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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 11 Recap

Zhan Yu’s mother had to perform the operation in time, and the cost of replacing the femoral bone was more than 100,000 yuan. In addition, his mother still suffered from stomach cancer at an early stage, and the operation cost more than 100,000 yuan. This made Zhan Yu very embarrassed and Ji Xiaoou looked helpless. Zhanyu told him that she didn’t need to worry about money, she would find a way.

After Ji Xiaoou went back, she called her friends to borrow money. She was busy every day for Zhanyu’s mother from morning to night. She suddenly thought that when she was with her, she had told her that she had difficulty looking for her. This made Ji Xiaoou suddenly think about herself. Then it’s not promising, would think of him.

The next day Ji Xiaoou went to the hospital and learned that Zhan Yu’s mother had paid for the medical expenses. Ji Xiaoou asked Zhan Yu if he had borrowed it carefully. So Ji Xiaoou gave Zhan Yu the hundreds of thousands she had borrowed and asked Zhan Yu to return it to Strict, without money and anything.

The operation of Zhan Yu’s mother was very successful. Ji Xiaoou saw Zhan Yu riding a bicycle and collided with a car on the road. At this time, he paid 2,000 yuan for the car, and Zhan Yu paid 2,000 yuan. To the owner, this surprised Ji Xiaoou. Zhan Yu’s mother and Ji Xiaoou said that thanks to her taking care of herself these days, Zhan Yu would be relieved even if she had her sister.

Ji Xiaoou went to see Fang Niya and asked her whether the relationship with Lao Feng had progressed. Fang Niya said that Lao Feng had no plans to find a wife for the time being. However, when she saw Lao Feng, she wanted to pursue Lao Feng even more. Ji Xiaoou said she wanted to collect money as soon as possible. Also rigorous money, he didn’t want to owe anything rigorous. Zhan Yu went to the store to thank her for inviting them to dinner, but Ji Xiaoou knew that Zhan Yu was short of money and would refuse, but Fangnia wanted to match her relationship with Zhan Yu and had to go together.

Strictly contacted Lao Cheng, saying that he was already familiar with Wu Feng. Liu Wei had no reason to refuse his relationship with Wu Feng. Lao Cheng said that Zhan Yu had also contacted him recently. It seems that he too He has changed his mind, and the other thing is to pay attention to Liu Wei, not to let him know that Rigor and Zhan Yu know each other.

Rigorous and Lao Cheng met again but Zhan Yu was late, and Rigorous told Zhan Yu to practice violin well. Don’t be like an old man, not vigorous all day long. At this time, Lao Cheng was afraid of conflicts between them and called them to have a meeting. Zhan Yu said that there will be a deal next Wednesday. In order to celebrate the winning of the Little Beauty Group for a drink with three people, Zhan Yu and Strict ignore each other, and finally under the coordination of Lao Cheng, Strict and Zhan Yu compromised and picked up the wine. Ping and Zhan Yu said they would treat them to a good meal when things were done.

Strictly thinking in his heart that he could avenge the two sons by taking down the Little Beauty Group this time, and that he could be together with Ji Xiaoou. Xiao Meiren and Wu Feng Rigorously celebrated their successful cooperation.

When Liu Wei took the cargo through the security check, no abnormality was found and was passed the checkpoint. Then Liu Wei drove away from another road. The truck took another route. Two passers-by were in a round by a pond, but they were caught by a drone. After tracking and finding their trading place, the police held them all, but Liu Wei seemed to have no trouble, he seemed to have been prepared, and when Lao Cheng led someone to arrest him, he was very cooperative and left with them.

Both Xiao Meiren and Wu Feng were arrested, and she waited for Lao Cheng in the interrogation room, but it was not Lao Cheng who let him go. She walked out of the police station and saw Xiao Mei and Wu Feng waiting for him in the car. She knew Their action failed.

Yan Jing said in the car that he would invite Wu Feng and the others for dinner, but both were rejected. Little Beauty Wu Feng and both of them were wary of strictness. Liu Wei saw that it was also a little unusual.

After Yan Jing went back, the call to Lao Cheng was turned off, so Yan Jing continued to monitor the conversations of the little beauty and the others. After knowing that Wu Feng asked the master to calculate and said that the transaction must be cancelled. After Wu Feng left, the little beauty asked Liu Wei in the end. What happened?

Liu Wei said that he received intelligence from a person. This intelligence was worth 200,000 yuan. This person told the police that they knew their transaction. So Liu Wei used flour for drugs. The purpose was to make this rigorous. The inner ghost was caught, and Zhan Yu was suspected to be a double agent. Liu Wei also told Little Beauty that Lao Cheng was hit and killed by a truck. If I go to Lao Cheng’s memorial service rigorously today, it will prove that he is a ghost.

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