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Half a Lifelong Romance 情深缘起 Episode 6 Recap

Shen Shijun didn’t give up, got on the last tram and finally found Gu Manzhen’s gloves. The mother made a sweater for the child in Gu Manlu’s belly. The craftsmanship was very good. Shen Shijun sneezed vigorously in the office because he was looking for a glove to catch a cold. When Gu Manzhen saw it, he pretended that he had lost another glove, almost frightening Shen Shijun. Shen Shijun said that as long as he thinks it is good, he will always feel good, and the two laughed at each other.

Shen Shijun squeezed in the crowd for a long time and finally bought two movie tickets. He wanted to find a chance to give Gu Manzhen, so he put the movie ticket in the report, hoping to surprise Gu Manzhen. As a result, Gu Manzhen didn’t understand, and almost gave the report to his colleague Xiao Nie. Shen Shijun quickly grabbed the report.

Fang Yipeng suddenly came to the factory. He was a college classmate of Shen Shijun and Xu Shuhui plus his best friends. He came to visit them from Nanjing. Fang Yipeng didn’t know the relationship between Shen Shijun and Gu Manzhen, so he mentioned Shi Cuizhi, Shen Shijun’s blind date, and made fun of him leaving the beautiful woman at home to come to Shanghai.

Shen Shijun gave the movie ticket to Gu Manzhen and said that he would definitely attend the appointment. Gu Manzhen waited at the entrance of the cinema, but did not see Shen Shijun, she had to go in first. Fang Yipeng was drunk, and Shen Shijun could only send him home. Xu Shuhui picked up Shen Shijun’s movie ticket. He took the movie ticket to see Gu Manzhen in the cinema, saying that he did not like her and Shen Shijun, and handed the resignation letter to Gu Manzhen.

It was the first time Shi Jingxuan came to Gu Manlu’s house. Gu Manlu lost her temper. Shi Jingxuan could only coax Gu Manlu and let her raise her baby, saying that he would not treat her badly. Gu Manzhen looked at the calendar, she was reluctant to leave, and her colleagues asked her to play games together, but she was not in the mood. Shen Shijun apologized to Gu Manzhen, saying that he missed the appointment to watch the movie, and Gu Manzhen lied that he did not go to the cinema. Shen Shijun wanted to say something important to Gu Manzhen, but the warehouse called and asked him to deal with urgent matters.

Shen Shijun showed Gu Manzhen the photos he had taken earlier, saying that he would pick her up at Gu Manzhen’s house when he returned, and then left in a hurry. Gu Manzhen handed in her resignation letter, but the factory colleagues were reluctant to leave her. Back home, Gu Manlu was very happy, because Shi Jingxuan came to see her, but Gu Manzhen was upset and discovered by Gu Manlu. After Gu Manlu saw the photo, he asked Gu Manzhen to hold the man well.

Gu Manzhen still went out early, and everyone in the alley greeted her. Gu Manlu followed her and said that it didn’t matter if she didn’t have a job. She could raise Gu Manzhen. Gu Manlu took Gu Manzhen to make clothes, but Gu Manzhen was not in the mood to choose clothes. She quarreled with Gu Manlu in the street again. Gu Manzhen simply disliked Gu Manlu’s money and thought it was her own cause.

Back home, Gu Manzhen was angry and quarreled with Gu Manlu again. Her mother thought that she should marry her first priority. Gu Manzhen said that she would marry when she went out, and marry anyone who met when she opened the door. He didn’t expect to meet Zhu Hongcai after opening the door. Gu Manzhen thinks he is the most ridiculous person now. In the past, he hoped that Gu Manlu would not be laughed at.

Shen Shijun returned to the office and heard that Gu Manzhen had resigned and left. He ran to Xu Shuhui and questioned him, believing that Gu Manzhen was wronged, he must go to Gu Manzhen’s house to look for her, but the key house number on the file was obscured by ink. Shen Shijun regretted that he had been wronged. Did not ask clearly. Zhu Hongcai helped Gu Manzhen find a lot of jobs, but Gu Manzhen was unwilling to appreciate it.

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