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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 10 Recap

The decoration of Ji Xiaoou’s shop was finally completed. Mother went to her shop again and told Ji Xiaoou that she took Ji Xiaoou’s photo to go on a blind date for her. People said that she had no advantage except for the appearance, so she gave it to Ji Xiaoou. A few photos said that every boy had an annual salary of more than 500,000 yuan, but Ji Xiaoou told his mother not to bother her.

His mother asked Ji Xiaoou if his rigorousness last time broke up with her? Ji Xiaoou said that they had never started to break up, but her mother asked Ji Xiaoou why he was so haggard recently. If it weren’t for being broken in love, it wouldn’t be like this. Ji Xiaoou quickly called her mother home, and she promised her mother would bring her boyfriend to her soon. Go back.

Ji Xiaoou changed into Fangya’s clothes and went to the bar to meet him. She wanted Fangya to take her to meet the boys so that they could start a new relationship, so the two went to the bar and started to have fun. A few days later Fang Niya could not play anymore, Ji Xiaoou went to the bar to play alone. When she came home, a little gangster wanted to insult her, then Zhan Yu rushed to beat the gangster away, and Ji Xiaoou asked Zhan Yu to accompany her. She went to drink, but Zhan Yu told her not to degenerate herself for the sake of rigor, rigor will not go back, forget rigor, at this moment Ji Xiaoou collapsed, she can’t forget rigor, the more she wants to forget rigor, the more she is Shaking before my eyes.

Ji Xiaoou returned home and still did not sober up. Isn’t it true that what he said strictly in Lichuan while lying on the bed? At this time, she sat on her bedside and said it was true. She was holding Ji Xiaoou in her arms, and everything she said was sorry. Ji Xiaoou fell asleep under the rigorous comfort.

The next day Ji Xiaoou woke up and asked Fangnia how she got back? Fang Niya said that Zhan Yu was taking care of her. Fang Niya asked Ji Xiaoou to think about Zhan Yu, but Ji Xiaoou had no feeling for Zhan Yu and could only be her younger brother.

Ji Xiaoou wanted to make it clear to Zhan Yu, but Zhan Yu wanted to take care of Ji Xiaoou for the rest of his life, but Ji Xiaoou told him to go home and take care of his mother.

Back to the interrogation room, Zhao Tinghui and Ji Xiaoou said that Zhan Yu was killed by love. After the killing, Zhan Yu’s body was disassembled. Even if it was not love killing, it was a vendetta. Zhao Tinghui and Ji Xiaoou said that according to the rigorous confession, he did not really like the little beauties, but was close to Xiao. Beauty has another purpose. The only person who is strict and really likes is Ji Xiaoou, which surprised Ji Xiaoou a little.

The rigorous little beauty and Liu Wei ate together. In order to apologize for the misunderstanding of rigor, Liu Wei must toast to rigorous, because the little beauty is his only relative. Although he has no blood relationship, he is better than his relatives. For a big business, the little beauty asked Yan Jing to accompany her to buy a new dress. This Wu Feng is very superstitious and wears white clothes every time he meets.

When the little beauty went to meet with rigor, Wu Feng’s people stopped him at the door, saying that the rigorous zodiac sign conflicted with Wu Feng, which made rigor a little at a loss.

The next day, the little beauty asked rigorous and said that after they had found Wu Feng, they said that the master had given him a fortune and it was not suitable to go west, so they should find someone with the golden life in the sea to break him. It happened to be rigorous. , So Jing met with Wu Feng. In fact, these were all arranged by Jing to find a fortune teller in advance to see Wu Feng.

After Yan Jing sent away Wu Feng and the others, I saw Ji Xiaoou and Zhan Yu on the street. So Jing ran to look for Ji Xiaoou. He happened to see Ji Xiaoou lying on the bed. Zhan Yu watched Ji Xiaoou want to kiss her, so he quickly called Zhan Yu. Walking away, sitting on Ji Xiaoou’s bed strictly, Ji Xiaoou asked rigorous, whether he was telling her the truth in Lichuan, rigorously watching the drunk Ji Xiaoou hugged her to sleep, and called Zhan Yu after Ji Xiaoou fell asleep.

Go downstairs and tell Zhan Yu not to have illusions about Ji Xiaoou. Zhan Yu can’t give Ji Xiaoou the life he wants, but rigor can give Ji Xiaoou anything. These words sting Zhan Yu, Zhan Yu asked rigor if he didn’t have him. Dad might not be as good as Zhan Yu. Don’t look down on him so much. Strictly said to Zhan Yu that he must seize this opportunity for atonement, otherwise no one can help him.

Going back to the interrogation room, Zhao Tinghui asked Zhan Yu sincerely not cooperating with the police, why didn’t he arrest him? Strictly speaking, Liu Wei is a very cunning person. If Liu Wei is caught by his men, he will doubt himself.

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