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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 41 Recap

The tape of Wang Keda has been taken back to the police station. Qi Shengping heard it from the beginning to the end in the office. He almost frowned during the whole process. He probably never expected that Wang Keda, which he cultivated by himself, was so hysterical and ugly. . Since the recording equipment was imported from abroad, ordinary people have rarely seen it. In the eyes of Qi Shengping and Zhong Baiming, Gu Yaodong is even less likely to have seen it, so he is deemed to be unaware.

Gu Yaodong’s interrogation proceeded quickly and there was almost no suspense. Even though there was no direct evidence that Wang Keda had a common understanding, it can be determined that he had premeditatedly planted Gu Yaodong, and finally died under the fire of the inspector because of his personal holiday. Qi Shengping heard a knock on the tape recorder. It happened that the conversation after the knock was Gu Yaodong’s blind spot. He didn’t hear the content of the other party’s conversation at all. After he explained it in bits and pieces, it basically came to an end.

Now that Wang Keda is dead, Zhong Baiming is in a very good mood. He didn’t expect that there will be a bigger piece of good news next, that is, the Director General Tang arrived in Shanghai soon, intending to intervene in person. In addition to his company, Deputy Director Tian would also propose to him to select one more deputy director to share the affairs of the police station. Naturally, Zhong Baiming was the first candidate.

Qi Shengping didn’t know about this, and specifically ordered Zhong Baiming to sort out all the information about Wang Keda’s case. After finishing the information, Zhong Baiming went directly to Director Duan’s office. He not only handed over the files respectfully, but also truthfully conveyed the information to Director General Tang. Visit the police station in person.

Such an obvious leapfrog behavior is equivalent to the heart of Sima Zhao, Director Duan knows, and Qi Shengping knows too, especially seeing Zhong Baiming holding the Director’s favorite frozen top oolong in his hand, it is really instantaneous and highly vigilant. This scene fell into Gu Yaodong’s eyes. The fight between the two people suddenly reminded him of the tape. One of the blank periods was Wang Keda’s conversation with the porter. If you use this blank to do something, you might be able to climb Qi Shengping’s thighs. , Stand firmer in the police station.

Gu Yaodong walked through the gate of the ghost, and his brains were also opened up. The officers of the Second Penalty Division celebrated his life after the disaster, but Zhao Zhiyong was still panicking, lest he would be encumbered by Wang Keda. Taking into account that Yang Yixue’s procedures have not been cleaned up, Zhao Zhiyong instantly panicked and went directly to Zhong Baiming to explain the truth, kneeling on the ground and begging him for help.

Zhong Baiming didn’t speak, he just opened the drawer and took out the kraft paper bag, then took Zhao Zhiyong to the interrogation room, burned all the documents signed with the name “Zhao Zhiyong” in front of him, and repeatedly urged that all responsibility should be transferred to Wang Keda You must never reveal anything to the outside world. Looking at the raging flames in the iron basin, Zhao Zhiyong immediately breathed a sigh of relief, as if he was redeemed and forgiven. He not only burned the evidence of the crime, but also allowed him to re-behave. He decided to follow Zhong Baiming without hesitation and believe in Zhong Baiming.

On the eve of Director Tang’s arrival in Shanghai, Gu Yaodong rushed into the pavilion room, but the room was empty. So he ran to the terrace under Gu Yuexi’s reminder. He was ashamed of the previous kiss and excited because of the plan in his heart. But still in the stammering expression, please ask Shen Qinghe to contact the police comrades to prepare something.

At the moment the police building is solemn and dignified, the hall is clean and tasteless, and even all the police officers are well-dressed, just to welcome the arrival of Director General Tang Hetian. Seeing a group of people entering the conference room, the second place of punishment seemed to be fried, talking endlessly, but Qi Shengping was sitting in the office, looking at the book quietly.

At present, there are a total of three deputy directors in the bureau. Although they are all equal, they are not equal. Qi Shengping is in charge of the two criminal police departments, with the highest gold content. The other two are insignificant. Director Duan first entered the conference room and submitted the file to elaborate on this common incident. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence. At most, it shows that Wang Keda himself took bribes in private and replaced the kidnappers with five ordinary prisoners.

Just as Qi Shengping smugly prepared to enter the conference room for the second time, he did not expect that Director General Tang, on the recommendation of Deputy General Administration Tian, ​​would call the see Zhong Baiming and cancel the subsequent meeting process. The little director was in front of the deputy bureau. Qi Shengping was frustrated and angry. In addition, Director Tang must have evidence to submit his speech, otherwise no one would be seen, which meant that a great opportunity for performance was completely missed.

Considering that Director General Tang had to return to Nanjing tomorrow morning, Gu Yaodong immediately went to Qi Shengping to explain what happened to the blank recording, and even led him to order a re-search of the Huasen apartment. Sure enough, Secretary Fang and others found a suitcase containing gold bullion dollars, as well as several letters and intelligence in the apartment.

Qi Shengping showed joy, and immediately decided to take Gu Yaodong to go directly to Chief Tang. However, Gu Yaodong was very knowledgeable and quickly declined. Unlike Xia Jicheng, he can speak beautifully. His only advantage is that he is restrained and simple, which makes people look sincere and not threatening.

That night, the Golden Gate Hotel held two meetings almost at the same time. One was Zhong Baiming pouring wine for Deputy Director Tian and Director Duan, and accompanied them to dinner. Deputy Director Tian raised the issue of adding a deputy director at an appropriate time. Director Duan understood the meaning of the words and assigned the first penalty department to deputy director Zhong Baiming for management. As for Qi Shengping, he was in charge of the second penalty department and the Security Police Corps.

At the same time, another meeting was taking place in Director Tang’s room. Qi Shengping put the common evidence found in the Huasen apartment on the coffee table, which was praised by Director Tang.

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