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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 31 Recap

When Chen Lang founded Rui, he always felt that Duan Shengyun took advantage of the danger to fall into trouble, so he was somewhat defensive against Duan Ran. Seeing Rui’s current appearance, Chen Lang missed Rui’s former appearance very much.

Chen Lang has been working hard, but he doesn’t want to be able to live with his parents facing the loess and back to the sky, but Zhang Jiayun is just the opposite, hoping to live a normal life. Chen Lang reminded Zhang Jiayun that he should think about what Qian Xixi did when he first took over. The fifth elder brother was the baby in their store.

Duan Ran was also worried about the negotiations tomorrow. The reason why Lao Song pulled Duan Shengyun into the alliance was actually very simple to prevent Mr. Shen and Mr. Duan Shengyun from interfering, so Duan Ran naturally hit a wall when he came to Mr. Shen. Zhang Jiayun persuaded the fifth brother to change the inventory of the warehouse. Instead of being idle, he might as well seize this opportunity and work hard. The fifth brother happily agreed.

President Song of the Entity Alliance also reminded Chen Lang that if he does not want to close the door after the negotiation is over, he might as well not negotiate. In the chairman’s opinion, there is almost no way to survive offline when the online trend is rising, so now it should be settled, Chen Lang also understands that this is to take this opportunity to teach them a lesson. The entity alliance has already planned to use subsidies to disintegrate the online alliance.

Mr. Song persuaded Chen Lang to sign an agreement between them, guaranteeing that they would immediately provide the supply of goods and give some discounts. At the same time, he reminded Chen Lang and Duan Ran that they are not people in the world. After hearing this, Chen Lang also began to hesitate, but Duan Ran was very anxious when he heard the news, for fear that the e-commerce alliance would be collapsed before the negotiations began.

Qian Xixi and the store manager counted the unused goods together, and found that many unsold goods would be cleared back to the company when they could not be sold. As for how to do it, I don’t know how to do it. Qian Xixi had a keen interest in these tail goods, but he only inquired about the clothes being shipped to the suburbs.

Chen Lang consulted with Duan Ran, thinking that the time was not good, he could agree to a unified price. Then, after Double Eleven, Duan Ran satirized Chen Lang from side to side. He started to persuade him before reaching the negotiating table. No wonder Zhang Jiayun Don’t like him.

Xiaoxiao was dissatisfied with the diapers and other things that are now being sold on the live broadcast, so he complained, and worried that it would affect the fans, so he simply stopped the live broadcast. Chen Lang had to persuade Xiaoxiao to think about the overall situation.

Duan Ran and Qian Xixi ate together, but they always looked worried about their clothes. Qian Xixi saw that the company was in trouble, so Duan Ran quickly told the truth. Duan Ran didn’t want Qian Xixi to be embarrassed and refused to accept anything. Say. Qian Xixi told Duan Ran that no matter what the company was and how difficult she was, she would always accompany Duan Ran. Duan Ran smiled and held Qian Xixi’s hand and asked Qian Xixi to eat onions to show his loyalty. Qian Xixi took the pineapple. All the clothing tails are now shipped back to the company. I told Duan Ran.

Tripartite negotiations between the e-commerce alliance, the entity alliance, and the live broadcast alliance have begun. Qian Xixi got the news from colleagues’ discussions and quickly called Duan Ran to find out what happened, but the phone could not be connected when Duan Ran was in a meeting. The building manager ridiculed Qian Xixi’s live-streaming sales of cosmetics that made people grow new beards. He also deliberately asked Qian Xixi to go to other stores to help iron the clothes. The store manager immediately stopped him and claimed that the district manager came to inspect today. They were not here because something was going to happen, and the manager left the shop with anger. Qian Xixi was very grateful to the manager.

Duan Ran proposed that coupons could be used one week or two after the new product was launched, and within this time, they could also follow the unified price standard. However, President Song objected to him and asked why Duan Ran only had an opinion on the unified standard. , Disagree with the rest of the live broadcast? Duan Ran did not expect that Chen Lang would also stand up and persuade Duan Ran to consider it for them on the entity side. Seeing this, Duan Shengyun proposed to discuss after lunch.

At noon, Duan Ran asked Chen Lang if the physical alliance had benefited him? Why is there a temporary backlash? Chen Lang thinks he is a small company and cannot be compared with Duan Ran. Duan Ran persuaded Chen Lang to call back with him and want to return what belonged to them, but Chen Lang suddenly left and did not continue. During the meeting, Duan Ran suffered an unprecedented loss.

Qian Xixi ran into Ouyang, who came to go shopping, and accidentally learned that Ouyang had also resigned. In Ouyang, Qian Xixi knew that she was the first girl Jiang Zheyang met. She was injured in Qian Xixi’s place, so she Seeking comfort from his mother, Ouyang and Jiang’s mother resigned after disagreeing.

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