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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 26 Recap

Wei Xiaobao persuaded Thin Tou Tuo not to recognize Princess Jianning, and let her continue her current life of pampering. Thin Tou Tuo asked Wei Xiaobao to take good care of Princess Jianning, otherwise he would not be polite to him. Thin Tou Tuo would not return to Shenlong Island, Fat Tou Tuo and Lu Gaoxuan. Go with him.

Wei Xiaobao brought back the unconscious Princess Jianning, and met Zheng Keshuang and Feng Xifan halfway. They wanted to kill Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao dodged desperately and called for help. Qian Laoben, Shuang’er, Xu Tianchuan and others came to relieve the siege. Feng Xifan He scolded them as running dogs of the Qing emperor. Wei Xiaobao wanted Qian Laoben and others to clarify the stakes. Feng Xifan didn’t listen at all. He drew his sword and stabbed Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao knew Feng Xifan’s swordsmanship was superb. He thought he was going to die soon. His mother died in retirement, but he did not expect him to be unscathed.

Feng Xifan wanted to kill Wei Xiaobao to clear the door for the world. Suddenly someone shouted for Wei Xiaobao to fight the injustice. Feng Xifan was not convinced, so he fought with him, and the sword was cut off. Wei Xiaobao ordered Feng Xifan and Zheng Keshuang to be arrested, only to know that he was saved. Wu Liuqi, the incense master of Hongqitang, hurriedly brought him to reunite with Xu Tianchuan and others. Wu Liuqi was full of praise for Wei Xiaobao.

Wu Liuqi learned in detail about Feng Xifan and Chen Jinnan’s grievances, and advised Wei Xiaobao not to kill Feng Xifan. Chen Jinnan came here a few days later, and Wei Xiaobao had to give up. Princess Jianning woke up suddenly, clearly remembering that an ugly person called her daughter, and Wei Xiaobao repeatedly explained that she was dreaming, that there was no such person.

When Wei Xiaobao came to see the Nine Difficulties, he inadvertently saw a note on the table that said “Do it for yourself”. Wei Xiaobao didn’t know a word, so he came to Xu Tianchuan for advice. Wei Xiaobao guessed the nine difficulties and left without saying goodbye, feeling very lonely. Qian Laoben and Xiang him deliberately ate meat and drink in front of Zheng Keshuang and Feng Xifan, and they drooled.

Wei Xiaobao came to beat Zheng Keshuang so hard that he was not allowed to provoke A Ke. Feng Xifan was not convinced. Wei Xiaobao was angrily taught Zheng Keshuang again. Zheng Keshuang was so scared that he begged for mercy again and again. Chen Jinnan sent someone to call Wei Xiaobao, and Wei Xiaobao hurried to ride to the woods. Chen Jinnan was full of praise for Wei Xiaobao’s dispute with Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao wanted to give Chen Jinnan the treasure map. Chen Jinnan persuaded him to release Zheng Keshuang and Feng Xifan so as not to kill him. Infamy, Wei Xiaobao had to act accordingly.

Wei Xiaobao took Princess Jianning and others back to the capital to return to the emperor. The emperor called Princess Jianning and Wu Yingxiong into the palace. Wei Xiaobao stood outside the palace gate and waited. He was bored and suddenly saw a bearded official waiting next to him. He claimed to have waited for three years and the emperor did not see him. At this moment, the emperor ordered Wei Xiaobao to meet at the gun factory. The officials left happily. Wei Xiaobao inquired and learned that the man was Shi Lang.

Wei Xiaobao came to the artillery factory to meet the emperor on time. The emperor called Wei Xiaobao aside. He had long guessed that Princess Jianning deliberately planted and framed Wu Yingxiong. The emperor gave Wu Yingxiong a yellow mantle in order to stabilize Wu Sangui. The emperor called Nan Huairen to get to know Wei Xiaobao. Wei Xiaobao learned that Nan Huairen was a foreigner and served as the minister of engineering.

Nan Huairen wanted the emperor to light the cannon himself. Wei Xiaobao took the initiative to ignite the gun. He witnessed the power of the cannon and exploded on the opposite slope. Wei Xiaobao was amazed and admired the emperor’s wise decision. Wei Xiaobao sent the emperor a “forty-two chapters”, and the emperor wanted to send someone to the Taimiao to burn it, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

The emperor sent Wei Xiaobao to Shenlong Island to catch the members of the Shenlong Sect and inquired about the whereabouts of Mao Dongzhu. Wei Xiaobao made various excuses. The emperor insisted on destroying the Shenlong Sect and cleared the obstacles for the great cleansing. The emperor asked Wei Xiaobao to do it quietly. Let anyone know. Wei Xiaobao knew very well that Lord Hong had great magical powers. He didn’t dare to hit the stone with the pebbles. He was so anxious that he was very anxious. The two men spoke to him kindly and brought out the assembled treasure map. Wei Xiaobao didn’t know Manchu text, let alone the whereabouts of the treasure.

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