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The Deer and the Cauldron 鹿鼎记2020 Episode 27 Recap

Shuang’er asked Wei Xiaobao to ask the butler from Manchuria. Wei Xiaobao used the emperor to let him go to Changbai Mountain to worship the sky. He asked him for some Manchu words, and then he wrote the place names in Manchu on the treasure map and asked the butler to translate them. After writing out the corresponding Chinese characters, Wei Xiaobao reminded him not to tell anyone, and to return a sum of money as a reward. Shuang’er marked it on the treasure map according to the place name written by the housekeeper.

Fat Tou Tuo and Lu Gaoxuan sent Thin Tou Tuo back to Shenlong Island. Lord Hong sent them back to help Wei Xiaobao find the rest of the scriptures, and they heard that Wei Xiaobao was going to Changbai Mountain to worship the sky. Wei Xiaobao lied that the scriptures were in a temple in Qinghai, and it was already half a year ago. After sending someone to inquire about the news, Lu Gaoxuan promised to wait for Wei Xiaobao to return at the inn.

Shi Lang wanted to fight Taiwan. He told the emperor. The emperor asked him to be in the capital. Shi Lang asked people to help meet the emperor. However, he returned without success. He asked Wei Xiaobao to send a precious jade bowl to Wei Xiaobao. He spoke before the emperor, and Wei Xiaobao bit the bullet and saw him. Shi Lang detailed the naval battle plan for attacking Taiwan. Wei Xiaobao was full of praise and promised to explain the situation to the emperor.

Wei Xiaobao brought Suo Etu to see the emperor, and thought of Shi Lang’s thoughts to the emperor to report. The emperor wanted to level the San Francisco first and then attack Taiwan. He deliberately left Shi Lang in the capital. He just didn’t want him to return to Fujian to fight the snakes, and wait until the time is right. Put Shi Lang back, he will surely occupy Taiwan in one go. Wei Xiaobao had to admire the emperor’s wise decision. He knew Shi Lang was good at naval warfare and wanted to take him to destroy Shenlong Island.

The emperor asked Wei Xiaobao to call Shi Lang. Shi Lang finally saw the emperor. His excitement was overwhelming. The emperor sent him to follow Wei Xiaobao to the Changbai Mountain to worship the sky. He wanted to try his talents. Shi Lang naturally couldn’t ask for it. Wei Xiaobao took Shi Lang to Shenlong Island by boat. Shi Lang had already made a careful plan. He took out the map of the island and reported to Wei Xiaobao in detail. Wei Xiaobao reminded him not to bomb wildly, and to ensure the safety of the two palace ladies in the palace.

At this moment, a floating corpse appeared on the sea. Wei Xiaobao ordered it to be brought up. He found that the man was Thin Tou Tuo, and the Thin Tou Tuo was still alive. Wei Xiaobao rescued him, only to find out that he went to Shenlong Island to find Mao Dongzhu. Su Quan blamed Mao Dongzhu for the work. Unfortunately, she wanted to send her to the island to feed the snakes. Too Tuo wanted to save Mao Dongzhu and was thrown into the sea. Wei Xiaobao was thankful that he did not let him take Princess Jianning back. Thin Tou Tuo wanted to go back to save Mao Dongzhu with all his heart. Wei Xiaobao learned about the situation on Shenlong Island from him and learned of the internal strife of Shenlong Church.

Shi Lang had already put the soldiers on the battlefield, urging Wei Xiaobao to give the order as soon as possible. Wei Xiaobao gave the order, 50 cannons fired together, the shells flew all together, blowing Shenlong Island into a mess. Wei Xiaobao found that he was caught and hurried to get on the ship to rescue him. Su Quan did not expect Su Quan to ambush. Here, we arrested Wei Xiaobao to see Lord Hong. He didn’t expect Wei Xiaobao to lead troops to attack Shenlong Island.

Wei Xiaobao repeatedly argued that the emperor sent him to Changbai Mountain to worship the sky, but it was inconvenient to transport the artillery by land, so he switched to water. He rescued Thin Tou Tuo. After learning that the Shenlong Sect had a civil strife, he bombed Shenlong Island. In order to save Lord Hong and Su Quan, Wei Xiaobao relied on his three-inch tongue to defend himself, and Lord Hong was dubious.

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