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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 32 Recap

Qian Xixi felt a little ashamed that Jiang Zheyang wanted to find a chance to make it clear, but Ouyang believed that everyone has a choice for everyone, especially emotional matters, Qian Xixi has always admired Ouyang’s free and easy.

Duan Shengyun spoke for the live broadcast alliance, but it caused Song Zong to lose his temper. He accused Duan Shengyun of standing in the position of the entity alliance, but helped the live broadcast to speak. The two ends of the mouse can advance and retreat and defend, ironically Duan Shengyun is a father and son soldier. Regardless of the life and death of the physical store, for this reason, Mr. Wu proposed to let Duan Shengyun evade, Mr. Song aggressively criticized Duan Shengyun as two-sided. Duan Shengyun had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. Qian Xixi hurried to the hospital after receiving the news.

Fortunately, Duan Shengyun is not in danger of life, but he needs to go to Beijing to get a stent. This is a blessing. Qian Xixi and Duan Ran stayed in the hospital for one night. Qian Xixi knew about the negotiation, and was angry that Duan Ran didn’t tell her anything, and even suspected that Duan Ran didn’t believe in her ability. Zhang Jiayun praised Qian Xixi’s legend when he first started his business and wanted to copy the money again. Heisi’s legend, and Chen Lang said the idea. Qian Xixi was surprised that Chen Lang could come up with this idea, and he temporarily withdrew during the negotiation today, which eventually led to the failure of the negotiation.

Jiang Zheyang, who was filming, suddenly disappeared. Many people called Ouyang to find Jiang Zheyang. Ouyang had a stomachache and went to the hospital. He accidentally met Jiang Zheyang who was injured at the shooting scene and went to the hospital to see a doctor. Jiang Zheyang also signed for Ouyang instead of relatives. .

Because Duan Ran was going to accompany Duan Shengyun to Beijing, Qian Xixi proposed to replace Duan Ran in representative negotiations, but Duan Ran couldn’t bear to throw Qian Xixi into a lot of wolves to negotiate. Qian Xixi always expressed his desire. To help Duan Ran, I also wanted to help Duan Shengyun, but Duan Ran just didn’t agree. Qian Xixi and Duan Ran went to the restaurant for dinner, and happened to meet Jiang Zheyang and Ouyang who were also here for dinner. Duan Ran heard that Ouyang and Jiang Zheyang had terminated their contract, so he comforted Ouyang to take the opportunity to take a break. Qian Xixi only blamed Jiang Zheyang for the termination of the contract and did not say a word.

He simply did not regard her as a friend. Jiang Zheyang could not be with Qian Xi. Xidang brothers get along with each other, and a single sentence made Duan Ran angry, especially the last time the two went out together to call Duan Ran and Qian Xixi never picked up. Duan Ran was angry when he thought of it, and chased Qian Xixi to ask what was going on. The two of them couldn’t get along as buddies, and what kind of relationship they planned to get along, Ouyang and Jiang Zheyang didn’t want to watch the two continue to argue and got up and left.

Due to this, Duan Ran and Qian Xixi quarreled, and his parents were in a bad mood. Duan Ran had to lied that Qian Xifei was going to negotiate and he did not agree with the quarrel caused. Duan Mu also thinks that Qian Xixi is not suitable to be CEO, and it is not easy for a little girl, but Duan Shengyun thinks Qian Xixi is more suitable. In a sense, Qian Xixi is better than Duan Ran, and Qian Xixi is more flexible. They are more flexible. Duan Shengyun gave the shares to Duan Ran and Qian Xixi, and asked Duan Ran to hand it over to Qian Xixi himself.

Chen Lang has never signed an agreement with the Clothing Alliance. He himself doesn’t know what hesitates. Perhaps Zhang Jiayun’s ironic words have played a role. Chen Lang is upset, like a boat lost in the ocean.

Duan Ran came to Qian Xixi to apologize, and specially prepared a set of clothes for Qian Xixi to wear during the negotiation. At the same time, he transferred the equity to Qian Xixi and Duan Ran. Qian Xixi was moved to tears and thought he was in Duan’s house. After receiving a lot of favors, she can’t ask for this equity, all she needs is repayment.

Duan Ran persuaded Qian Xixi and Duan Shengyun meant that he hoped that they could do a good job in the company, so that Qian Xixi could accept the equity. Qian Xixi happily tried the clothes that Duan Ran had brought. Duan Ran pulled Qian Xixi for an interview. Qian Xixi satirically wanted to take advantage of Duan Ran. Duan Ran put his arms around Qian Xixi and begged for forgiveness.

Zhang Jiayun used a trick to get several companies in the clothing market to buy fabrics at the same time, deliberately lowering the price to buy, and asked the fifth brother to design a clothing pattern, and the old cat made clothes on the spot.

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