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Dear Mayang Street 親愛的麻洋街 Episode 36 Recap

Shuangcheng International Company’s compensation ratio is very high. Neighbors in Mayang Street think this is a good opportunity. The big guys actively sign the demolition contract. Sun Yan’s family has already received the demolition money after signing the contract. Aunt Niu wanted to move a long time ago. Knowing that the proportion of demolition funds is very high, she and Ma Yingjun are anxious to sign the contract. Yi Dongdong thought this matter was a bit strange.

He hoped that everyone could calmly consider before signing the contract, but everyone ignored him. Hao Pushi also wanted to live in Shenzhen and meet with Yi Shengli and they just wanted to get the demolition money as soon as possible.

Yi Dongdong went to find Ou Xiaojian and asked. Before that, Ou Xiaojian asked everyone to sign the demolition contract as soon as possible. Whether there were any problems in this, he worried that everyone’s interests would be damaged. But Ou Xiaojian made a promise that he would not hurt the neighbors on Mayang Street, nor would he do anything to sorry everyone. He said that he would strictly review every detail of the demolition contract to ensure that nothing went wrong. He just hopes that everyone can receive the demolition funds as soon as possible and have a better life. Yi Dongdong expressed relief.

After Yi Dongdong went back, he discussed with Hao Pushi about the demolition contract, and Hao Pushi also expressed his idea of ​​going to Shenzhen. Yi Dongdong finds Ma Xiaoxiao to bid her farewell, because their family will move to Shenzhen to settle. The two talked for a long time, recalling bits and pieces of Mayang Street, lamenting that time flies by, and feeling very moved.

Zeng Hao and Lin Jiahao were unhappy, so Zeng Hao complained to Ma Xiaoxiao. Ma Xiaoxiao comforted Zeng Hao, hoping that she could put herself in and stand beside Lin Jiahao and think, and also tell Zeng Hao what happened between her grandma and Aunt Niu. Zeng Hao originally planned to buy a house for Li Yunlai, but Li Yunlai did not sign the demolition contract and asked Liang Yuanchao to buy him a house in the urban area. Liang Yuanchao and Zeng Hao agreed to Li Yunlai’s request after a long discussion.

Ma Xiaoxiao became a member of the representative lawyer team of Shuangcheng International Company. When she checked the demolition contract, she accidentally discovered that there was a problem with the demolition contract. Ma Xiaoxiao found Sun Xun who had already received the demolition funds. After learning about the situation, she found that Sun Xun’s demolition contract was signed in the first batch and indeed received compensation at that time, but there was a problem with the second batch of contracts. The project leader And the content of the contract has been changed, resulting in the subsequent signing of the contract is not able to get the demolition money.

Sun Yan only told Ma Xiaoxiao about the relationship between Shuangcheng International and Ou Xiaojian. Ma Xiaoxiao wanted to find Ou Xiaojian when she heard it, but unexpectedly missed Ou Xiaojian perfectly when she walked out of the elevator. Ou Xiaojian saw Ma Xiaoxiao and wanted to go back to find her, but the people in the car stopped him and he couldn’t leave. And because of this time, the two never met again.

Ou Xiaojian was very angry when he learned that Ange had changed the demolition contract. He asked Ange to question. Ange said that he had already taken over the project of Shuangcheng International. He would deal with the demolition money issue and would not sign the contract. People pay for demolition. An Ge has always been stubborn. He believes that Ou Xiaojian killed Antu and wants to find a chance to take revenge. He warns Ou Xiaojian not to be too inconsistent. He knows Ou Xiaojian’s true identity and threatens him not to play tricks.

Ma Xiaoxiao didn’t find Ou Xiaojian, but recognized An Ge’s identity. She was especially surprised when she remembered that she was a gangster with Ou Xiaojian. Yi Dongdong approached An Ge to discuss the demolition contract. He was very depressed, thinking that Ou Xiaojian was in collusion with An Ge.

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