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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 44 Recap

When Zhong Baiming realized that he rushed into the tailor’s shop, the shop was already empty. The colorful lights on the plaque were eye-catching. In addition, Zhao Zhiyong looked for a few documents on the spot, which made him more sure of the ghosts in the police station. Otherwise, how can the evacuation signal be transmitted in time?

Gu Yaodong sneaked into the pavilion after his family was asleep. It was not until Shen Qinghe produced Shi Fengming’s information that she realized that her real name was Zhou Mingpei, and she was a special-level transmitter of the Shanghai underground organization. Because Zhou Mingpei had received special training in the Soviet Union and mastered the double super password, the organization did not want to lose these talents, and temporarily decided to transfer her out of the city. Gu Yaodong needed to help Gu Yaodong redeem her new identity.

Under the instruction of Shen Qinghe, Gu Yaodong quickly learned how to make photos urgently, thinking that Chief Kong would ask him to play chess tomorrow, so he decided to take the opportunity to get his credentials. Considering that Shen Qinghe didn’t eat dinner, Gu Yaodong took out the dried tofu he bought for her in advance from his pocket, and then proposed to give himself a code name. As a result, Shen Qinghe rejected several of them mercilessly, causing him to lose his passion and stop talking.

Due to Zhong Baiming’s action, Police Officer Liu could not escape the blame. His drunken speech became a common crime and was sent to the prosecutor’s office. The police officers who revealed the action to him were also expelled, so that everyone It is guessed that the position of the captain of Xingyi Division is not good in feng shui, and whoever is the one is unlucky.

Not only has the criminal punishment continued, but even the police station has also changed. Recently, they have started to lay off employees frequently, causing panic. When Gu Yaodong and the second Xing officer passed by the personnel, they happened to meet the household registration officer leaving the personnel office with kraft paper. Basically, every three o’clock in the afternoon, someone must go home with a salary and be completely unemployed.

Although the household registration department was in a mess, Section Chief Kong still did not forget to play chess, and dragged Gu Yaodong to fight to death between the Han and Chu Rivers. At this time, a police officer brought several files to Chief Kong for the seal. Gu Yaodong deliberately moved the position of the chess pieces and pretended to cheat, thus logically replacing Chief Kong to go to the office to seal, and at the same time settle Zhou Mingpei’s new household registration card.

All the process was clean and neat. When Gu Yaodong returned, Section Chief Kong was still staring at the chessboard, lest he would learn Xia Jicheng’s tricks again. While Section Chief Kong was still concentrating on the number of steps, Zhong Baiming brought Zhao Zhiyong and others to the household registration department, and even ordered everyone not to leave without authorization. He immediately took out a few ID cards and put them on the table, showing The official seal of the household registration section on the ID card is self-evident.

Since someone in the household registration department had dirty hands and feet, he naturally had to find a correction. Zhong Baiming ordered everyone to conduct a body search, including Gu Yaodong. Just when Zhao Zhiyong was ordered to inspect Gu Yaodong, a police officer with household registration suddenly pushed Zhong Baiming away and rushed out. Several people swarmed him to subdue him, and quickly found several documents on his body. After interrogation, he was an ordinary police officer who was obsessed with money.

While feeling sorry, Zhong Baiming sensed Gu Yaodong’s nervousness, so he went over to flip his trouser pockets in two steps, only to pull out a chess “horse” from it, which was nothing but an oolong. As Chief Kong’s extremely depressed accusation came out, Gu Yaodong smiled without contempt. A shameful cheating incident barely ended, but no one knew that the new document had been hidden in the police boots by Gu Yaodong in advance.

In the deputy director’s office, Zhong Baiming sat at the table and played the chess repeatedly, vaguely feeling that Gu Yaodong was different from the past. Zhao Zhiyong found out that Mingxiang Tailor Shop was calling from a grocery store on Enlihe Road. However, the boss and his wife were not familiar with the caller and could not provide useful clues. Hearing this, Zhong Baiming instantly pressed the spinning chess on the table and decided Go to see the boss in person, even if Gu Yaodong is a horse, he will be the gun behind the horse.

Qi Shengping hosted a banquet at home and invited several old friends and Gu Yaodong to attend. That night, Gu Yaodong and Shen Qinghe were dressed up and attended the appointment as they did. They were teased by everyone at the dinner table because they were both talented, talented and beautiful. At the same time, they toasted to celebrate the happy wedding of the young couple.

After the dinner, Shen Qinghe and his wives went to the living room to chat and laugh, and the atmosphere was particularly harmonious. Gu Yaodong accompanied Qi Shengping to play mahjong. During the period, he learned about the reasons for the exposure of Mingxiang Tailor Shop and learned of the special telecommunication room set up by the police station. Qi Shengping said with a smile that Gu Yaodong was sitting in Xia Jicheng’s special seat, but these words made Gu Yaodong’s heart turbulent, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Gu Yaodong never thought that after Xia Jicheng left Shanghai for so long, he would complete the handover ceremony with him in this way. Shen Qinghe inadvertently looked at the card table and was involuntarily stunned, only to see Gu Yaodong’s profile somewhat similar to Xia Jicheng, and vaguely saw the figure of the old man.

The two returned to the pavilion. Shen Qinghe was still a little afraid of being investigated by the household registration department today, so he gave Gu Yaodong a pistol, hoping that he could use this gun to protect himself, and hope that it is best not to be forced to use a gun. . After a short silence, Shen Qinghe took the initiative to talk about the code name. Since Xia Jicheng once said that “Bai Hua” does not belong to him, it means that Bai Hua will be Shen Qinghe, Lao Dong, and Gu Yaodong from now on.

Facing Zhao Zhiyong’s inquiry, the grocery store owner and the proprietress were a little embarrassed, until Zhong Baiming took out a few dollars, and the proprietress immediately changed his smile, willing to help him pay attention to the mysterious man who had called. Zhong Baiming knew that the other party was greedy and greedy, so he simply ordered Zhao Zhiyong to take away the boss’s youngest son. Only by finding out can the family be reunited. Zhao Zhiyong was stunned when he heard that, and realized that Zhong Baiming was far more terrifying than he thought.

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