Chinese Plot

Be With You 好想和你在一起 Episode 12 Recap

The drunk Qi Nian was hugged by the Ferris wheel by Ji Yanxin. Si Qi clenched his fists and stared at his elder brother glaringly. Ji Yanxin said that he had to deal with the housework, so he took Qi Nian to Gu Qingwu to take care of him.

The four of them had breakfast together. Ji Yanxin’s hands and Siqi’s cheeks were hurt. Qi Nian and Gu Qingwu were afraid that they would do it. In fact, Si Qi threw the flyers all over the place because of Siqi’s temper. Siqi packed the flyers and returned them. When he tripped, Ji Yanxin worried that his brother would stretch out his hand to stop him, and it turned out to be like this. Si Qi and Ji Yanxin competed secretly, and almost revealed that Qi Nian was a cartoonist, and Qi Nian fooled him by thinking that he was just Si Qi’s assistant.

Grandpa was hospitalized with a sudden illness. Ji Qiu found out that grandpa had written a will and heard him ask whether the insurance company had a malignant tumor covered by insurance. Ji Yanxin lied that Siqi and himself had been reconciled in order to give his grandpa peace of mind, and they were still living together.

In order to give grandpa peace of mind, Si Qi brought his luggage to live in Ji Yanxin’s house, and asked to stay in Ji Yanxin. The two brothers get along with Maimang, and Ji Yanxin’s demands and control on his younger brother have not diminished. Siqi and Ji Yanxin used to be very close, but on the 16th birthday, Siqi started a fight because of the provocation of his classmates. Ji Yanxin, who came back from the company, was very angry. His brother was addicted to comics and escaped. Siqi was fed up with his brother repeating and disappearing. Father’s way of education. The furious Ji Yanxin overthrew Siqi’s doll and tore up his comics. The broken Siqi rushed out of the house and never wanted to see this brother again.

Si Qi’s twentieth birthday is approaching. He came to the cake shop alone, but he met the classmate who spoke insultingly at the time. Contradictions were on the verge of breaking out. Gu Qingwu’s girlfriend pretending to be Si Qi turned to the army. She remembered all Siqi’s information, and hoped that he could come to her company. Siqi thanked her for her rescue, but refused to change.

Qi Nian aired the bed sheet and accidentally stepped on it. He thought he was going to have a French kiss with Mother Earth, but Ji Yanxin came to make a mat. In order to prevent Qibao from rushing forward like last time, Ji Yanxin hugged Qi Nian, whose fast beating heart made Qi Nian think he was excited about drinking coffee. Ji Yanxin said that he didn’t want to celebrate Si Qi’s birthday, but he still bought cake. Qi Nian wanted to make longevity noodles for Si Qi, but he got a lot of flour on her face. Ji Yanxin helped her wear an apron and wiped off the flour on her face intimately. Of course, in the end, Ji Yanxin did the longevity noodles.

A person on the riverside recalled the past, but the cake he bought fell to the ground and broke. Si Qi pretended to be worried and returned to Ji Yanxin’s home. Qi Nian put out flowers to celebrate his birthday, and Si Qi could still accept it in his heart to be able to celebrate with Qi Nian. Knowing that Ji Yanxin also participated in the arrangement of these scenes and left gifts for himself, Siqi’s inner pain could no longer be concealed. He dropped the gift box in his hand, turned and left, he became the loneliest person on the happiest day.

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