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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 9 Recap

After Lao Feng bandaged Zhan Yu’s wounds, he told Ji Xiaoou that it was too dangerous for her to find the little beauty. The little beauty had a background in the underworld, but Ji Xiaoou just wanted to relieve her anger and couldn’t control anything else. Fangnia wants to redecorate Ji Xiaoou’s shop, but it costs 300,000 yuan to renovate. Fangnia said it’s better to hold the rigorous 500,000 yuan. Ji Xiaoou told them not to be rigorous in front of her, otherwise she Fanny Ya said that she could take out her bag and sell it.

Lao Feng also said that he also had some savings. At this time, Zhan Yu took out his card and said that there was one hundred thousand in it and gave Ji Xiaoou first But Ji Xiaoou couldn’t use his money. Zhan Yu said that it was the money he had saved for his mother’s medical treatment. Now that her mother’s health has improved, she can hold it first, even if she becomes a shareholder, so a few people encourage each other to make money Get it up.

Zhan Yu found a decoration company for Ji Xiaoou with RMB 150,000. At this time, father and mother went to see Ji Xiaoou. Mother saw that Zhan Yu and Ji Xiaoou were together and became very hostile to Zhan Yu, so Zhan Yu hurried away. My mother asked Ji Xiaoou if he offended the talents on the road and was smashed into the shop? I also asked Ji Xiaoou what kind of rigor was last time. Did Ji Xiaoou understand? At this time, Ji Xiaoou tells her mother to go back quickly. She will surely re-enact it again. Grandma left it to her. She can’t be in her own hands. Dad is afraid that their mothers will quarrel and quickly pull it. Mom is gone.

Fangnia lost her love, Ji Xiaoou advised her not to make herself unhappy because of a scumbag. At this time, Lao Feng took a chicken to cook for them, and Fangya was moved by the soup Lao Feng had cooked for her. She cried again. It’s been a long time since I had such a delicious soup. Fangya was warm in her heart while drinking Lao Feng’s soup.

Fang Niya and Ji Xiaoou said that Zhan Yu liked her, but Ji Xiaoou never responded. Did Ji Xiaoou not give up rigor? Ji Xiaoou hurriedly told Fangnia not to mention him. At this time Fangnia said she already liked Lao Feng. Lao Feng was taking care of her these days, so Fangya had to take the initiative to pursue Lao Feng, even though Lao Feng had no money. , But Fangnia still has some funds, Fangnia wants to help Lao Feng open a shop, so that Lao Feng can solve the business problem, Fangnia asks Ji Xiaoou to help her pursue Lao Feng.

When Ji Xiaoou’s shop was renovating, Fangnia always took the initiative to show her favor to Lao Feng, and she also changed her exposed clothes to ordinary girls’ clothes. Lao Feng felt that Fangya had changed a little and became more virtuous. , Which makes Fangnia very happy.

Strictly saw Lao Cheng said he was sorry for Ji Xiaoou, and he didn’t want to hurt Ji Xiaoou again. At this time, Lao Cheng said excitedly that if Strict gave up now, then the 1020 drug trafficking case would never be solved one day, and the two sons would never die, and Strict bowed his head and fell silent. I will tell Lao Cheng that he is just complaining, and he is better now. He has good news to tell Lao Cheng that Little Beauty has finally revealed to him Wu Feng, the Guangdong drug-trafficking boss, although it is not a drug-trafficking business. Strict can be responsible for logistics. Although Zhan Yu’s current drug trafficking volume is enough to execute the death sentence, I hope Ji Xiaoou can save his life.

Zhan Yu went to Strict’s home and taught Strict not to trouble Ji Xiaoou. At this time, Strict told Zhan Yu about his drug trafficking. Then Zhan Yu realized that Strict had already known this. Strict told Zhan Yu if not. He, Zhan Yu was executed long ago. If Zhan Yu can seize the only chance to survive for Ji Xiaoou, rigorous is willing to let him make up for it, as long as he cooperates rigorously, Zhan Yu thought about it and agreed to the rigorous request, so rigorously asked Zhan Yu to inquire about the drug manufacturing factory from the sixth son, but Must pay attention to Liu Wei, he is a ruthless character.

Yan Jing returned to the company and saw Lao Feng waiting for him, so Lao Feng asked Jing not to hurt Ji Xiaoou because of the little beauty. She was so sad for the first time in so many years. Lao Feng also said that because of his child Lele’s condition, he needed a large portion of the money. He wanted to work in the logistics company that Jing said before. Jing gave Lao Feng a salary of 15 thousand. Lao Feng was very grateful for his generosity.

Xiao Meiren and Liu Wei returned to the company and saw that Rigor had redecorated the company’s office. After praising Rigor, the two returned to their offices and talked about rigor. At this moment, Rigor turned on the monitoring, and the little beauty was Ask Liu Wei how long does it take to test rigor? But Liu Wei believes that rigor is the former anti-narcotics policeman’s unreliable heart, and Liu Wei also believes that the last time he was shot may be a rigorous director. The little beauty thinks that he will know if he is real after trying rigor, but Wu Feng’s Business must not be missed.

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