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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 29 Recap

Both Duan Ran and Qian Xixi were happy because Feifei had solved the happy knot. Duan Ran also gave Qian Xixi a few books for her to study hard. Qian Xixi couldn’t act like a baby and wanted to relax. Duan Ran was petting. Touch Qian Xixi’s hair and let Qian Xixi rest enough.

Qian Xixi hasn’t returned to Duan’s family for a long time. Duan’s parents miss her very much. In fact, those books were also sent to Qian Xixi by Duan Shengyun, hoping that Qian Xixi will settle down while he is relaxing now. Duan’s mother feels distressed. Qian Xixi did not actually relax at all.

Duan Shengyun believes that physical stores and online are equally important for Double Eleven, but because e-commerce platforms put too many coupons and other things, which disrupted market rules, he hopes that Duan Ran can also take the lead in forming alliances of e-commerce platforms, like physical stores. It is also necessary to formulate industry rules.

Duan Ran bought some snacks for Su Su, and asked Su Su to use the Double Eleven to fiercely issue coupons. Su Su worried that he would be fat and strenuous on blind dates, but Duan Ran thought he would make crazy money on Double Eleven, and he would get rich by then. No need for a blind date anymore. When I was proud of it, the Clothing Alliance sent a message that branded clothing, whether in e-commerce or physical stores, requires a uniform price and does not allow discount coupons. This makes Duan Ran very anxious. Yu Shi has an idea to establish an e-commerce alliance. Everyone Let’s try to find a way together slowly, which reminds Duan Ran of his father’s words, and plans to find several powerful e-commerce alliances to directly fight the clothing alliance.

Coke went to the cloud live broadcast, but was only treated as an influential little anchor. Chen Lang did not fulfill any of the things that Chen Lang promised before. There is no exclusive dressing room or exclusive live broadcast room.

Qian Xixi didn’t like to read books at all, so he just put them aside, but the store manager knew it was a book about business management. He advised Qian Xixi to take a good look. Only then did Qian Xixi find that these books are valuable, so he should take them quickly. Come out and take a look.

Because branded clothes cannot be sold, and Zhang Jiayun does not have much inventory, he can only propose to go to the clothing market as soon as the door is opened, buy all the good clothes, and take them back to the live broadcast before selling. The old cat felt that they were dressed stylishly and would be slaughtered when they went, so they found a set of normal clothes for everyone to wear.

Zhang Jiayun has been looking forward to Qian Xixi’s return. She is too tired every day. Duan Ran instructs Zhang Jiayun not to talk about the current company when he sees Qian Xixi. He hopes that when Qian Xixi comes back, he will not take over a mess, especially when he sees money. Heisi’s smiling face is worth what he does.

In the early morning of the next day, Lao Mao rushed into the wholesale market for all the anchors and taught them how to get the goods at low prices. But unexpectedly, she met a man in the wholesale market and started talking with her five brothers. Lao Mao got angry. Give a punch before. Zhang Jiayun stepped forward to persuade and was pushed a bit, and Chen Lang, who was also angry to grab the goods, fought against him. As a result, Chen Lang was also injured because they could not continue to purchase because of this fight.

Duan Ran contacted several large-scale live broadcast platform alliances. Although they all came, they all had no intention of joining the alliance. They should eat and drink. No one seemed to listen carefully to what Duan Ran said. The company doesn’t sell brands, so it won’t affect them at all. Some people think that Duan Ran is the young owner of QE. If they can’t beat the clothing league, at most they will go back to their father’s business, and they will become the cannon fodder of sacrifice.

Zhang Jiayun is very grateful to Chen Lang for taking the shot today. Chen Lang’s tongue is grateful that he came to buy the goods today so that he can meet the beautiful Zhang Jiayun and help him. Chen Lang offered to invite Zhang Jiayun to eat together, but Zhang Jiayun refused.

Because there was no purchase, there was nothing to broadcast in the live broadcast room. Many anchors had asked for leave. Zhang Jiayun was also helpless. Seeing that Double Eleven was coming soon, I was afraid that there would be nothing to fight. Duan Ran came to see his teeth, and met Chen Lang who came to see his teeth after being beaten.

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