Chinese Plot

The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 25 Recap

Xia Guoxiang felt that Wu Sangui was so kind to him. He vowed that he would never rebel. Wei Xiaobao even deceived him, worrying that someone would obey Akko’s words and use this to frame the relationship between him and Wu Sangui. Xia Guoxiang asked Wei Xiaobao to help him in front of Wu Sangui. He promised that he could do nothing, and Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to ask him to let Akko go. Xia Guoxiang asked him to write a manuscript to explain to Wu Sangui that Wei Xiaobao could not write, so Xia Guoxiang had to let Akko go.

Wei Xiaobao took Mu Jianping away and learned about the assassination of Wu Sangui from her. He learned that Wu Sangui had sent people to surround their residence the night before and put them all in the dungeon. Mu Jianping never saw Wu Sangui and had no chance at all. Assassinating Wu Sangui, Wei Xiaobao suddenly realized that he was fooled by Wu Sangui.

Xu Tianchuan and Qian Laoben learned that Wei Xiaobao had rescued the assassin, and guessed that he would definitely continue to save the people in the Mu Palace. They didn’t want to get involved with this matter, and each made excuses and left. Wei Xiaobao was furious, and Shuang’er persuaded him kindly. Wei Xiaobao vowed desperately to save the people in the palace.

At this moment, a nun came to Wei Xiaobao for help. Wei Xiaobao learned that Ake was in trouble and hurried to follow the nun. Wei Xiaobao came to see a beautiful nun as scheduled. She played a tragic tune with a pipa. Wei Xiaobao was deeply moved and liked her beauty more. The nun admitted that he was Chen Yuanyuan and begged Wei Xiaobao to come forward to save her daughter Ak, and Li Zicheng hurriedly rushed. Here, it was revealed that Wu Sangui was not injured at all.

At this moment, Wu Sangui came to Chen Yuanyuan, and Wei Xiaobao came out to question Wu Sangui after hearing the news. Wu Sangui brought Ake over to threaten Chen Yuanyuan. Chen Yuanyuan hurriedly knelt down to Wu Sangui and begged him to let Ake go. Wu Sangui learned that Ake was Chen Yuanyuan’s woman. He was ecstatic, and he hurriedly pulled Chen Yuanyuan up. Li Zicheng insisted that Ake was his biological daughter. Wu Sangui and Li Zicheng couldn’t help but fought.

Wei Xiaobao took the opportunity to hold Wu Sangui. Wu Sangui ordered the guards to lay down their weapons. Xia Guoxiang came and escorted all the guards around Wei Xiaobao and the people in Muwangfu. Wei Xiaobao negotiated with Wu Sangui. If Wu Sangui did not let go, they would die together. Wu Sangui promised Let them go, Wei Xiaobao wants to take A Ke with him, and Chen Yuanyuan betroth A Ke to Wei Xiaobao on the spot, and Li Zicheng has no objection.

Wei Xiaobao was worried, and asked Wu Sangui to call Wu Yingxiong and escort them back to the capital. Wu Sangui had to do so. Early the next morning, Wu Sangui handed Wu Yingxiong to Wei Xiaobao and threatened Wei Xiaobao not to talk nonsense in front of the emperor. Wei Xiaobao returned the sedan chair with the monkey and the tortoise to Wu Sangui, and took Princess Jianning, Wu Yingxiong and others on the road. Wu Sangui watched Wei Xiaobao take Wu Yingxiong to the capital, feeling unspeakably depressed.

Nine Difficulties felt that Wei Xiaobao did not have the talent for practicing, so he taught him the ability to escape—a variety of supernatural powers, and Wei Xiaobao naturally couldn’t ask for it. The Nine Difficulties supervised Wei Xiaobao to practice the miracle of escape. Wei Xiaobao was so tired and panting, he would take you and force him to continue running with a sandbag. After the rigorous training of the nine difficulties, Wei Xiaobao’s skill increased greatly, and the dogs chased him. Not on him.

The soldiers of the Xiaoqi Camp caught two spies sent by Wu Sangui, and Wei Xiaobao ordered them to be in charge for three days before letting them fend for themselves. Suddenly brilliant fireworks rose in the sky. Wei Xiaobao worried that this was the contact code of Wu Sangui’s sneak attack. Xu Tianchuan recognized it as a signal of the Tiandihui. The Tiandihui disciples found that Wu Sangui led 30,000 soldiers to block Wei Xiaobao in Guizhou and wanted to kill them all. .

That night, someone sneaked into Princess Jianning’s tent and hijacked her. Wei Xiaobao heard the news and chased her. Princess Jianning shouted for help. Wei Xiaobao hurriedly chased her. Fattouduo and Lu Gaoxuan rushed to recognize Princess Jianning as thin. Toutuo, he is the biological father of Princess Jianning. He wants to take Princess Jianning back to Shenlong Island to see her mother Mao Dongzhu. Wei Xiaobao urged him hard not to take Princess Jianning away. She grew up in the palace and was pampered, so she couldn’t adapt to Dianpei. Days of exile.

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