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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 4 Recap

Regardless of her mother’s persuasion, Gu Manzhen insisted on going to Shi Jingxuan to intercede. She saw Gu Manlu knelt at the door and the two wanted to leave, but Zhu Hongcai kept obstructing her. Gu Manlu had to let Gu Manzhen leave first, and Zhu Hong told Gu Manlu not to forget his life-saving grace. The condition he made was to Gu Manzhen. Gu Manlu resolutely refused to agree, it’s easy to say at other times.

Gu Manzhen returned to the factory and was accused by Xu Shuhui. Shen Shijun helped her out. Xu Shuhui had no choice but to ask them to write a review paper and admit their mistakes. This is also the factory’s rules. Shen Shijun told Gu Manzhen not to blame Xu Shuhui, and hoped that Gu Manzhen would not provoke him, but no matter what, he would help Gu Manzhen and trust her very much. The two mentioned their family circumstances again. Shen Shijun said that he has an older brother, but he has passed away, and his aunt and sister-in-law are all fine. Gu Manzhen also talked about her family, feeling a little sad, and she was most worried about Gu Manlu. The two agreed not to tell other people these secrets.

After Zhu Hongcai was drunk and drunk crazy at Gu Manlu’s house, thinking that Gu Manzhen deliberately avoided herself, Gu Manzhen watched Zhu Hongcai leave the house. When the two sisters chat, Gu Manlu said that she has no abilities and has a cheap mouth, but she will stand up to protect her family no matter what. Gu Manzhen thought she could earn money to support her family, but Gu Manlu denied it and asked her to find a good family to marry.

Gu Manzhen’s birthday, but her mother forgot to cook noodles for her. Fortunately, grandma remembered that she gave Gu Manzhen two eggs, and Gu Manzhen felt warm in her heart. Gu Manzhen came to the office and saw the birthday cake on the table. He thought it was given to him by someone, but he did not expect it to be bought by Shen Shijun. Shen Shijun had her birthday on the same day. The two took pictures of each other, Gu Manzhen gave one of his eggs to Shen Shijun, and the two had a birthday cake together.

Because of their birthdays, Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen asked their colleagues to eat at the restaurant. Xu Shuhui was late and thought it was only Shen Shijun’s birthday. When everyone was drinking and eating together, Zhu Hongcai came to the restaurant to make trouble. He knew that it was Gu Manzhen’s birthday, and hypocritically wanted to celebrate her. But Gu Manzhen didn’t appreciate it, and accused Zhu Hongcai of lacking culture or manners. Zhu Hongcai wanted to take Gu Manzhen away, but was stopped by Shen Shijun. Zhu Hongcai asked Shen Shijun to go heads-up, but Shen Shijun was hospitalized after being injured by his subordinates, and also hit his vital parts.

Shen Shijun went to the hospital after being injured. Gu Manzhen kept asking the doctor about the injured area of ​​Shen Shijun. Shen Shijun also felt embarrassed. Xu Shuhui asked her not to know. Xu Shuhui talked to Gu Manzhen alone, thinking that she and Shen Shijun were not in the same world, and hoped that she could leave Shen Shijun and not let him be harmed. Gu Manzhen said that she was not a ruthless person. Since Shen Shijun was injured because of her, she would definitely take care of Shen Shijun during this period, and she did not agree with Xu Shuhui’s statement that Xu Shuhui was not qualified to make decisions for Shen Shijun.

Gu Manzhen returned to the ward and saw that Shen Shijun was uncomfortable, but the doctors and nurses were not there. She had to change Shen Shijun’s dressing first, but the place where the dressing was changed was embarrassing, and she was still very uncomfortable. Zhu Hongcai went to the hospital to ask for trouble, and when he saw Gu Manzhen, he embarrassed her again. Later, Zhu Hongcai learned from the doctor’s prescription that Gu Manlu was pregnant, and he hurried back to report to Shi Jingxuan.

Shi Jingxuan was very happy, thinking that he would finally have a son. He asked Zhu Hongcai to arrange for Gu Manlu to take care of the best ward, and to deliver nutrients every day, hoping that Gu Manlu could give him a fat boy.

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