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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 3 Recap

Gu Manzhen talked back to Zhu Hongcai in the car. Zhu Hongcai got the driver out of the car and moved his hands to Gu Manzhen in the car. Shen Shijun happened to see him. Shen Shijun smashed Zhu Hongcai’s car with what he was holding, and this allowed him to stop harassing Gu Manzhen. When Gu Manzhen came to the silk weaving factory, Xu Shuhui accused her of being late. Shen Shijun came to speak for Gu Manzhen, Gu Manzhen was very grateful, and planned to invite Shen Shijun to dinner at noon.

When eating at noon, Gu Manzhen’s colleagues rumors about her, but Gu Manzhen didn’t care. Shen Shijun said that he would not tell what happened in the car. His biggest advantage was his tight mouth, but he was curious about who Zhu Hong was. While the two were waiting for food, Shen Shijun was very restrained and nervous.

Gu Manlu was still thinking about Zhang Yujin. She didn’t have the courage to open the letter. Gu Manzhen looked in her eyes and didn’t bother Gu Manlu. Shen Shijun has been looking for opportunities to talk to Gu Manzhen, pretending to look at the calendar, and talking about the colors on the calendar, he learned that Gu Manzhen likes the calendar weekend to be green. Gu Manzhen sorted out the documents and had to hand over work with Shen Shijun in advance. Shen Shijun felt a little uncomfortable, and said that he would trouble Gu Manzhen often.

Shen Shijun accidentally heard that Director Ma wanted to save expenses in the factory. After the introduction of foreigners’ technology in this world, it is difficult for the national industry to do business. Shen Shijun thought of a way and took Xu Shuhui and Gu Manzhen to the silk shop to discuss the future development of the silk business. He suggested using a mixture of rayon and silk to make silk, and there is no need to lay off staff. At this time, it is more time to hire people. Xu Shuhui knew Shen Shijun’s purpose as soon as he heard it, saying that he didn’t have to work hard to pursue a woman, saying that he was a wage earner for survival and did not want to put himself in an awkward situation for other things.

Gu Manzhen helped Shen Shijun choose fabrics to express his gratitude to him. Xu Shuhui looked at Gu Manzhen with admiration and directly talked about the factory’s layoffs, but in the end, he couldn’t decide who would go and who would stay, only to see that everyone had their own abilities.

When Gu Manlu went to Shi Jingxuan’s residence, she accidentally saw the scene of Shi Jingxuan’s murder. After returning home, Gu Manlu asked Gu Manzhen and his family to pack their valuable luggage and leave. She planned to leave Shanghai, but her grandmother was resolutely unwilling. Gu Manzhen asked the reason, and Gu Manlu found that she still had valuables in Paramount, so she must go out to get it. Gu Manzhen was worried about Gu Manlu, and went to Paramount with her. Gu Manlu accidentally said Shi Jingxuan’s murder.

After the two returned home, Shi Jingxuan’s people were already waiting at the door of the house. Gu Manzhen and Gu Manlu changed their clothes. Gu Manzhen went to help the people at the door first. Gu Manlu wore Gu Manzhen’s clothes and went out to avoid the wind. On the way, she saw two poor little girls who had no food to eat. This reminded her of herself and Gu Manzhen. Her expectation to live is because of Gu Manzhen and his family.

Shi Jingxuan thinks that Gu Manlu can not only dance but also act. In order to prevent her from spoiling her good deeds, Zhu Hongcai should find someone to solve her. Because Zhu Hongcai missed Gu Manzhen, he helped Gu Manlu say something nice in front of Shi Jingxuan.

Zhu Hongcai found Gu Manlu and told her to confess her mistake with Shi Jingxuan, but Gu Manlu couldn’t survive. Gu Manzhen knew what Zhu Hongcai needed. She took Zhu Hongcai to the textile factory, pretending to have evidence of Shi Jingxuan’s murder in her hand. Zhu Hongcai burned the evidence, believing that it was the favor owed to him by the two sisters Gu Manzhen. When Gu Manlu watched Gu Manzhen being taken away, she went to Shi Jingxuan to plead.

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