghe was waiting in the living room with uncontrollable excitement on his face. Although it was only a small action this time, she was even more excited than carrying out the mission of a life of nine deaths, especially when Gu Yaodong considered that Shen Qinghe’s danger was relieved, couldn’t help but be extremely happy.

Just as the two of them talked more and more happily, they almost hugged each other, and the four Gu family came back from the outside clamoring. Everyone was stunned at first, then drew away with interest, busy with their own affairs, leaving Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe in place, a little embarrassing.

Newspapers quickly published photos of the kidnapper who was taken by the police committee and five photos of the kidnappers Gu Yaodong found from He Zuxing’s home, and then exposed the activities of the Shanghai Police Department and the Inspection Office. Ding Naisheng’s angry sound of smashing things came from the Ding’s foreign-style building. Ding Fang looked at the newspaper without showing any joy or anger on her face. She was not surprised at the arrival of this day.

In Qi Shengping’s office, the radio was still broadcasting news that made him restless. The Garrison Command and the Bureau of Finance called the Director one after another. First they attacked him, then Director Duan attacked Qi Shengping. In the end, Wang Keda was not in the police station and Zhong Baiming became Qi Shengping’s punching bag.

The clinic was in a mess at the moment, and the members of the inspection department who were in charge of guarding did not dare to say anything until Chief Tao was angry and immediately informed the ins and outs. Due to the great impact of the matter, the Garrison Command handed over the mess to the inspection department to solve it. Director Tao’s public revenge was counted together, and Wang Keda was also labeled as a commonality.

Facing the besieged by dozens of inspectors, Wang Keda was obviously a little flustered, and his arrogance was not as arrogant as in the past. He raised his pistol and retreated to the car, and drove back to the police station to find Qi Shengping for help. At this clock, Baiming found out that Wang Keda had arbitrarily advocated the transfer of the kidnappers, and he realized Wang Keda’s unfriendliness from the day he was transferred to the Shanghai Police Station, so he decided to take advantage of this unfriendliness and promptly find Guo from Tongde Hospital.

Last name doctor. Sure enough, under Dr. Guo’s dissatisfied complaint, Qi Shengping also began to wonder whether Wang Keda’s identity, including the rescue of Shang Rongsheng from the illicit Communist Party, was related to Wang Keda.

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