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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 5 Recap

Gu Manzhen told Zhu Hongcai not to get overwhelmed. After meeting in the hospital, the two quarreled. Zhu Hongcai wore Gu Manzhen’s face and said that Shen Shijun was the son of the brother, so she must not suffer. Gu Manzhen was very angry and felt uncomfortable looking at Zhu Hongcai’s face. The doctor asked Shen Shijun to be discharged because he was recovering well, but Shen Shijun didn’t want to be discharged yet, and the nurses felt strange.

Mother and grandma are vying to prepare snacks for Gu Manlu. Grandma thinks that preparing sweet food will allow her to have a son. Gu Manlu has always wanted to eat the pickle soup made by her mother. After eating, Gu Manlu was already knitting a sweater for the child in her belly, and Gu Manzhen helped her arrange the wool. Although Gu Manlu didn’t like Shi Jingxuan, he was always the father of the child in his stomach.

When Gu Manzhen went out to work, he encountered Zhu Hongcai at the door to entangle. Gu Manzhen said that if men and women are not getting married, Zhu Hongcai can still treat each other with courtesy. Zhu Hongcai said that even if Gu Manzhen is married in the future, he will not be bound by traditional etiquette, and will continue to pester Gu Manzhen and threaten Gu Manzhen with Shen Shijun. Gu Manzhen almost missed the tram because of Zhu Hongcai’s harassment. Fortunately, Gu Manlu helped to clear the siege.

Shen Shijun had been waiting for Gu Manzhen to go to work, Xu Shuhui was a little unhappy. When Gu Manzhen was sitting in Shi Jingxuan’s car and arrived at the factory, he met Director Ma. Gu Manlu told Zhu Hongcai not to worry about Gu Manzhen. She only had one sister, ironically that Zhu Hongcai’s ambition was not high. Zhu Hongcai still felt that Gu Manzhen was good. Gu Manlu could only use money to entice Zhu Hongcai. An investment company gave her news, and Zhu Hongcai’s eyes were bright after hearing it.

When people in the factory saw Gu Manzhen, they asked Shen Shijun and gave him medlars. Director Ma saw Gu Manzhen sitting in Shi Jingxuan’s car and felt that his actions were too arrogant. He asked Xu Shuhui if they were in a relationship. The factory is now very difficult. The general manager has already proposed layoffs. Director Ma asked Xu Shuhui to take care of it.

Colleagues in the office were discussing about layoffs, and the power went out suddenly, and Shen Shijun hurried to the workshop to check. Suddenly someone called Shen Shijun. It turned out that it was Shen Shijun’s mother. Gu Manzhen answered the phone. The two chatted for a while, and Gu Manzhen learned that Shen Shijun had a bad stomach. Shen Shijun repaired the factory’s electricity. He is a top student in the mechanical department, and everyone admires him. Xu Shuhui speaks for Gu Manzhen in front of Director Ma, and Director Ma tells him to be ignorant.

Xu Shuhui persuaded Shen Shijun that he and Gu Manzhen were inappropriate, and that Shen Shijun would return to Nanjing to take over the family business sooner or later. Shen Shijun feels that Gu Manzhen is very special. He is a person who will not dislike whether you are rich as long as you give her enough love. Shen Shijun invited Gu Manzhen and Xu Shuhui to the Maple Leaf Forest to take photos and send them to their mother. Gu Manzhen gave them gloves, and Xu Shuhui took a picture of the two.

It rained suddenly, and when the three of them were hiding from the rain, they saw a place to make a wish, and Shen Shijun proposed to make a wish together. In the Maple Leaf Forest, they saw a lot of wishes made by others. Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen may have a wish. The above is a life relationship and a life relationship. Shen Shijun said that the people who fell in love with her had no time to regret, and at this moment only wanted to protect Gu Manzhen.

On the way back the three of them, Gu Manzhen seemed to drop a glove. After Gu Manzhen left, Xu Shuhui thought that Gu Manzhen had many secrets, but Shen Shijun felt that Gu Manzhen was the best. At night, Shen Shijun had been helping Gu Manzhen to find the missing gloves on the tram, but had not found it after riding in many trams.

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