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The Centimeter of Love 爱的厘米 Episode 14 Recap

Guan Yuyi went back to the house to pack her luggage and wanted to change shifts with her mother to take care of her father. Chen Zhijun greeted her. Guan Yuyun exposed that Chen Zhijun was acting in person, but did not want her parents to move into the house. Chen Zhijun explained repeatedly that Guan Yuyun would not listen at all and let him take care of her. The colleagues hurried away, then slammed the door with their luggage and left.

Chen Zhijun saw Lan Qiaoqiao dozing off, and spread all his anger on her, telling her about her secretly going out at night. Xu Qingfeng came to the ward round and saw that Guan Yongnian was recovering quickly and promised to let him out of the hospital a week later. Liu Shuqi was grateful to Xu Qingfeng and wanted to come to thank him after he was discharged. Guan Yongnian hurriedly stopped Liu Shuqi.

Guan Yuqing couldn’t fall asleep after tossing and turning, she couldn’t help but think of Gao Jianling’s words. Gao Jianling brought her together with Xu Qingfeng, and she gradually became interested in Xu Qingfeng. Guan Yongnian gradually recovered. He wanted to be discharged as soon as possible, but he didn’t know where to live in the future. Guan Yuqing came to the hospital to see her father. She accidentally saw Xu Qingfeng chatting with a small patient with congenital heart disease Cocoa. Cocoa wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. Xu Qingfeng promised to help her realize her dream. Guan Yuqing saw this scene and thought Xu Qingfeng was A big warm man was curious about how he could help Coco fulfill his wish. Xu Qingfeng took Guan Yuqing to play with dolls, grabbed several dolls in one breath, and the two returned to the hospital happily.

Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo gave Guan Zhenlei an idea to appease Guan Yongnian, and then try to get the house in hand. When Li Bei came back from leave to visit Guan Yongnian, Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo desperately blocked her and complained that she shouldn’t take time off to delay work, and let her go on weekends. Go to see Guan Yongnian and force her to go back to work. Xu Qingfeng gave the dolls to Cocoa. Coco lined up the dolls in a long line. They were treated with a stethoscope one by one. Guan Yuqing gave Cocoa food and fed her personally. Xu Qingfeng also came to see Cocoa and let her eat. Have a good rest after dinner.

Guan Zhenlei took Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo to see Guan Yongnian. Guan Yongnian was so angry when he saw them, but he still resisted to say hello to them. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo made a false apology to Guan Yongnian, but Liu Shuqi couldn’t stand it. , Found an excuse to go out, and then Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo also hid, let Guan Zhenlei chat with Guan Yongnian alone.

Guan Zhenlei asked Guan Yongnian for forgiveness according to Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo’s prior entrustment, and was heartbroken to slap himself for the first time. Guan Yongnian had forgiven him a long time ago. Guan Zhenlei took the opportunity to propose that he wanted to open an online car hailing service. Use Guan Yuqing’s car. Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng happened to come to see Guan Yongnian. When they heard Guan Zhenlei’s words, Guan Yuqing was furious and condemned Guan Zhenlei for not only calculating her parents’ house, but also wanting to occupy her car. Guan Zhenlei confidently accused Guan Yuqing of not treating him as home. People, the two brothers and sisters quarreled very hard if they didn’t agree.

When Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo came to hear the news, Guan Zhenlei took the opportunity to file a lawsuit and framed Guan Yuqing and beat him. Zhao Mei and Li Aiguo were still helping, complaining that Guan Yuqing was incompetent, Guan Yuqing was speechless, Guan Yongnian kept complaining about Guan Yuqing. Xu Qingfeng couldn’t stand it, so he stood up to fight the injustice for Guan Yuqing, Guan Zhenlei pointed the finger at him, and Guan Yuqing quickly persuaded Xu Qingfeng to leave.

Guan Yuqing wanted to have a good chat with Guan Zhenlei, Guan Zhenlei resolutely refused to do it, and even scolded Guan Yuqing as an iron cock, Guan Yuqing yelled at him, Guan Zhenlei beat Guan Yuqing, Guan Yongnian struggled to think of it, and almost fainted, Zhao Mei He and Li Aiguo accused Guan Yuqing of accusing Guan Yuqing in front of Liu Shuqi. Guan Yongnian forced Guan Yuqing to send the car to Guan Zhenlei. Guan Yuqing was completely discouraged and did not want her father to be sad. go.

Guan Yuqing wandered on the street alone. The more she thought about it, the more sad she became. Sun Xiaobai suddenly called and wanted to go to the hospital to see her father. Guan Yuqing politely declined. Sun Xiaobai revealed that Tim had asked the company to take training courses instead of her. Even more aggrieved, tears fell involuntarily.

There was a pouring rain in the sky, Guan Yuqing did not dodge, letting the cold rain hit her body and face. Guan Yuqing went home in the rain and found that the key had fallen in the hospital. She was so angry that she smashed the door. Xu Qingfeng went home from get off work and took Guan Yuqing to his house for one night. Xu Qingfeng made ginger tea, let Guan Yuqing drink to warm her body, and put on her own clothes. Xu Qingfeng prepared instant noodles. Guan Yuqing only remembered that she hadn’t eaten all day. Xu Qingfeng asked her father.

Guan Yuqing forced her parents to sell the house due to Guan Zhenlei’s illness and her father’s harsh experience over the years. Xu Qingfeng told her to persuade her. Guan Yuqing also wanted to contribute to the family, but her father and younger brother could not unconditionally squeeze her. Xu Qingfeng confided to her the confusion of being tied up by her mother. The two of them had the same illness, and they toasted and drank together.

Xu Qingfeng found that Guan Yuqing’s arm was injured and hurried to help her deal with it. Guan Yuqing saw that there were many cartoon band-aids in the medicine box. She suspected that it was given to Xu Qingfeng by the little nurse. Xu Qingfeng picked up one and put it on her forehead. Let her sleep well, and tomorrow will forget her troubles, and Guan Yuqing will feel warm in her heart.

Xu Xiulan made a lot of food early in the morning and brought them to Xu Qingfeng. Xu Xiulan came in and saw Guan Yuqing and she was wearing Xu Qingfeng’s clothes. Xu Xiulan was not angry. When she learned that Guan Yuqing was staying at Xu Qingfeng’s house last night, She was so angry that she suspected that the two of them had done shameful things last night. Guan Yuqing and Xu Qingfeng explained repeatedly, but she didn’t believe it at all.

She insisted that Guan Yuqing was an undercover agent sent by Gao Jianling and wanted to take it from her Xu Qingfeng and Xu Qingfeng tried their best to defend Guan Yuqing. Xu Xiulan cried out sadly and believed that Xu Qingfeng had been brainwashed. Xu Qingfeng repeatedly stated that Guan Yuqing would not interfere with family affairs. Xu Xiulan refused to be forgiving and forced Xu Qingfeng to show it to her face. It had nothing to do with Guan Yuqing, and Xu Qingfeng had to do it.

Guan Yuqing got dressed and prepared to go to work. Xu Qingfeng personally took off the band-aid on her forehead. The two of them looked at each other. Xu Xiulan couldn’t stand it. She urged Guan Yuqing to leave. Xu Qingfeng wanted to go with Guan Yuqing, but Xu Xiulan hurriedly stopped her. He thumped his chest with anger.

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