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Fearless Whispers 隐秘而伟大 Episode 46 Recap

Because of Zhao Zhiyong’s behavior, Gu Yaodong instantly understood the real reason why he came to Gu’s family. The touch just now turned into a joke. Even the smile stopped abruptly, and the atmosphere fell into silence. After the cold scene, Zhao Zhiyong tried to find the topic again, but Gu Yaodong still responded lukewarm, and finally the conversation ended in a cramped farewell. Although Zhao Zhiyong is very happy that Gu Yaodong is caring for his mother, he is only caring for Zhao’s mother, without any brotherhood.

Qi Shengping hosted a banquet at the Golden Gate Hotel and invited officials at all levels to meet Xia Jicheng. Zhong Baiming smiled without saying a word, staring closely at Xia Jicheng, especially when he found that his left hand seemed to be inconvenient, so he became more determined to guess. At the same time, Shen Qinghe personally went to the suburbs to retrieve Zhou Mingpei and took the initiative to explain to her about the mission.

In the Xiao Shaoxing restaurant, police officers from the Second Criminal Division gathered at a table. Although the food and beverages had already been arranged, no one had moved their chopsticks. It seemed that there was still a hint of expectation. When the night darkened, the four of them could hardly hide their loss. When they were about to leave, Xia Jicheng walked from the door in a military uniform and threw the greased paper bag containing the roast chicken directly on the table. Seeing this, everyone was so surprised that they rushed to take off their police uniforms, rolled up their sleeves and had a big meal. With the noise, they seemed to be back to the good old days.

Zhao Zhiyong went to see Zhong Baiming overnight and reported the situation truthfully. However, Zhong Baiming did not relax his guard and told him to pay more attention to the movements of the grocery store owner. Perceiving Zhao Zhiyong’s depression, Zhong Baiming reminded him not to be soft-hearted. If he is still cowardly and has no accomplishments, I am afraid that he will never have money to continue Zhao’s life.

Gu Yaodong returned to work at the police station the next day in order to prevent people from causing suspicion. Sure enough, Zhong Baiming took him to the infirmary for physical examination under the pretext of concern, but there was no wound on his shoulder.

That night, Shen Qinghe took the initiative to apply medicine to Gu Yaodong, and saw an oblique wound on his back. It turned out that Xia Jicheng promptly pressed Gu Yaodong on the steering wheel that night, causing the bullet to not directly injure his shoulders, but grazed his back and shot into the chair. Back.

Because the wound was so inflamed, ordinary disinfectants had no effect, so the old Dongtuo got some sulfa powder and put it in the store. Gu Yaodong knew that Shen Qinghe was obviously worried that he was still stubborn, and then could not hide his affection, so he got up and kissed Shen Qinghe. It just so happened that Gu Bang wanted his son to try on his shirt. The old couple suddenly broke into the room and saw Gu Yaodong topless and Shen Qinghe hiding behind him. The scene was once embarrassing. Mother Gu hurriedly dragged Gu Bang back to the room and blamed the old man for disturbing her son. Shen Qinghe ran back to the room shyly, but laughed at the moment the door was closed.

Just as everything was on the right track, the crisis seemed to be over. I didn’t expect that the lady of the grocery store suddenly found Zhong Baiming and identified that the person who called that day was the fellow of Hongfeng Rice Store. After Zhong Baiming received the news, he immediately took people to watch around the rice spot. From a distance, the sign “Long-term purchase of rice” was hung at the door, which seemed normal.

Old Dong found that the police station’s eyeliner had been ambushed nearby, so he quickly took off the “Long-term purchase of rice” sign, washed it with a bucket at the door, and put it on the ground to dry, indicating that the rice shop was no longer safe, and the notice of the signal would Leave automatically.

The buddy is going to see Zhou Mingpei at the Mia Café, to hand over the task, and then arrange the residence. But during the period, he noticed that he was being followed, so he decided to cancel the street, but he was stopped by Zhong Baiming when he got on the rickshaw.

Even though the guy was tortured and still refused to confess, Zhong Baiming ordered Zhao Zhiyong to take the grocery store owner’s son to the torture room, while others arrested the grocery store owner and his wife. The male boss of the grocery store was beaten to blood, and the wife of the boss was paralyzed beside her and couldn’t cry. Zhong Baiming threatened with the child. The Midian guy couldn’t bear it and could only tell the truth.

Seeing that Gu Yaodong’s wounds caused various inflammations, and now he has a high fever, Shen Qinghe rushed to the “Yutian Photographic Studio” of the new contact point and received the sulfa powder from the boss Yue. When she was about to leave, she suddenly received a call from Old Dong and learned that the grounding point had been exposed, so she hurried to Mia Cafe.

In order to protect Zhou Mingpei, Shen Qinghe took the lead to come to the bar and utter a secret signal. Seeing this move, Zhou Mingpei felt clear and calmly found a place to sit down. Zhong Baiming smiled in front of Shen Qinghe and actively invited her to eat dessert, until a plainclothes policeman hurried into the cafe with Shen Qinghe’s Kun bag hidden under the driver’s seat of the truck.

Realizing that he could not get out safely, Shen Qinghe didn’t want to hurt Gu Yaodong. After a moment of silence, he took the initiative to take out everything from his bag, including the box of sulfa powder. Zhou Mingpei sat at the table next door and saw Zhong Baiming leave with Shen Qinghe, enduring grief.

In an abandoned factory building, Shen Qinghe was tied back to a torture instrument, and his whole body was ripped apart. Zhao Zhiyong cowered and stood at the door, and he didn’t even have the courage to look up at her. Zhong Baiming asked about the source of the sulfa powder, but Shen Qinghe insisted on not revealing it, so he was more sure that the sulfa powder was purchased for Xia Jicheng, so he dumped all the sulfa powder in front of her.

The police officer brought the Midian guy to Shen Qinghe. The two looked at each other, and neither spoke a word. Eventually, the Midian guy bit his tongue, and Zhong Baiming shot him to death. Zhao Zhiyong watched the corpse being dragged away like a sack, and listened to Zhong Baiming’s devilish voice, only to feel the creeps.

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