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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 30 Recap

Su Su asked Zhang Jiayun on leave to go on a blind date. His mother has arranged many times, especially now that there is no one in the live broadcast room, and the central control room does not need anyone. If the central control is closed, it can save some electricity. Zhang Jiayun also approved it. Yu Shi silently I was very anxious about it.

Yu Shi called and asked about Duan Ran’s live broadcast alliance. Chen Lang happened to hear him. Chen Lang thought it was a good thing. Chen Lang guessed that Duan Ran must have said something about big ambitions, so he couldn’t touch people at all. Duan Ran sighed. Now it’s the cold of the lips and the teeth, and the whole family is gone. Chen Lang, looking at the face of the lips and the teeth, promised to help form an alliance.

Yu Shi secretly followed Susu on a blind date. The blind date not only proposed to live in Susu’s house after getting married, but also asked Susu’s parents to change a car and drive him to work. At the same time, he also asked Susu to share his salary. life. Su Su was very bored at first, and found Yu Shi when he raised his head, and hurriedly ended the blind date and went to find Yu Shi. Yu Shi lied that he was here to buy food, but one person bought two, which was obviously prepared for Susu, but he refused to admit it. Yu Shi took care of Su Su in every possible way, but Su Su was unaware of it.

Chen Lang and Duan Ran made appointments on a few live broadcast platforms to sit at the stall for barbecue, and they were afraid that Duan Ran would arrange them in the hotel for a long talk. Sitting in front of the barbecue stall, drinking and eating meat, they all complained. , I also have a lot of opinions on the current clothing alliance, and finally agreed to the alliance instantly, and also agreed to let Duan Ran be responsible for the negotiation.

Duan Ran drank a lot of wine and came to see Qian Xixi. Qian Xixi found that Zhang Jiayun was also very busy every day. Duan Ran was still going out to socialize, so he was worried about company affairs. Duan Ran held Qian Xixi to comfort her and Qian Xixi gave it to him. Duan Ran was a cat ornament, Duan Ran held Qian Xixi in his palm, and the two fell asleep in a chair hugging each other.

Brother Fifth had to bring the old cat to the company to work, but the old cat disliked this office environment very much and offered part-time jobs. As long as the company needs to help, the company does not need him to be free. Zhang Jiayun found that everyone was downcast and asked everyone To have a meal, Chen Lang delivered the goods in time. Everyone was very happy.

Zhang Jiayun accepted the goods unceremoniously. Chen Lang took the opportunity to ask Zhang Jiayun to accompany her for a meal. Zhang Jiayun agreed Accompanying to eat a hot pot meal, also brought all the anchors by the way. Chen Lang sincerely joined the league and felt that at least he could deal with the clothing league, and at the same time it was easier to approach Zhang Jiayun. In order to help Zhang Jiayun, he deliberately gave up the clothes he had grabbed.

The shop manager came to the store to reprimand Qian Xixi, blaming Qian Xixi for the unqualified display of the goods and for not wearing uniforms, so Qian Xixi was punished for cleaning the corridor. The shop manager wanted to persuade Qian Xixi to stop him.

Qian Xixi cleaned the corridor and went back. The store manager and clerk were busy giving massages. They also thought that the building manager was targeting Qian Xixi this time because he was afraid that Qian Xixi would take the place of the building manager’s sister-in-law.

Chen Lang was considerate to Zhang Jiayun, which attracted the envy of the friends. Although Chen Lang was not very good, he was really in love with Zhang Jiayun. Zhang Jiayun didn’t care about it, just habitually with a signature smile.

Duan Ran found out that Mr. Wu was doing hair, so he called Chen Lang to deal with Mr. Wu together, forcing Mr. Wu to tell the reason. The reason why the clothing league has this unified standard is also because of being forced by the physical store alliance. Upon hearing this, Chen Lang turned around and left, because the chairman of the entity alliance was Duan Shengyun, and Chen Lang thought it was Duan Ran and his son deliberately. Duan Ran quickly explained the misunderstanding and agreed to talk to Duan Shengyun. But in fact, Duan Shengyun didn’t know what was going on. It was just that his friend Lao Song took him to serve as the league for the first time, and he agreed with it too hard to refuse.

Chen Lang came to the company to find Duan Ran, wanting to discuss things to negotiate tomorrow. After all, the chairman of the entity alliance is Duan Shengyun. Although I believe that Duan Ran will not unite with his father to harm him, Chen Lang is always a little uneasy and wants to touch him in advance.

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