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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 12 Recap

The more Chen Zhijun thought about it, the more depressed he became. He thought of a good way to take the team members to the home for a meeting. Guan Yun took his parents home. When he walked in, he saw Chen Zhijun taking his company colleagues home, and everyone with suitcases. Chen Zhijun pretended to welcome Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi, but the house was full of people, so they had to sit on the sofa first.

Guan Yunyi called Chen Zhijun aside and asked the reason for it. Chen Zhijun was plausible and he had to take his colleagues to work overtime at home for half a month. Guan Yunyi complained that he hadn’t notified him in advance. Chen Zhijun was too busy to see. Guan Yuyun didn’t know what to do with her message, and Chen Zhijun asked her to explain it clearly to her parents to get their understanding.

One of the employees wanted to spread a quilt on the sofa. Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi hurriedly hid on the balcony. There was also an arrangement for people to live here. They were very embarrassed. Xu Qingfeng performed a seven-hour operation in one breath. Yuanyuan’s heart operation was very successful. He did not take a break and insisted on explaining one thing to friends in the media. He publicly called on Chen Yuanyuan’s father to return to his daughter as soon as possible. Explaining that the love of fatherhood cannot be missing in the children’s life, Gao Jianling was moved to tears when he heard these words, and Xu Qingfeng fainted on the spot because of physical exhaustion.

Chen Zhijun arranged for Guan Yongnian and his wife to lay on the floor. Guan Yongnian had never felt this kind of anger, and forced Liu Shuqi to leave. Guan Yunyi repeatedly apologized to them. Guan Yongnian felt that his son-in-law was unreliable, and Guan Zhenlei was more considerate. Chen Zhijun invited colleagues to eat instant noodles. Lan Qiaoqiao liked the big house of Chen Zhijun’s family and praised him as a capable and successful person. Lan Qiaoqiao did not follow his colleagues to call Chen Zhijun the boss, but called him “brother” affectionately.

Guan Yuqing was worried that Guan Zhenlei secretly sold the house with her parents behind her back, so she asked the intermediary staff to check it out. When she learned that Guan Zhenlei had put the house on the intermediary for sale, Guan Yuqing was so angry that she called her parents to inform her parents, Guan Yongnian and Liu Shuqi. Taking Guan Yunyue home, seeing Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo and his wife taking the buyer to look at the house, Guan Yongnian was furious and determined not to allow Guan Zhenlei to sell the house. Instead, Li Aiguo accused Guan Yongnian of saying nothing, and Guan Yongnian drove the buyer out in a fit of anger. .

Guan Yongnian complained that Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo were too far to sell their house secretly. Zhao Mei confidently declared that it was for the children of the two families. Guan Zhenlei quickly explained that he wanted to sell all the houses of both parents, and then bought a big four-bedroom. Yongnian almost fainted with anger. Guan Yuyi hid away and called Chen Zhijun. Chen Zhijun’s cell phone was on the bed. Lan Qiaoqiao saw Guan Yuyi’s call, secretly hung up the phone, and then turned off the phone.

Guan Yuyi accused Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo for being unreasonable. Instead, the two of them murmured at Guan Yuyi and wanted Guan Zhenlei and Li Bei to break up. Guan Zhenlei desperately stopped them. He knelt on the spot and pleaded with each other, claiming that he would not be able to live without Li Bei. Guan Yongnian saw that his son was so unpromising, he was heartbroken, and tearfully took Liu Shuqi and Guan Yunyu away, and wanted to leave the house to Guan Zhenlei.

Xu Qingfeng finally regained consciousness and saw Gao Jianling by his side. He begged Gao Jianling to help find Yuanyuan’s father. Gao Jianling agreed and persuaded him to understand the difficulty of his mother. Xu Qingfeng called Xu Xiulan on the spot, and Xu Xiulan was on TV. I saw Xu Qingfeng’s operation and praised him, Gao Jianling was very self-blame. If he had given Xu Qingfeng a complete family, he would not be so tired today.

Guan Yuqing sent her parents to Guan Yuqing’s house. She called Guan Yuqing to inform Guan Yuqing. Guan Yuqing drove home after get off work. Guan Yongnian fainted on the spot because of sadness. Guan Yuqing just drove to the basement. His father was in emergency rescue. Xu Qingfeng went home from get off work and saw that Guan Yongnian was suddenly arrested in breathing and heartbeat. He hurriedly gave him CPR and asked Guan Yuqing to call 120.

After Xu Qingfeng’s unremitting efforts, Guan Yongnian was finally rescued from Guimenguan, and an ambulance arrived and sent Guan Yongnian to the hospital. Guan Yuqing, Guan Yuqing and Liu Shuqi have been waiting outside the rescue room. Xu Qingfeng arranged for Guan Yongnian to do several examinations and found that he had an acute myocardial infarction. Guan Yuqing was grateful to him when she saw Xu Qingfeng spared no effort to treat her father.

Xu Qingfeng personally performed heart imaging for Guan Yongnian. Guan Yongnian was very nervous. Xu Qingfeng comforted him and patiently explained to him the procedure and precautions of the imaging. Guan Yongnian gradually relaxed and was grateful to him. After seeing the results of the radiography, Xu Qingfeng suggested to give Guan Yongnian a heart bypass operation. Guan Yuqing was so scared that Liushen had no control. Xu Qingfeng encouraged her not to be afraid. Guan Yuqing called her unit to ask for leave and stop flying for a few days.

Zhang Ran was undergoing anesthesia in the operating room and saw Xu Qingfeng coming for the operation. He was worried that his body would not be able to bear it. He advised him to go home and take a rest. Xu Qingfeng insisted on saving people first, and he dragged his tired body onto the operating table. Chen Zhijun took the team members to work day and night. Lan Qiaoqiao offered to cook for everyone. Just because they didn’t want to eat takeaway anymore, they let Lan Qiaoqiao go to the kitchen to do it. Lan Qiaoqiao became emotional with Chen Zhijun and started to feel angry. Xiao Jiujiu.

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