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Something Just Like This 青春创世纪 Episode 33 Recap

Duan Ran apologized to Qian Xixi, and Duan Ran also admitted that he shouldn’t think about Jiang Zheyang and Qian Xixi’s affairs, believing that the two of them will do nothing.

The clothing designed by the fifth brother this time combined the sweater and the shirt. As a result, when it appeared in the live broadcast room, it was resisted by many people. It was ironic that the clothes design of the fifth brother was too rustic, and they were all abusive. Hiding in the toilet and crying, the old cat rushed over to persuade him. Zhang Jiayun hoped to give the fifth brother time.

Qian Xixi approached Mr. Wu and proposed to find a key to open the live broadcast alliance, the e-commerce alliance, and the corpse alliance. Although the live broadcast alliance cannot occupy a large market for the Bopineapple, it is also a loss for the Bopineapple. Qian Xixi proposed to sell the wave of pineapple tails, but Mr. Wu believed that there was an unwritten rule in the mall that he could not decide this matter by himself. He also persuaded Qian Xixi to accept the entity alliance’s agreement and not in vain.

Zhang Jiayun and Bai Siyu came to Qian Xixi’s store manager and clerk Aloe. They said that Qian Xixi was not easy, and they resigned because of the company’s people. They hope the store manager can help. Although the store manager thinks Qian Xixi is not easy, but Considering the company’s regulations, I still dare not say it. Persuading the store manager to reveal the news about the pineapple tails, but the store manager did not agree with him for fear of influencing. Aloe has always been distressed by Qian Xixi’s persuasion of the store manager, who only agreed to give the work clothes to Zhang Jiayun and Bai Siyu, and at the same time told the two of them where they were stocked.

At the same time, Qian Xixi is also negotiating on behalf of Duan Ran, categorically rejecting the entity alliance agreement, proposing an underwriting method and specific brand customization. It is required that what cannot be bought offline can be bought online, and the two parties can distinguish the production line, but Song always objected.

Zhang Jiayun took Bai Siyu to pretend to be a worker to the tailing warehouse of Popineapple in the suburbs, and at the same time sent the location to Su Su and Yu Shi. Zhang Jiayun took a mobile phone in the warehouse to record the situation of the Popineapple warehouse, but was discovered by the transportation staff Grabbed the phone and deleted all the photos. Qian Xixi applied for a five-minute break, and Mr. Shen agreed to help round the game.

Qian Xixi came to Mr. Wu and Mr. Mu and lied that they knew they were secretly selling tailed goods. This operation was done to give the company a good sales impression. In fact, it violated the company’s regulations. I hope Mr. Wu and Mr. Mu I can also help her, but President Wu and Xiaomu think that Qian Xixi has no evidence. In any case, President Wu and Xiaomu dare not offend President Song, even if they know that they are sorry Qian Xixi, they dare not deal with President Song. At this moment, Su Su and Yu Shi used drones to photograph all the tailings of pineapples and sent them to Qian Xixi in time. Qian Xixi was overjoyed to show the video materials to Mr. Wu.

A new round of negotiations has begun. Mr. Wu said that he agreed to Qian Xixi’s live broadcast request and used the method of underwriting to solve the problem. All the goods will be sold to the live broadcast. The new contract will be re-drawn. Song is always disappointed and Qian Xixi reveals Smile confidently. Chen Lang decided to participate in the negotiation, but when he arrived at the negotiation venue, the negotiation was over.

Qian Xixi returned to Rui and saw that everyone was busy and showed a happy smile. Now everyone in the live broadcast alliance also came to ask Qian Xixi for a share. Chen Lang also came to celebrate Qian Xixi’s successful negotiation. Zhang Jiayun satirized him. Chen Lang explained that he had difficulties. There were still a group of people who followed to eat under his hands. He could not do things without scruples like Duan Ran, but Zhang Jiayun was very disappointed with Chen Lang, and Chen Lang left.

Zhang Jiayun and his colleagues all celebrated for Qian Xixi, and welcomed Qian Xixi back to be CEO. Qian Xixi gave Zhang Jiayun the first piece of cake and thanked Zhang Jiayun for his contribution to the company. Zhang Jiayun was a little absent-minded because of Chen Lang’s affairs.

In the evening, Duan Ran and Qian Xixi video exchanged their thoughts. Qian Xixi was in a good mood when he learned that Duan Shengyun had succeeded in surgery. He hoped that Duan Ran would come back in time and spend the first Double Eleven with him. Duan Ran was worried. Qian Xixi was too busy. He was the leader of the alliance and the CEO would not have time to accompany him. Qian Xixi offered to let Zhang Jiayun continue to be the CEO, which happened to be heard by Zhang Jiayun passing by the door.

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