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To Love 最初的相遇,最后的别离 Episode 12 Recap

Zhao Tinghui went to a restaurant to check the surveillance. It was Ji Xiaoou rigorously fighting with Zhan Yu. The hotel manager and Zhao Tinghui said that the two men were fighting because of the woman, and then the girl and the older man said that she liked the younger one, so The two men fought.

Ji Xiaoou’s parents celebrated her birthday, and her mother hoped that she would find her boyfriend sooner, and they would be relieved. Ji Xiaoou said that they should find a son for them, so that they don’t have to worry about old-age care and ask her mother to treat Zhan Yu as herself. His son looked the best, but his mother asked Ji Xiaoou when to help Zhan Yu and their mother and son? In the future, Ji Xiaoou will bring a lot of trouble, but Ji Xiaoou thinks that Zhan Yu will have a bright future, so let them rest assured.

Fang Niya and Ji Xiaoou said that Zhan Yu invited her to dinner, and asked Ji Xiaoou to prepare well and change into a beautiful outfit. It is possible that Zhan Yu would confess to Ji Xiaoou on her birthday, but Ji Xiaoou and Fang Niya said that if this happens to her Those who can make clear with Zhan Yu can only be siblings.

When Ji Xiaoou went to the meeting place, he saw that it was a high-end restaurant, and saw Zhan Yu dressed in a formal dress and all the high-end dishes served. Ji Xiaoou told Zhan Yu that his house still costs money, it is too expensive, but Zhan Yu said he did not spend a penny where he ordered the food, and where did he work for a month in exchange. At this time, Zhan Yu’s phone rang and called him rigorously. Zhan Yu didn’t take a look.

Ji Xiaoou didn’t answer it for a while. Ji Xiaoou’s phone also rang. It was a rigorous call. Originally, Ji Xiaoou thought that rigorous still remembered her birthday with some unexpected joy, but he didn’t expect that the first sentence that rigorous said was to ask if Zhanyu was looking for with her. Zhan Yu was in a hurry, which disappointed Ji Xiaoou and hung up the phone.

Zhan Yu and Ji Xiaoou arranged a restaurant in advance when they were eating, and prepared cakes for Ji Xiaoou. After Ji Xiaoou made a wish, Zhan Yu took out a gift for her. It was a secret photo taken by Zhan Yu when Ji Xiaoou was not paying attention. The photo album was given to Ji Xiaoou, and then Zhan Yu and Ji Xiaoou said that she was a warm goddess in Zhan Yu’s heart, and asked Ji Xiaoou to marry a good person, so Ji Xiaoou wanted to take a photo with Zhan Yu in order to thank Zhan Yu for the gift. Time and strictness passed, he caught Zhan Yu and hit.

Ji Xiaoou saw that Zhanyu was treated like this to Zhan Yu. He said that Zhan Yu was her most important person and told him not to treat Zhan Yu like this, so Zhan Yu was held tightly. After leaving the restaurant, Ji Xiaoou was caught by the owner of the restaurant when he was about to chase out, and told her to settle the broken things and the meal expenses before leaving. Only then did Ji Xiaoou realize that Zhan Yu was cheating her by saying that she did not spend money. , I’m afraid Ji Xiaoou says he spends money indiscriminately.

After making the payment, Ji Xiaoou went out and saw that Yan Jing was hitting Zhan Yu. He also told Ji Xiaoou that he was a bad guy. Ji Xiaoou asked Yan Jing what happened to Zhan Yu? Strictly called Zhan Yu to be a real man, showed his true face to Ji Xiaoou and left. Ji Xiaoou helped Zhan Yu up. Zhan Yu said that he had something to do and left in a hurry.

The next day Ji Xiaoou called Zhan Yu and no one answered him, so he went to his house and found nothing. Ji Xiaoou went to the hospital and saw that Zhan Yu had hired a nurse for his mother, saying that Zhan Yu would have to go for a week to perform.

Rigorous wanted to find Zhan Yu for questioning because Lao Cheng was killed, but he called Ji Xiaoou but didn’t tell her where she was, so he called Fangnia, but didn’t get the answer he wanted, which made Rigorous very collapse. After a while, his sister called him and said that Lao Cheng was being rescued, and she might not be able to make it tonight and ask him to come over to see, but there was no way she could go, so she asked someone to check Zhan Yu’s mobile phone number, based on her mobile location. When I found out that Zhan Yu was eating at that restaurant, I went to look for him. After the two went out, they asked him strictly whether Lao Cheng was betrayed by him?

Zhan Yu had to tell him that he had spent 200,000 in order to save his mother and heal the illness, but he did not know that Lao Cheng would be assassinated. Strict and Zhan Yu said that only 200,000 yuan would let Lao Cheng be killed. He could have difficulties. Tell yourself, you can give him as much as 200,000, but Zhan Yu said that he just doesn’t want to spend rigorous money, because that is his self-esteem, and now he wants to be rigorous and want to beat Zhan Yu even more. Because of his self-esteem, Lao Cheng was rescued in the hospital, but Zhan Yuhe knelt down and apologized that he didn’t know it would be so serious, and Ji Xiaoou went out.

Strict returned home and received a call from his sister asking him to see Lao Cheng. It was the last moment. If he didn’t go, he would never see Lao Cheng again.

This scene reminded Yan Jing of the 1020 drug case. After Yan Jing woke up, he only saw Lao Cheng by his side and did not see the second son. Jing knew that Liu Wei would monitor him, but for the sake of his comradeship and to be able to see Lao Cheng, he had to go. Dressed as a doctor walking by Lao Cheng’s bed, just to be able to see Lao Cheng.

The only thing that Lao Cheng’s connector can do without rigor is to stand by. Liu Wei sent someone to take Yan Jing to a remote place. After Yan Jing got off the car, he found that it was an abandoned factory. Seeing Liu Wei chopping meat, Liu Wei said that he was a pig killer before, and there was a person hanging from the rope. After being beaten up, I walked in strictly to see that it was Zhan Yu.

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