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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 40 Recap

The atmosphere in the deputy chief’s office was freezing, mainly because Wang Keda suddenly appeared. He looked at the expressions of Qi Shengping and Zhong Baiming, and quickly realized that his situation in the police station was going to be bad. After all, Wang Keda was an old police officer who followed from the Mailan arrest house to the present. Qi Shengping always had some affection for him, so he agreed to three days of investigation to prove his innocence.

Wang Keda went back to Xingyi and dialed several phone calls in succession, wanting to be entrusted with mediation. However, those friends who used to be brothers and brothers all avoided the wind and did not dare to communicate with the police chief who had common rumors. Now that Qi Shengping’s attitude is obvious, the police station seems to be unable to count on it. Even the punishment is falling into the ground. Wang Keda noticed that he was being followed, slammed on the accelerator and slammed off the three inspection vehicles, and drove to the apartment.

After packing up all his belongings, Wang Keda hurriedly left with his luggage and keys. When passing by the door of the neighbor’s house, he happened to find that the salted fish hanging on the balcony was very familiar. He suddenly remembered the scene where Gu Yaodong gave the gift and the scene that came out from nowhere. Shen Qinghe. After connecting a few things, Wang Keda suddenly realized that he simply hid in the old place on Jinling East Road, installed the phonograph in the room to monitor, and deployed the next plan.

Nowadays, there are more and more rumors about Wang Keda’s commonality in the police station. Almost everyone has determined that the evidence is conclusive. Otherwise, with his ability, it is impossible for anyone to successfully steal the smuggling seal, unless it is the legendary “Birch”. There was a lot of discussion in the Second Penalty Division. Gu Yaodong sat next to him and laughed from time to time, thinking of the word “Baihua” and even a little proud, but Zhao Zhiyong was still depressed.

After eating, Police Officer Liu received a call from Wang Keda and originally wanted to hang up, but Wang Keda pointed out to look for Gu Yaodong and said that he had evidence of stealing his personal seal. Gu Yaodong didn’t think much about it, but believed it to be true, agreed with him a time and place to meet, and then walked back to Fu’an Lane in despair.

At this time, the Fu’an alley was smoking and the Gu family was preparing dinner in full swing. Shen Qinghe personally cooked and brought out a large bowl of braised pork from the stove, which seemed to be in a good mood. From opening the table to eating, to tidying up the dishes, even when going to the balcony to cool clothes, still smiling.

Seeing that she was like this, Gu Yaodong didn’t want to disturb her interest. He simply hid the words in his heart, and then asked about the details of the day the seal was stolen, including whether he left any omissions. Shen Qinghe had some doubts, but he answered truthfully, not only taking protective measures during the period, but also checking again before leaving.

That night, Gu Yaodong wrote a note under the small table lamp, picked out the largest wrench from his father’s toolbox and put it into his bag, and arrived at the phone booth opposite the Xinxin flower shop on time the next day. Wang Keda observed the situation of the phone booth from the window and made sure that Gu Yaodong was not leading anyone, so he dialed the phone and directed him to meet at Huasen’s apartment.

The room has been cleaned up by Wang Keda, with soft music playing on the record. Gu Yaodong sat on the sofa stiffly, watching Wang Keda sitting across from him like an old friend and meeting. He first talked about his relationship with this apartment, and then straight to the point, directly revealing the identity between Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe, and the thief. The process of getting private chapters.

In the face of Wang Keda’s persistence, Gu Yaodong calmed down and continued to maintain the rhetoric of giving gifts to apologize. During the period, Wang Keda turned off the music, and there were only two people talking in the empty room. Gu Yaodong noticed the abnormality. He quickly walked to the phonograph while the concierge rounded the room and asked him. He really found a small button behind him. Press down the mechanism in the same way as Xia Jicheng, revealing the tape recorder running inside.

Wang Keda sent the concierge to leave, and saw Gu Yaodong still sitting on the sofa. Seeing that he refused to admit it, he simply brought out the false evidence that “footprints were found”. Gu Yaodong determined that the other party was lying and didn’t care at all. He even planned to use the tape recorder to avoid suspicion. As a result, Wang Keda was exhausted and took out his pistol.

At the same time, Shen Qinghe found the note left by Gu Yaodong and quickly changed into casual clothes. The police station couldn’t find Wang Keda’s trace. This action was tantamount to absconding with the fear of crime. Qi Shengping could not excuse him again, and finally issued a wanted order.

Officer Liu didn’t want to report on the phone, but considering that Wang Keda was already a criminal, he quickly explained the situation to Zhong Baiming. Police officers from the first and second punishment units hurriedly set off and went to arrest the people according to the investigating address. Shen Qinghe was waiting outside the police station and quietly drove the truck to follow, but after they left, two nearby inspection vehicles followed.

Due to the delay in prying out useful information, Wang Keda lost control of his emotions completely. He decided to kill Gu Yaodong on the spot and put him on the common hat. A few sharp police whistles happened to be heard from outside. Gu Yaodong took advantage of Wang Keda’s distraction and snatched the pistol in time. The two pulled the trigger towards the ceiling during the fight.

The crisp gunfire echoed in the air, pedestrians screamed and fled, and the streets were in chaos. Zhong Baiming instructed all the police officers to separate and outflank. Shen Qinghe sat in the car and forced himself to calm down, staring at the outside. With several gunshots spreading out one after another, Xing Er locked the exact position and ran towards the Huasen apartment in the distance.

Wang Keda was already red-eyed, and tried his best to pull the muzzle towards Gu Yaodong. Seeing the emergency, Gu Yaodong took out a wrench behind him and hit Wang Keda’s head. He took the opportunity to escape the door, and happened to run upstairs The second police officers. Regardless of the blood, Wang Keda assembled the rifle and hid on the roof, hysterically shooting at Gu Yaodong frantically, even if innocent pedestrians were injured, he just turned a blind eye.

The hurried crowd separated Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe. The two looked at each other, and finally Gu Yaodong left in the opposite direction, deliberately leading Wang Keda to an unmanned path. Chief Tao led the team members to come first. With an order, Wang Keda was shot all over his body and slowly fell in front of everyone, with blood flowing everywhere.

The gunfire echoed for a long time, and the dust settled until it dispersed. Shen Qinghe stood at the intersection in a daze, not daring to take a step forward, lest he see the most scared scene, but fortunately, a familiar figure appeared at the end of the intersection, making her unable to hold her emotions anymore, and rushed to hug the other party and cry bitterly.

The reunion after the rest of the catastrophe is both fortunate and sad. In short, it feels like everything. On the way back to Fu’an Lane, Shen Qinghe got angry while driving, and angrily rebuked Gu Yaodong for advocating, and didn’t regard her as a partner at all. Even though Gu Yaodong was being trained in the passenger seat, his heart was still sweet, knowing that the woman in front of him cared about him.

Gu Yaodong apologized with a guilty conscience, and at the same time couldn’t help but mumble a few words, he hadn’t noticed that the car was getting slower and slower. Before he could say anything, Shen Qinghe stopped the truck and suddenly took him to kiss him. Time seemed to stand still, and the surroundings were beautiful and warm. Even the sunlight hitting the glass was glowing with a dreamlike colorful halo.

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