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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 2 Recap

Gu Manlu quarreled with her mother, and her mother asked her not to say such annoyed words anymore. At the beginning, there were siblings and younger brothers and sisters. After Gu Manzhen came back and saw it, he took the earmuffs to make Gu Manlu happy, told her about Zhang Yujin, and arranged for Zhang Yujin and Gu Manlu to meet. Gu Manlu told Gu Manzhen not to be nosy, because it was impossible for him to reconnect with Zhang Yujin.

After Gu Manlu went downstairs, her mother nagged her to see Zhang Yujin. Zhang Yujin is unmarried now, maybe she will marry her again. Gu Manlu was angry, and asked her mother not to continue nagging. Gu Manzhen also leaned forward and said a few more words, telling Gu Manlu not to pour dirty water on her body. The more she talked about it, Gu Manlu became more and more vigorous. Gu Manlu thought everyone disliked her and was very angry. ,

Slapped Gu Manzhen. The mother took Gu Manlu and pointed out that she shouldn’t hit Gu Manzhen. Grandma was also alarmed, came out and pointed at her mother, who cried out that she was also wronged. Gu Manlu couldn’t stand it, so she slapped herself several times in front of her mother and grandma, and then left home. Gu Manlu believes that the road of life will always take a detour, and only in this way can we grow up.

Gu Manzhen looked for Gu Manlu everywhere, and had no choice but to go to Paramount, and met someone arranged by Zhu Hongcai to molest him. Zhu Hongcai pretended to be a hero to save the United States, and accompanied Gu Manzhen all the way. When Gu Manzhen wanted to leave, Zhu Hongcai tricked him into the car and moved his hands on Gu Manzhen. Fortunately, Gu Manlu showed up with a brick and beat Zhu Hongcai away. Gu Manlu knew that only Gu Manzhen in this world treated herself sincerely, and the two went home together arm in arm.

Xu Shuhui called Shen Shijun to tell him to understand the rules of worshiping the dock. In the name of Shen Shijun, he invited the factory supervisor, Director Ma, to have a meal, so that Shen Shijun should also learn something, but Shen Shijun was not very good at drinking, and he didn’t know how to flatter him. Xu Shuhui helped him round it up, but Xu Shuhui was so drunk that he accidentally said that the one who was leaving the office was Gu Manzhen. Shen Shijun was unhappy after hearing this, and thought it was a victory.

Paramount came to Li Yujin, the young master of Hang Seng Bank, and Gu Manlu took the initiative to teach him dancing. Gu Manzhen asked Gu Manlu not to put on heavy makeup and meet Zhang Yujin calmly. Gu Manlu said that every time a woman is in love, she is screened. She is already scared, and she has no love at her age. Gu Manzhen encouraged Gu Manlu to feel different at each stage and gave her the courage to let her meet Zhang Yujin. Even if the two of them couldn’t go back in time, it was good to be able to speak clearly.

Shen Shijun sent Morodan to Xu Shuhui, sarcastically that he shouldn’t make fun of his life. Xu Shuhui said that he had no family to rely on, and could only use his life to gain a better future. He couldn’t understand the reason why Shen Shijun left home for shelter and went here alone. Shen Shijun was helpless. He didn’t want to be a person like his elder brother. He was imprisoned by the arrangement of the family, and there was no freedom to lead to depression. Shen Shijun hoped Xu Shuhui would help to keep Gu Manzhen, but Xu Shuhui said that there was no way.

Gu Manlu figured it out. She was going to see Zhang Yujin in her winning clothes, and she encountered Zhu Hongcai’s entanglement on the way. In order for Gu Manlu to meet Zhang Yujin, Gu Manzhen wanted to drag Zhu Hongcai to shop, but Gu Manlu didn’t agree and got into Zhu Hongcai’s car. Gu Manzhen only saw Zhang Yujin alone, hoping that he would not leave, Zhang Yujin handed the pre-written letter to Gu Manzhen. Zhu Hongcai threatened Gu Manlu not to look for her old friend with Shi Jingxuan behind her back. Zhu Hongcai pretended to have a stomachache, went to harass Gu Manzhen, and also snatched the letter from her and tricked her into the car.

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